Take a Peeq (#Giveaway)!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering!

Alright, world. I feel like the worlds of crafts, squares, pins and racks just collided and the retail lover inside of me just exploded. Friends, I have discovered sneakpeeq, and I have to say, I am one happy girl.

Sneakpeeq is a Facebook application that showcases micro-boutiques and offers great savings. Once you “like” them and then sign up for the app, you are given 20 “peeqs” at extreme discounts on cute boutique offerings. For instance, last night, I sat for 15 minutes drooling over cupcake/cocktail sprinkles and goodies from Ticings. Each peeq cost me one peeq to see how much my wallet would lighten, but it’s worth it. You get 20 peeqs every day to take a chance at some cute sales.

Because I am a little bit of a dork, I love earning badges for doing stuff. Sneakpeeq rewards you with badges (I currently have four) for shopping and browsing. Looks like there are about 50-some more to earn…who is going to race me? One other great thing? You only pay for shipping once every 24 hours! Sweet!

As you know, there’s got to be something in it for you. When it comes to the ‘lil Burghers/sneakpeeq giveaway, everybody wins! sneakpeeq is giving away 20% off your next purchase just for entering, plus a chance at the Grand Prize!

* sneakpeeq will be awarding a Grand Prize: one winner will receive a $25 gift card to use on your favorite food, style and home products

* One runner-up prize winner will receive a $10 gift card—that goes a long way in sneakpeeq’s amazingly low-priced boutiques!

* Everyone wins with the 20% off just for signing up at http://bit.ly/wZfLIW

1. Giveaway starts at 12:01 AM, Friday 1/27/2012 and ends at 11:59 PM, Thursday 2/9/12.
2. Winner and runner-up will be chosen via Random.org based on sign ups at sneakpeeq. The winners will be notified via e-mail and they will have 48 hours to respond. sneakpeeq will add your prize to your account.
3. This giveaway is limited to US Residents only, sorry!
4. This giveaway is limited to new sneakpeeq fans only.

How to Enter:

1. Mandatory Entry: Enter the giveaway by clicking on this link: http://bit.ly/wZfLIW and joining sneakpeeq! Leave a comment below letting me know you have done so. Sneakpeeq will be validating this for me.
2. Optional Entry: Follow sneakpeeq on Twitter and leave a comment that you did. (1 entry)
3. Optional Entry: Follow me on Twitter and leave a comment that you did. (1 entry)
4. Optional Entry: Tweet about this giveaway and leave the link in a comment below. (1 entry per day)

Come see all the things you love but haven’t discovered. sneakpeeq only has New Products that you have never seen before! Good luck, and remember, everyone is a winner!

All opinions on sneakpeeq are my own. sneakpeeq provided the gifts for this giveaway, thank you!

Have Pets? Get Mr. Chewy! #Giveaway

Our dog, Rowdy, is not just a pet, he’s a family member. Keeping him healthy requires attention and care…and sometimes some money. That’s where our savings mind kicks in. Thanks to Mr. Chewy, Rowdy’s medicine for the next three months was bought on super savings.

When I started browsing the Mr. Chewy site, my mind first went to buying some food, but when I stumbled upon the Frontline treatments, I knew exactly what I wanted to pick up. We were out of flea medicine, and the savings were too good to pass up.

The site’s categories, brand listings, and suggestions based on “cat” or “dog” really helped steer my shopping. Should I have had questions, there even was a live chat that could be used. And can I mention unique? When I go back to my account on Mr. Chewy, I am greeted with a “Woof” instead of the standard “Login” or “Welcome” of other sites. Love it!

I placed an order for 3 months of Frontline and picked up a few treats for Rowdy (and some for your pet), then went to check out. Check out was straightforward. I was stunned when I selected my shipping options and realized 1) I had spent enough to get free shipping and 2) it would be at my house the day after next. You see, I placed my order late on a Monday evening, so I never imagined I would get the box in two days. Sure enough, it was waiting for me when I got home Wednesday!

One other thing I love about Mr. Chewy is that they have a sweet referral program that give back. If you place an order at www.mrchewy.com and use my referral code BECK4218 at checkout, not only will you get 10% off your first order, but Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to an animal loving charity of my choice! (I chose the Best Friends Animal Society).

I’d love for you to consider using Mr. Chewy for your next pet supply order. To entice you, I am also hosting a giveaway of a few extra treats I picked up plus a $25 worth of pet food coupons from Mr. Burgher’s stash.

