Nitro Circus: Coming to Pittsburgh June 21-22

My family and I received tickets to Nitro Circus in exchange for sharing this information and giveaway. All opinions are 100% our own. 

Something exciting is coming our to city next week (June 21 and 22 to be exact) – Nitro Circus and the all-new Next Level TourOur Bigs have no idea what they’re in for next week when we go – but because they are very familiar with Nitro Circus, I think they will be quite happy with this surprise.

Nitro Circus: Next Level Tour

If you’re not familiar with Nitro Circus, they are the world’s biggest action sports entertainment brand. They’re known for incredible stunts and pushing the limits. Co-founder Travis Pastrana has been quoted: “Be careful what you ask for, because Nitro Circus will give you the opportunity to do it.”

Basically, this traveling team of daredevils delivers live audiences boundary-breaking feats in FMX, BMX, skating, scooters, and much more.

The Next Level Tour is bringing their feats and stunts to stadiums across the United States this summer with a stop next week in Pittsburgh (Highmark Stadium) for two nights.  Austrailian audiences have already had a glimpse at the fun:

Nitro Circus’ moto athletes proved they are all in by sending huge, gravity-defying tricks that definitely took the sport to new heights. USA’s Gregg Duffy, the first person ever to land a double front flip on a motorbike, stomped two incredible front flip variations for the GIO Stadium fans. The Canberra crowd also went wild for hometown favorite Harry Bink after he landed an FMX double backflip. For this very dangerous trick, one attempted by only a handful of riders, Bink shot more than 60-feet into the air to get the clearance needed to complete the two full rotations around before touching down on the lander.

All of these aerial exploits were possible due to the Next Level Tour’s innovative ramp setup. The FMX takeoff ramp alone towers 15-feet above the show floor (five feet taller than anything toured before) while the lander also looms large, standing 23-feet high. First dreamed up at Travis’ “Pastranaland” compound then perfected at Nitro World Games, these ramps were never supposed to tour, as they were considered far too large and complex to be set up more than once. But Nitro Circus’ production team was determined to showcase them, and the future of action sports, to its diehard fans around the world.

“Getting the chance to debut this show in my hometown was so awesome. For my family and friends to see what the boys can do on this sick setup made it even more special,” Harry Bink said after Next Level’s high-octane kickoff. “Video clips or pictures can’t prepare you for just how big these ramps are.”

Nitro Circus
Nitro Circus – Australia 2018 (source: Nitro Circus)

Nitro Circus: Next Level Tour in Pittsburgh

While the show is next week, tickets are available at for the June 21-22 shows (and psst, our Myrtle Beach friends, they’re coming to you on June 19!). Tickets start at $29 each and the show starts at 7 PM. VIP Club package options are available and include behind the scenes access, autograph signing, and more!

And while it’s a pretty quick turnaround, we’ve been given a family four pack of tickets to see the Next Level Tour on June 21 – enter by 11:59 PM Eastern on June 13 (that’s Wednesday) for your chance to check it out yourself!

Nitro Circus Next Level Show: Family 4 Pack

Sponsors for Nitro Circus presents: the Next Level Tour include Kevlar, Yokohama, Parts Canada, Brimstone, Grunt Style, Vivid Seats and EDGEtv.

For Nitro Circus news, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, tour updates and more, go to and follow Nitro Circus on Instagram and Facebook.

About Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus, the world’s biggest action sports entertainment brand, creates electrifying live events and unbelievable original content that at once exhilarates, captivates and inspires thrill-seeking fans worldwide.  Co-founded by global superstar Travis Pastrana in 2003, Nitro Circus has since grown into a multiplatform phenomenon producing hit television shows, critically acclaimed documentaries and innovative digital offerings. That success gave rise to the Nitro Circus Live tour. Created in 2010, Nitro Circus Live has traveled the globe, playing to sold-out stadiums on five continents. The company introduced an innovative breakthrough in 2016 with the debut of Nitro World Games, completely rebooting action sports competition in the process. With over three million tickets sold to date, television programming that has aired in over 60 countries, more than 20 million engaged fans across its social media platforms and a burgeoning consumer products business, NitroCircus is at the forefront of action sports and entertainment. For more information visit

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest

My family and I were invited to visit Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest for a weekend in exchange for our honest opinions. All opinions are 100% our own. 

