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Bundle Organics

+ I was recently traveling for work and like many other moms before me, the line “put on your own mask before you help others” struck a chord with me. We moms all too often give and give and give … Continue reading

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10 Gift Ideas for Parents of Newborns

I share this list of “10 Gift Ideas for Parents of Newborns” not to beg for any of these gifts, but to share some really thoughtful things people have done for us as we welcomed the twins. Ok, ok. There … Continue reading

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The Twins’ Birth Story

Two weeks isn’t too long past the twins’ birth to tell the twins’ birth story. Right? You’d forgive me anyhow because if you’ve met the twins you understand the need to snuggle is real. On April 1, the kids and … Continue reading

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What’s Your Name?

All photos in this post were taken and copyrighted by our friend Michelle. To get your minds going about what we will be naming the twins…here are a few of the ones tossed around. Sorry…we forgot to include Stinky and … Continue reading

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38 Weeks: April Babies

I specifically remember prancing into one of my first ob appointments with Dr. K and announcing I was so carrying the twins to 40 weeks, wasn’t nothing going to stop me. He smiled, probably took a note, then told me … Continue reading

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14 Sleeps

14 Sleeps (or less) until our lives change forever. It has been a pretty smooth road, but these last weeks have been tough. I won’t bore you with the swollen feet stories or anything…they just have been tiring. And tonight…I … Continue reading

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In Four Weeks

In four weeks, Greg and I will be snuggling our newborns. They may have been “just born” or could be days or weeks old. Either way, they have officially been given a definitive “born by” date. We will welcome Baby … Continue reading

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The Booth

A few weeks ago, I took the kids to Arby’s because it seems like at some point in every pregnancy I’ve had a craving for roast beef and curly fries. It was a cold night and I was overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Thirty-one [Weeks]

Thirty-one has been a pretty amazing number for me. It’s my current age, the age at which I got pregnant with my 3rd and 4th babies. It’s the age at which I hope to deliver them, but they are technically … Continue reading

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I Made You Big

While on a drive, the kids asked for a snack. It was probably the 78th time they had that day, and I got frustrated. The snacks they want lately are sugar filled junk, and real food doesn’t seem to please … Continue reading

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