So, here are the details on the giveaway and how you can enter:
* Giveaway runs from 1/24/12 to 1/31/12; winner will be selected using random.org based on entries before 12:00 AM 2/1/12
* If you win, you will be e-mailed and have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address so I can send your goodies out.
* Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment on this post giving me your pet’s name and favorite treat.
* Optional Entry: Follow Mr. Chewy on Twitter and leave your Twitter name below. (only 1 entry)
* Optional Entry: Like Mr. Chewy on Facebook and leave your Facebook name below. (only 1 entry)
* Optional Daily Entry: Tweet about this review and leave the link in the comments below. (1 per day)
* Optional Daily Entry: Share this review on Facebook and leave the link in the comments below. (1 per day)

Like the site says, they have the brands we love, are cheaper than going to the store, and ship for free right to your house (if you order over $49). What’s not to love?!?! Good luck!

(I was given a code to order products from Mr. Chewy, but these opinions are all my own. Thanks, Mr. Chewy!)

Purex and Jockey: A #Review and #Giveaway!

Even though Mama Burgher is on a nice getaway where she can literally open a door and smell the ocean, she is also quite excited to share her thoughts about two products with you! Jockey and Purex teamed up to bring us busy mamas a nice refreshing moment in our busy days. I was sent a Jockey Tech Terry sports bra and a bottle of Purex Crystals Tropical Splash and was asked to see how they paired together. Even better, they are giving you a chance to try them out, too!

After a workout, wouldn’t it be great to still smell fresh? This is the premise of the pairing of Jockey and Purex. Usually, sports clothing soaks up the moisture and smells of working out, leaving you feeling a bit “out” after your workout. Thanks to Purex’s technology, the Crystals fabric softener don’t use oils to soften fabrics, so it is safe to use on products (like Jockey’s Tech Terry sports bra) that use wicking technology to stay dry.

At first, I was skeptical of how the Crystals would outlast a good walk. When I got my box, I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to test out the new (at least to me) scent. I pried open the bottle of the Tropical Splash Crystals and took a huge whiff. Amazing! It was a “take me away” kind of moment. Next, I took a look at the Jockey sports bra, and I was so excited. There was a holder for a key (smart!) and the material just felt like it would be supportive and keep me dry. Unfortunately, I was not able to give the bra a shot–I ordered an XL, but it looked (and felt) a bit more like a Medium. Fair warning, I think this bra runs small!

Just before heading to the beach, Mr. Burgher made sure the Crystals were used for my clothes. My suitcase smelled awesome when I unpacked it! My friend S and I took a nice walk on the beach, and I still smelled fresh when we got back. I’d say they work!

Time to give you a shot at these products! Purex and Jockey would like to give you a chance to try the same products I received–a Jockey Tech Terry Sports Bra and Purex Complete Crystals Softener (a perfect match)–for free! All you have to do is enter my giveaway below (which ends on January 26 at 11:59 PM) for a chance! Say you don’t win and still would like to try this out? Head over to Jockey for a 20% coupon for a Jockey sports bra.

Alright, ready for the giveaway? It’s easy to enter. The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment below telling me what is your favorite workout. You can also get up to 2 bonus entries per day if you share this link on Facebook or Tweet about it (and leave me a comment with the link below). Winner will be selected at random after January 26 at 11:59 PM. Good luck!

A Way to Shop Smart

I’ve heard that most of shopping in the coming year or two will be online. This year, I would be safe to say we’ve utilized the heck out of online shopping opportunities. Boxes are arriving on our doorsteps, and there were no paper coupons to clip. Just great deals on super products.

There are a lot of great discount sites out there, so it could be hard to pick one to get started on. Mr. Burgher shared a great opportunity with me–No More Rack. I scoured the site, and there seemed to be a lot of benefits to shopping the site. Of course, I did a little bit of research to make sure it wasn’t a nomorerack scam, and was pleased with the nomorerack reviews I came across.

Why do I make it a point to check out the site on a daily basis? There are a lot of great benefits to shopping here…

When you first go to nomorerack.com, you will find 8 Daily Deals. If it is close to noon, and you see they are sold out–be patient. Eight new deals are about to go live! They sell out quick, especially if they are deep discounts. These deals are beyond fabulous, I have seen “normal” savings of 70% off designer items. You can’t beat that, right?

Well, actually, you can. There are also Insanity Deals that pop up during the month and can save you lots–we are talking around 95% or more! You really have to click on them when they are available and hit buy–impulse buyers, beware because you are going to become addicted quickly. These prices really can’t be beat, and if you have a wide range of people to buy for, these are perfect opportunities to pick up a gift on the fly and “cheap”.