Ah, sweet summertime in Pittsburgh! For me, summers used to include camping in a tent at local campgrounds. Camping holds a special place in my heart (bugs and all) and I am so happy that my family is enjoying continuing the tradition. Truth be told, our stay at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ at Kozy Rest was more “glamping”, but it still got the ‘ol camping bug moving in us. 

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest: Our Stay

Tucked about an hour north of Pittsburgh (straight up Route 8 through Butler) is an adorable and peaceful campground, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest. This campground is award-winning and family-centered and from the moment we drove on the property (in the middle of a storm), we could see why. Check-in started with a greeter, then a speedy key pick-up and an escort down to our cabin. Our guide showed us everything we’d need to know about the amenities of the cabin (like air conditioning) then left us to discover what we might like to do next from the list of activities.

With all those activities, I’ll tell you what we didn’t do – we didn’t check out the WiFi until I was cleaning up the last bits on Sunday morning. The WiFi works, but you’re not going to need it with all of those things to keep you busy – I promise. 

We didn’t arrive in time to check out the Friday night movie, so we decided to settle in and get a “early” bedtime so we could be up and ready to check out the Jump Zone and bikes. Initially, we thought that we’d put the kids in the bedroom (with a single bunk over a double bed and space on the floor for an air mattress), but when we realized how short the loft space was, opted for that to be Ari and Evan’s space.

That might have been our first mistake – they woke up in the 6 AM hour and had us all (and probably everyone else around) awake too. The sun was up, they were too! As you can see, a nap did happen on Saturday afternoon between activities, phew!

Throughout the weekend, we took full advantage of all the free activities listed on that brochure and we basically in “divide and conquer” mode – Greg with the Bigs at things like Gaga Ball (which was new to us, but not the Bigs), the Frog Pond, and bike riding. I took the Twins to dance with “the bears”, check out cartoons, ride the train and fire truck. It was quite the busy time, but we still fit in a swim and lots of time on the bikes.

This video is just the start of all the fun we had! Check out more photos here

Bottom line, we loved it and would really like to get back again this summer. While the cabins are fun and affordable considering all you get, we’d probably tent camp for “the real deal” experience (plus, the shower rooms have A/C!). Greg and I were “good exhausted” by the end of the trip. If there would be any downsides, six people in a “tiny house” is not always the most fun thing (Mama might have lost her mind a few times) and Ava didn’t drink enough water on Saturday and ended up dehydrated. Good reminders to fill those tanks!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest: The Details

Campers can camp from April to October and enjoy themed weekends (our’s was Kids’ Carnival – check out this video to see some of the fun the whole camp had!) or bump into Yogi Bear™ and Boo Boo™. Camp options include tents, RV’s, yurts, and full-service luxury cabins (like we enjoyed). Sites include electric service, fire rings, and picnic tables. Pets are welcomed on some sites, too!

Amenities at Kozy Rest include laundry, swimming pool, pavilions, church services, and free WiFi. Activities vary based on the themed weekends, but there is a gem mining sluice, bikes to rent (included), Gaga Ball, shuffleboard, a playground, a jump zone, and more. There really is something for everyone to enjoy!

While I loved the paper activities sheet, I also downloaded their app which would alert me 15-minutes before an event was to start. This was super convenient!

One thing we didn’t do was to have Yogi Bear and Boo Boo come for bedtime stories. Personally, I think that would have capped off the second night nicely, but 1) our kids go to bed a little earlier than this (extra) service is offered and 2) until this weekend, Isla had never really wanted anything to do with characters. Next time!

LOVE IT? If you’re ready to get a reservation on your calendar, head over to the Kozy Rest website ( and see what option works best for your family.

Hopefully, you can see that camping is a great way to have family fun and make timeless memories. When you make a reservation at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest, all you have to do is make a quick road-trip knowing the rest is waiting for you. 

Connect with Kozy Rest on Facebook and YouTube to see more of the fun that’s in store!

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest: A GIVEAWAY!

Thanks for reading about our experience! As a thank you, Kozy Rest has partnered up with me to giveaway a free two-night stay (up to six people) at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest. This offer includes two free nights Sunday through Thursday through October 31, 2018, subject to availability and excluding holidays. Winner will be announced by June 20. Good luck!

