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Tech Tuesday: Spring into Travel Adventures with Verizon Tech

Verizon Tech provided me with products for the purpose of testing and sharing my experience. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

If you are planning a spring (or summer) getaway, what are you packing as you plan your travel adventure? I absolutely must pack technology even when vacations are a time to get away from it all. There’s always a plan to blog more (especially now that I have a second blog), so I do usually bring my computer, but the technology I must bring along is usually geared toward making the trip a bit more hassle-free and fun, bonus points if it’s an active trip! keep reading

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This post is brought to you by KidloLand, makers of an app for your smart devices.

Screen time. I know. Before you start mom bashing because I let my kids have screentime, hear me out. Being a mom of four, you sometimes have to call on your village. My village just happens to include the iPad, phones, and (yes) TV. Frankly, my parents let me watch a healthy amount of popular kids’ TV shows that I let the kids watch still today – and not to boast, but I don’t feel harmed by it at all. That’s just part of why I am perfectly fine with the time our kids get in front of a screen. keep reading

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Tech Tuesday: Kanex

This Tech Tuesday post is brought to you by Kanex.

Those months just before a phone upgrade seem to drag, don’t they? When you’re spending hours in the car, listening to audio books and trying to navigate the best commute, those months drag even longer. This time around, I’m lucky enough to be backed up with two products from Kanex to make them just a little shorter.
keep reading

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Picture Keeper Connect Review and Giveaway

picture keeper

 This post is a partnership with Picture Keeper Connect.

As many times as I am “connected” to my phone, I am not connected enough. That became clear when I learned about Picture Keeper Connect at Blogger Bash in July. I’d just gotten a new phone because my old one was overheating. During the event, I had plans to share pictures with some of the brands, but alas, I didn’t have the pictures because new phone, so I was a bit devastated. keep reading

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Xfinity Moms

Xfinity Moms

Me and the Pittsburgh Xfinity Moms

This post is part of the Xfinity Moms program and is brought to you by Comcast and Xfinity.

Xfinity Moms

I am a modern mom, so when Dana asked me to join her and four other mom bloggers from Pittsburgh at Comcast’s McCandless Crossing Xfinity store, it was an obvious YES. Sure, I had 500 other things going on that week, but I knew this event (about ways to connect your family with technology) was going to make it all worth it. And oh, did it. keep reading

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Saved by the Phone

 This post is sponsored by Speck Products.

Are you like us and live without an alarm clock? A land line? If so, you probably know the feeling I had this morning when I forgot to plug in my phone before bed. As I rolled over to tame the beeping beside me, I realized my alarm was going off literally seconds before my phone battery was dead. At 1%, I was somehow saved by my phone. keep reading

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Phone Tips for Conferences

I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my phone lately, and I am about to attend several blog conferences (a place where I am going to rely on my phone to keep me from missing out!). It hasn’t been holding battery and is barely connecting to my home WiFi, so I’m using tons of data when I really need it for my trip. The plan is to follow these phone tips for conferences that I’m about to give you. Stay tuned on social media to see how it’s going. keep reading

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On the Surface


On the surface, one might think that I’m a mama who has it all together. You might think that I make getting four kids, a husband, and myself out the door look easy.

Yes, we do work well as a team. But what you see on the surface isn’t the full truth. keep reading

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Adventures with Digital Media Academy


Are you still looking for a summer camp for your kids? There are several adventures with Digital Media Academy that your ‘lil learners just might be interested in. If my kids were the right age, I’d love for them to take part in any of the following camps this summer (all information from keep reading

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Deal Alert: Speck the Halls

You probably know I am kinda addicted to my cell phone, and Greg is addicted to saving money. The two worlds are colliding this month as Speck Products is bringing month-long holiday deals our way with their Speck the Halls promotion.

For example, here’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t been heading over to or following them on Twitter (@speckproducts)… keep reading

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