Speaking of flying, shipping is another great benefit to shopping here. All items have a $2 flat fee for shipping in the United States (unfortunately, international shipping is not available). That means no matter what you buy (computer or headphones or clothes), it is only going to cost you an extra two dollars to get in your hands.

One final thing I love is sharing the site with friends. The more friends you invite, the better. Some deals are based on the number of friends you have, and you can get the daily Friend Deal for free if you have the right number of friends. What a great opportunity! If you’ve signed up and don’t have many friends, then there is also a daily free deal (all you do is pay shipping).

Seriously, could it be any better? You know how us ‘Burghers love deals, so you better believe we are keeping our eyes on these ones…and think you should, too. …and go! 😉

My Memories: A Review and #Giveaway!

Hope you’ve been enjoying all of our memories from our recent trip to Williamsburg! These pictures are about 1% of all the great ones that you know will have to go into a scrapbook. Speaking of scrapbooking, today I want to tell you about a nifty piece of software, My Memories Suite. I literally did a dancey-dance when I found out our blog had been chosen to do a review…but the even better news…and a GIVEAWAY!

So, first things first. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been ADDICTED to taking pictures. Anyone out there remember 110mm film? Intro my first personal camera (because, uh, no, my Dad wouldn’t dare let me touch his Canon 35mm SLR. I moved through various 110mm, 35mm (heart my precious Canon Rebel), point and shoot digital cameras, and finally Mr. Canon. Our hard drives are full of thousands of pictures.

And what do we do with all those pictures (besides make our relatives and friends droll over baby cuteness via the blog)? I scrapbook. But I have a HORRIBLE confession to make. I just finished ‘lil Miss A’s 2010 album and hope to work on ‘lil Man’s baby book in January. But that means I am still at least a year behind.

Well, for some relief, I’ll be able to use this friendly Digital Scrapbooking Software to make quick pages that are printable at home, through DVDs, calendars, cards, or even albums. While I don’t think I’ll be using My Memories Suite to completely replace my scrapbooks, I think it will be a great opportunity to include more than just one “epic” photo and create an album geared to an entire experience. (This is key when the hard-copy books are already about 3″ thick and only include 5-6 pictures from each month.)

Like this page I made–it’s a quick way to share with ‘lil Miss A how proud I am of her growing up into a ‘lil lady.

This page took me about 15 minutes–and the toughest part was choosing which photos to include on the page. The scrapbooking software had a feel similar to working with any Microsoft product (Movie Maker especially), but it did take a minute or two to get used to. That and deciding what page templates to work with…there are a number of decently nice free templates (entire albums, actually) that come with the software, but there are 100s you can pay for on their site, including some free kits and deals for under a dollar. Once you have your backgrounds and embellishments pick, it’s really just “drag and drop” and journal! Quick, easy, and DONE!

I would love to share this product with you, and My Memories has been kind enough to provide me with a code that will get you the newest version (v3) absolutely free! I don’t even have this version yet–it will be released in a few days, so that’s even more exciting news. (If you want to see some info on v3, check out this video.)

So, how can you get My Memories Suite? First, if you simply need it now, then click on the banner below, “add to cart” and enter my special $10 off code in the Enter Coupon/Promo Code box (you’ll get the software for just under $30): STMMMS41011. Please copy and paste that code to avoid any issues!

But, if you are interested in the giveaway, then stick around! Here are the rules.

1. The giveaway will run until Sunday, December 4 at 12:00 PM EST. Any comments received after that will not be eligible for the giveaway. The winner will be chosen by comment # using Random.org. Once chosen, I will put up a winner post AND e-mail the winner. They have 48 hours to respond to me in order to get their code.
2. In order to receive the software, you must provide your e-mail address when you comment. (There’s a field for that.)
3. 1st mandatory entry: Visit www.MyMemories.com and chose your favorite digital paper pack or layout then leave me a comment telling me which one you like best.

Easy, right? Ok, I know you want more chances. For additional entries you may do the following:
* Follow the My Memories Blog on Google Friend Connect and leave a comment below letting me know you did so. (+1 entry)
* “Like” My Memories on Facebook and leave a comment below letting me know you did so. (+1 entry)
* Follow My Memories on Twitter and leave a comment below with your twitter handle letting me know you did so.
* Share this post with your friends via Google+, Facebook or Twitter once per day and leave a link to that share below. (+1 entry per day for each site)

Can’t wait to share this with you, good luck!

Disclaimer:I received one digital copy of MyMemories Suite from MyMemories in order to give the review above. I was not compensated in any other way for my opinions (which are all my own!). Thanks to MyMemories and to all participants in this giveaway!