Two Night (weeknight) Stay at Kozy Rest

YOGI BEAR and all related characters and elements © & ™ Hanna-Barbera. (S18)

How to Survive the Man Cold

This post is sponsored by Clorox®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Recently, my husband came down with what I lovingly call the Man Cold and what he calls allergy season. No matter how careful I might have been to keep myself and the ‘lil Burghers away from the germs, I still needed to clean over and over just in case it was something we could catch. That’s when I learned about the NEW Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers and got to cleaning everything in sight.

Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers

Life had some messy moments when Greg was sick – and not just from his germs. I had to get a little lax on the rules for the kids while I tried to balance it all. That meant dogs playing outside in the mud longer (bringing in footprints to our tile floors), Twins brushing their teeth with The Bigs’ supervision (leaving toothpaste caked all over the sink), and Arianna handling some of the meal prep (leaving ketchup and ranch on the countertop).

Thankfully, I was able to sneak up to Walmart and find Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers to help handle the messes and kill the germs. They’re right in the cleaning aisle at Walmart with the other cleaning products, but I opted for these disinfecting wipes because they:

• Are strong – the Ultra Strength Blue Fibers allow you to use both sides of the wipe for the super messy moments and they get through caked on messes (like the Twins’ toothpaste).

• Clean and disinfect – they don’t just move the bacteria from the left side of the sink to the right, they kill the germs on contact.

• Dry clear – you can use them on multiple surfaces (including washing sneezes off mirrors or scrubbing fingerprints off the glass patio table) because they don’t leave streaks behind. The secret is in their clear-drying formula.

• Kills 99.9% of germs* – this includes the germs that cause the cold and flu!

So, how did they work?

While cleaning isn’t usually my top priority, it definitely was while Greg was down for the count. I used the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers and was amazed at how fast they cut through the grime I’d let build up (oops). And every time he’d go use the bathroom, in I’d go after and wipe all the surfaces down! It smelled fresh, clean, and germ free!

I even decided to tackle our bathtub – and while that’s a sight for sore eyes on the good days, it looks pretty good now, too.

We’ll Keep Using Them

Now that Greg is feeling a little better, we’re going to keep using them.

Bonus? Now that we’re getting some warmer weather, we can have some good spring fun and get working on our yard and pond, maybe even have a bbq or two. There will be no need to worry about tracking in mud or smearing ketchup where mom thinks it shouldn’t be found – Mom will just grab a Clorox wipe and clean up after the messy moment.

If you’re ready to give them a try, you can buy New Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes with Ultra Strength Blue Fibers at Walmart.

*Use as directed.

Timolino: Contemporary Lifestyle Drinkware

*articles may contain affiliate links* I was sent a Timolino Tazza mug in exchange for my honest opinions.

It’s a cool, rainy evening here and I’ve had my share of coffee and even tea to get me through the day. Usually as a mom of four I find my hot drinks a bit lukewarm. That’s not the case when I’m drinking from my Timolino Tazza mug as it is designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! This tumbler comes from Timolino’s line of contemporary lifestyle drinkware and lived up to its reputation when I drank from it.

Timolino’s Tazza Mug

What stood out to me about the Tazza from Timolino’s line of tumblers is that they are lightweight, leakproof, and have an ergonomic design for easy carrying. When I first read that about them, I was a little skeptical…but then I accidentally filled my hands a little too full one morning and slipped my mug in my (white) tote bag and had no issues with leaked coffee. Boom!

Here’s what else Timolino shared with me about Tazza, the mug I tried out:

Tazza is available in four festive color ways: candy pink, red, wasabi, and stainless steel. Each color way is made of stainless steel, inside and out, ensuring your mug never absorbs any colors or flavors. Designed with a vacuum insulation, Tazza keeps your drink hot (or cold) for hours, allowing you to enjoy your beverage at your leisure.  Should you choose to brew on the go, a removable food-grade silicone strainer basket filters your drink, ensuring a smooth sip every time. Simply drop your tea leaves or fresh coffee grounds inside the basket and pour hot water overtop to begin steeping. Within seconds you’ll have a delicious, hot beverage waiting to be enjoyed. Once you’re finished, the cap disassembles and the strainer basket can be removed for quick and easy clean up.

I’m not a tea drinker, so I haven’t tried steeping tea in the strainer basket, but I think it would be a great place to drop some fruit in with your water, too!


To get the mug ready for my hot coffee, I followed the instructions to put hot water in the mug and let it get to a warm temperature. When the mug had warmed (about 5 minutes), dump the water and add coffee. Truth be told, I don’t have time for this (or the opposite, filling with ice water before adding a cold beverage), so I was a bit disappointed to think that I needed to follow this routine every time I wanted the perfect temperature drink. Turns out, it is worth the time but not 100% necessary. The days I just added my hot coffee straight to the mug then got in the car were still days that I was enjoying a hot coffee 30-40 minutes into my commute.

Pro Tip: These mugs would make any mom happy this mother’s day. You can get one just like mine on Amazon. Pair one up with mom’s favorite hot beverage like k-cups or tea bags…or a gift card to her favorite coffee shop.

Timolino: Contemporary Lifestyle Drinkware

Timolino offers a few other options of drinkware including:

The NEW Omni Collection – designed to do it all. From hot to cold, coffee to tea, flat water to sparkling soda, Timolino has the bottle to fit your everyday hydration need! Check out their Cruiseline Series ($19.99) for upcoming summer vacation! The entire Omni Collection includes an infuser basket which is perfect for brewing tea on the go!

The Messenger PH+ Bottle –  The circular silicone dots let you spell out names and moods! Plus, the filter creates light alkaline water with ph level of 7.5 – 8.5 to help maintain the acid-balance in your body! Create your own personality with the Messenger Bottle or spell it out for that special person in your life.

If the Timolino line of drinkware sparks your interest, check out more details here or shop now here.

What is your favorite hot or cold drink to get you through your day?

Tech Tuesday: Spring into Travel Adventures with Verizon Tech

Verizon Tech provided me with products for the purpose of testing and sharing my experience. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

If you are planning a spring (or summer) getaway, what are you packing as you plan your travel adventure? I absolutely must pack technology even when vacations are a time to get away from it all. There’s always a plan to blog more (especially now that I have a second blog), so I do usually bring my computer, but the technology I must bring along is usually geared toward making the trip a bit more hassle-free and fun, bonus points if it’s an active trip!

Spring into Travel Adventures with Verizon Tech

I’m not alone in my desire to be active on vacation – Verizon shared with me that the American Society of Travel Agents found we are moving away from “fly-and-flop” trips and looking for adventure! Verizon Tech offers a few pieces of technology that can make those active adventures a bit more fun.

Here are some of the technologies they suggest for spring travel adventures:

·       For road trips, jam out with the UE Wonderboom 2 — portable, loud and waterproof speakers for big sounds on the go.

·       Whether traveling by plane or on the road, JBL Free wireless in-ear headphones provide a great sound and added bonus: they are splash-proof.

·       Track all the walking you will do while sightseeing with the Fitbit Alta HR.

·       Charge both Apple and micro USB devices — and do it without having to carry around multiple cables with the mophie powerstation.

·       From sandy and wet beaches to rough, rocky hikes or the ski slopes, this LifeProof Fre case will protect your phone from the elements.

·       Use your Tile Sport for luggage, passport holders, wallets, purses, bags, and more.

Travel Technology and the Kiddos

I got the opportunity to test out the Tile Sport, mophie powerstation, and JBL Free headphones. My more detailed review on these technologies and how I’m personally using them can be found here, but I found ways to use each with the kids, too!

  • Add a Tile to your child’s must-have toy just in case it gets left behind- we have paid $48 (not kidding) to get a favorite lovie shipped back from a hotel. (We didn’t know it would cost that and just told the hotel “send it”.) This way, if it happens to you, you can see where the lovie is and not have to stress on your ride home.
  • For the car ride to your destination, let the kids us the mophie to keep their gadgets charged and ready to go!
  • When you need some quiet time, give the kids your phone and a good playlist then have each take one of the JBL Free headphones and jam away (note – with four kids, this only worked for the older two).

What ways do you integrate technology into your travels?

Mother’s Day Gifting Through the Years

*articles may contain affiliate links* There is something incredibly special about the Mother’s Day gifting of hand-drawn cards and hand-picked flowers from my kids. And I am sure that my own Mom enjoyed these sentimental things, too.

Mother’s Day Gifting

As the kids get older, I know those sweet gifts will be received less and less. Mother’s Day gifting really changes through the years, even as a mom myself, I’m not great at remembering to pick up something nice for my mom and mom-in-love when their holiday comes around.

Maybe this is the year that I’ll find a gift with a lasting impact. For me, I’m not big on having “stuff” (though if you stepped into my home office you’d disagree). I like things that have meaning and sentimental value. Something that can be personalized and displayed year-round? Things that last a lifetime or make mom think back to a precious moment with family.