Pardon the Interruption

…but I haveto blog about this awesome giveaway that I am entering and that you should enter, too! Little shameless plug and free marketing for two of my favorite bloggers, too. So why not?

Earlier today, Marine Parents added a few beautiful new items to her Etsy Shop. . . one in particular that grabbed my eye was this beautiful iPad sleeve, you know, for my non-existent iPad.

Photo Courtesy of Marine Parents’ Etsy Shop

Then tonight, I am cruising around the webs, and read Uppercase Woman‘s blog. Guess what? She and Buy More Contacts are giving away an iPad 2! All you have to do is leave her some comment love, but there are extra entries for Tweeting about the contest and for blogging about the contest. I figure, why not? If when I win the iPad 2, the first thing I’ll be doing is putting in my order for the sleeve from Marine Parents. Sounds like a win-win situation to me, right?

Head on over here to Uppercase Woman and put in your entry for the iPad 2! While you are at it, you should think about heading over to the Marine Parents’ shop, too!

Purex Complete Crystals Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I was accepted to be a Purex Insider (a nice name for people who get to test out Purex products and provide reviews). Lucky me, this means I will occasionally be sent products to test and review here on the blog. Lucky you, this means I will be hosting some giveaways from Purex! Just to be clear, the opinions below are mine (and Greg’s). We were not paid to be part of this program and the only “reimbursement” received was in the form of product to test. Purex has also graciously provided for a giveaway for you, our readers! Enjoy.

I am sure you have been in my shoes before. There you are standing over the washing machine, waiting for the rinse cycle so you can toss in just the right amount of fabric softener. Your time is wasted in waiting, so you decide to buy a “fabric softener ball” that automatically dispenses the liquid for you. There’s the one time you forgot to add the ball and the time release won’t work. Or the time the ball failed and didn’t release at all. Or, all the sudden, you have overfilled the ball. There is fabric softener all over your hands, your clothes that haven’t been washed (or just came out of the dryer), and creating little rust spots on your washer lid.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I gave up on fabric softener a few years ago when I was pregnant with Ari. Since she was born, I haven’t been able to use fabric softener on her clothes because she has sensitive skin (and frankly, I am still lazy). When Greg became a full-time SAHD, he took over doing the laundry and never asked about fabric softener. Now that we are a few years removed from using the liquid, I was excited when I was selected by Purex to review their new product, Purex Complete Crystals Softener.

This new softener comes in three great scents–Fresh Spring Waters, Lavender Blossom, and Tropical Splash that are sure to complement your favorite laundry detergent. I love the Fresh Spring Waters we tested because it reminds me of the smell of springtime in the mountains.

It is a 92% natural product that comes in a crystal form–not liquid. That means it is not oily (I hated the way other softeners would leave a “film” on my washing machine and clothes) and is better for you and your family. While I haven’t tried it on Arianna’s clothes, yet, I am fairly certain her sensitive skin won’t even notice a difference–mine doesn’t. Ok, I lie a little. My skin notices that my clothes are softer, and for days longer. As I wrote this, I was wearing a PJ shirt for the third night in a row and not only was it still soft, it still smelled like it was fresh out of the laundry! That’s because, according to Purex, the Crystals are “infusing fabric with freshness” and help clothing maintain a “naturally soft feel”.

As a mom, I love that it is safe for all clothing–even babies. It doesn’t harm the flame retardant materials that Evan’s clothes are made of and keeps even our toughest denims feeling fresh. Even our “running gear” and my PumpEase don’t loose their wicking ability because there isn’t that oily leftover. I also love that is reasonably priced (from $3.99-$5.99 depending on your stores), and available where I shop.

So, how does it work? Remember I mentioned waiting for just the right time to throw the liquid in the washer? Well, with Purex Complete Crystals Softener, you don’t have to! You just put the crystals in the washer with the clothes, start the cycle, and forget about it! When you are done, you are left with clothes that smell fresh and feel soft for days longer than the competition.

Ok, I admit, I didn’t benefit from the time saving or get to smell the laundry FRESH out of the washer, but Greg (my SAHD/Husband) did, and here’s his take on the new Purex Complete Cystals Softener:

“It gives your clothes a light, airy fragrance that sticks with your clothes. It was very self explanatory, just pour the Crystals to the allotted line on the bottle and added my clothes and I was done. An instant soft freshness. I may be wrong, but the clothes did feel softer when I took them out, even from the washer.”