Are you guessing what I’m suggesting this year? I’m thinking of printed photos – something that I am super behind on and something that I know my moms would both love.

Canvas Prints for Mother’s Day Gifting

Almost everyone who brews a coffee at our house compliments Evan and Greg’s hair in the canvas print that hangs over our Keurig. You really can’t miss it, and it’s definitely a gift that I hold dear. The thing is, it’s time to update it and get a new one there with the twins included, too! Don’t prints like this just make a great statement and take you back to a special moment in life?

And while the above is what I think of when I think canvas prints, I’m also loving the styling that can be done with multiple photos displayed together – really great to capture memories from multiple years or to include the favorite old prints mixed with the updated ones:

The pictures are samples of what you can get started as part of your Mother’s Day gifting this year by heading over to Canvas Pop and checking out what you can get printed for mom. It’s time to get your photos off your phone and on display. Let’s make this holiday a little more sentimental!

Mama’s Jewelry (Mother’s Day Gift Idea)

One of my mom’s most treasured pieces of jewelry is her mother’s ring. She has two, one for me/Greg/my brother and another for her grands. Both are stunning, so when US Family Guide asked if I’d be interested in working with Mama’s Jewelry to share their collection of mothers rings, I just had to say yes.

Mama’s Jewelry

US Family Guide shared the following information with me about what makes Mama’s Jewelry so special:

Moms work hard 365 days out of the year, so why give them another predictable gift this Mother’s Day? With the exquisite collection of mothers rings from Mama’s Jewelry, you’re bound to make this the most unforgettable Mother’s Day yet! Each time she looks down at her ring, puts on her earrings or is asked about her necklace, she’ll remember just how much she’s loved.

Mama’s Jewelry has been designing rings and pendants for moms for 30 years, and we have no intention of slowing down! Our company is committed to creating exceptional mothers pendants, rings and earrings at affordable prices.

A key benefit to shopping with us is our fast turnaround times. As soon as we receive your order, our CAD technicians and certified jewelers get to work designing and building your custom item. All of our processes follow strict quality control measures. Everything that comes from us has our seal of approval. If we wouldn’t give it to our loved ones, we won’t send it to you!

Source: US Family Guide

Mama’s Jewelry: Ordering

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be picking out the design for my mother’s ring (with stones for October, December, and two Aprils). I am so excited! They typically send out your personalized item within 3-5 days then shipping takes about a week.

To place your order in time for Mother’s Day, visit

Mother’s Day Special Offer – Save $10 Off already low prices. (minimum purchase $59) @MamasJewelry has been designing rings for moms for 30 years committed to creating exceptional mothers pendants, rings, and earrings at affordable prices.


Eclipse Curtains – Reduce Light & Noise for Better Sleep

We received a set of Eclipse Curtains in exchange for our honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% our own. *articles may contain affiliate links*

When you have a house full of kids who are totally the younger sister from a certain movie about ice and sisterly love and they believe if the sun is up they are up…having reduced light and noise is a true blessing. The twins had been struggling with Daylight Savings Time when our package from Eclipse Curtains arrived with blackout panels for their room. Call it an early birthday present for dad and mom, these beauties have made a difference!

Eclipse Curtains – Reduce Light & Noise for Better Sleep

Do you kids struggle to stay asleep like mine do? I know there is just so much in this world to conquer, but ‘lil ones need rest to do all that day-slaying, amiright? Eclipse Curtains with blackout and noise-reducing capabilities are one way you can help keep your kids sleeping better through the night…meaning mom and dad are sleeping better, too!

Eclipse Curtains offers four different levels of opacity, based on your needs. This mom of four is all about the black out (blocks 98-99.9% of light and considerably reduces noise) and absolute zero (blocks 100% of light and maximizes noise reduction) options. I’ve been trying really hard to get seven hours of sleep a night, so I want all the light and noise reduction I can get!

With a kid-friendly line, Eclipse Curtains makes it easy for parents to sneak in the extra sleep magic. We got to try out the Pretty Princess panels in the twins room. This took them from two windows like this…

…to two windows like this (both photos were taken on the same day in the same room on the same window, 2 minutes apart)…

eclipse curtains

Aren’t they super adorable? I love that these curtains have a function but also an element fun. Ava and Isla LOVE counting their castles, unicorns, and carriages before naptime. As soon as we can get more furniture in the room (Ava is way too daring), I hope to pull the whole princess theme together for them as we transition from nursery to kid room.