Well, babe, you are right. Our clothes are softer and fresher, indeed. We are hooked and will definitely be buying more Purex Crystals Complete Softener!

Want to scoop up some Purex Crystals Complete for yourself? Enter my giveaway today! Follow the rules below and I will hook 2 readers up with a gift from Purex and me!

Purex Crystals Complete Softener Giveaway Rules:

1. There will be 2 winners of the contest. Winners will be selected at random using the number generator from www.random.org. Contest runs through Monday, March 28, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM EST. I will notify winners via e-mail of the prize won and will send it to you. No purchase or obligation necessary by you to participate.

2. Mandatory EntryYou must comment below. Please include your name and e-mail address (the e-mail stays hidden) so that I will be able to let you know you won.

3. Optional entry: Follow me on Twitter (@mrsgregwillis) and comment below. If you already follow me, comment!

4. Optional entry: Share this post on your Facebook or Twitter (one entry per service per day) and let me know you did so by commenting below. Use the buttons or this text: “I want to win the Purex Crystals Giveaway by @mrsgregwillis on 3/28! http://wp.me/pZH8r-7n”

Good luck!

Props to my PumpEase!

This post is a follow-up to my recent list of Top 10 Nursin’ Mama Must Haves–a verification that the Pump Ease was well worth my spend. Remember, I have not received any products or compensation from the companies I mention, I am just letting you know what items work for me!

With the end of my maternity leave fast approaching, I realized I needed two essential items to head back to work and continue nursing my son—a new breast pump and a pumping support bra. With a dying pump to at the least get me through, the support bra became my number one concern. I’d been lurking around, reading tweets and posts from other breastfeeding mamas. My search led me to choose a Pump Ease hands-free support (PumpEase or @pumpease); however, I kept putting the purchase off (because I really was not ready to get back to work).

With a week to go, I finally went back to the site (which boasts their supports as “pretty things” that “will hold your breast pump in place as securely and comfortably for your 1000th pumping session as it did for your 1st”). Lucky me, there happened to be a sale on a few supports that either the design was being discontinued or there were minor defects. I picked a design that looked cute (‘Forget Me Not’) and put it in my cart.
Since the company is based in British Columbia, I did not expect to receive my Pump Ease before returning to work, so I started to practice flipping my nursing tank over my pump horns as a back-up. Needless to say, this method left me with a lot of spillage and frustration. My frustration didn’t have to last long—my Pump Ease arrived the Saturday before I returned to work!

As I tore into the package, my husband asked, “You want to whip out the pump right now, don’t you?” Obviously! I knew it didn’t matter, but the pattern I had picked out was adorable (and there are plenty other great patterns including a “Very Cherry” and classy polka dotted “T-Bird Red”). Although I read on the website that the support was made of a “super soft” “88% polyester/12% spandex high-performance technical fabric” that would remember my body shape (thank you memory), I had NO idea just how soft it would feel. Imagine a running shirt and t-shirt sheets made sweet love and this was the baby.

I slipped the support bra around my chest and did up the eyelets. Next, I put the horns (of my Medela Pump in Style Advanced) in place behind the support and through the openings (which are supposed to fit horns of any breast pump—I believe it as they also worked with my backup Playtex Embrace). With two quick snaps, I was attached to my bottles and ready to pump.

My lifesaver was FOUND! I was able to do anything within reach of my pump tubing (wipe my toddler’s nose, pull crackers away from the dogs, and replace the blanket over baby boy’s feet). No milk was lost and I had a killer first pumping session. When it was done, the bottles stayed nicely in place until I was ready to dump into the storage bags. The little drops that did fall from the horns wicked off the Pump Ease with no fear of having to toss yet another piece of laundry in before the weekend was up. For a half a second, I was actually excited about going back to work and taking my pumping breaks!

I highly suggest the Pump Ease for any nursing mama who will be returning to work and pumping. While I can’t say it will be the best experience, I will actually be able to do some work while pumping and will be able to get home to my nursling and toddler quicker. (Definitely a win.)

Although I can’t verify that the Pump Ease will hold up for the 1000th pump, I have been able to pump with it quite a few times and the ladies did not sag once yet. Just based on my first few pumps, I am sure the claim is true—you know I will keep you posted.

Thanks to Pump Ease’s Facebook, I found out that there is a BOGO sale on the “Very Cherry” pattern from now until the end of February. Perhaps two Pump Ease’s would allow for a back up (one in wash, one in pump bag) or a great shower gift (if you know the mama’s size—but definitely read up on the sizing chart on their webpage before purchasing). Who’s tempted?