You can see the amount of light when pulled that they really do make a difference!

Eclipse Curtains – Where to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing your own Eclipse Curtains, they are available at many major retailers including Target (check out the Pretty Princess curtains we received) and Amazon (like these super sophisticated ones for your older kiddos). The kids’ line panels range from $5.79 to $23.99.

Their website is full of all the technical details and even inspiration as you look to change up the decor of your home. Follow Eclipse Curtains on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for even more ideas.

Interactive Homework Helper: Wise ‘Ol Owl Blackboard Calculator

We were sent the Wise ‘Ol Owl Blackboard Calculator in exchange for our honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

Learning got a ‘lil more fun around here for Evan and the twins with the Wise ‘Ol Owl Blackboard Calculator from Singing Machine. With three different languages and the basic math functions, there are plenty of learning opportunities for my ‘lil ones.

Wise ‘Ol Owl Blackboard Calculator

Wise 'Ol Owl Blackboard Calculator

Here are the basic details on this calculator, the first educational toy that Singing Machine (known for their in-home karaoke systems) has created for preschoolers and early learners:

The Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard calculator teaches kids basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in three different languages (English, Spanish, & French). The interactive calculator includes a large LCD display for easy viewing and has playful sounds that engages kids to learn. For kids age 4 and up the Wise Ol’ Owl is available for a suggested retail price of $24.99 and sold through major mass merchandisers and online retailers, including Walmart, and Amazon.

Evan (with the help of Big Sis) was excited to share his thoughts over on our YouTube Channel:

So tell us – are you interested in making learning fun, getting homework done faster, or picking up some math facts in another language with this calculator? What makes you excited about it?

Ripple Safety Device

Disclaimer: I received product/service in exchange for this post about the Ripple safety device. All opinions are 100% my own.

When I first was told about the Ripple Safety Device, my mind went straight to where most of my focus has been lately – to running. I even blogged about it over on mrsgregwillis the other day with that exact focus. But in thinking more about it, Ripple isn’t just for keeping runners safe, it’s great for anyone who needs to feel safe and could be a great device to give your kids as you start letting them “have some wings”.

Ripple Safety Device

Here’s what Ripple Safety shared with me that made me say yes, this is something I want with me:

Ripple is not another panic button safety device. It is personal safety for the modern world – solving both emergencies and uncomfortable situations. Unlike all other personal safety devices on the market, Ripple is a tiny (size of a dime), discreet button linked to the user’s smartphone, which can be accessed without anyone noticing. The device connects users to a live, personal backup team so, instead of calling for help, the help calls you.

Trained Ripple professionals handle alerts 24/7. Click the wearable device, and the user will immediately receive a call from the Ripple monitoring team to his or her smartphone. They know who and where the user is, and have resources to immediately dispatch emergency services if the user needs it. If a user requires emergency help, but can’t talk on the phone, he or she can click three times and the monitoring team will  send first responders directly to their location.

How Might Parents Use the Ripple Safety Device?

As a parent of kids who are starting to ask to walk to their friends’ homes, I see so many good things about the Ripple Safety device. While in my experience testing out the product they did accidentally call the service once, it was quick and easy to explain what happened. What I don’t know, because I’m not ready to completely give them freedom, is what happens if Ripple support gets a click from a child and they are not right with their parent? My guess is that they’ll be able to help the parent locate the child. (Or maybe the parents who do this are even more freeing than me and their kid has a phone that Ripple Support would call then escalate to mom and dad if needed?) Lots of thinking, but really loving the option!

Intriguied? You can get Ripple Safety device with one-month of support for less than $20 with Amazon Prime. Click here to add to your cart!

Don’t just take my word for it! Here is a personal testimony about Ripple from another mom.

About Ripple
Ripple Network Technologies, Inc. was co-founded in 2015 by Rees Gillespie, the creator of Ripple, and his lifelong friend, Jaime Gomez. Rees was inspired to create Ripple after his mother, a real estate agent, continuously asked him to call and check on her while attending showings with unknown clients. Inspired by wanting to ensure that everyone had instant access to a support network that can be utilized anytime, anywhere, Rees set out to create a trusted safety solution service that empowers users to live their lives knowing someone always has their back. To learn more about Ripple, visit Ripple Support or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

You can purchase Ripple Safety on Amazon!