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Baby Colic – Relief for Baby’s Fussiness

I received a free sample of Gerber® Good Start® Soothe infant formula and Gerber® Soothe probiotic colic drops from Gerber® as well as information on baby colic. My thoughts and opinions are my own. It’s the middle of the night … Continue reading

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Carbon Monoxide Detector (and our plan)

()  I was in a dead sleep, dreaming the night away, when Greg shook me and told me I had to get up. Our carbon monoxide detector was beeping. (Didn’t we have a plan?) PRO TIP: Before you read further, think … Continue reading

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Three Rules of Mommy’s Van

Tonight, while riding in the van, Evan demanded three things. He wanted to drink his iced tea, wanted just the right songs to play, and wanted it not to smell like the tropics. That’s when I told him that there are … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Twins!

Yup. That’s pretty much how I feel. Today is the twins’ birthday. It’s been the fastest year ever. Wasn’t I just pregnant with them? I thought so. Both of the girls continue to amaze me every day. We celebrate them today, … Continue reading

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Wrapy Baby Carrier

[Review Disclaimer] Today’s post is provided courtesy of the Wrapy Baby Carrier. As a baby wearing family, we’ve run through many different types of baby carriers, all working differently for each of our kids, our adventures, and our budgets. I’m … Continue reading

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Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins

This list of Gift Ideas for Newborn Twins is my attempt at sharing things that my family has found beneficial in the first year of the girls’ lives. By no means am I an expert, and there are probably a … Continue reading

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9 Months

It can’t get any more real than this, can it? My babies are 9 months old. (Hint, it can. And it does. Just wait for tomorrow…) While this picture it’s pinterestperfect, it’s pretty darn spectacular. Ava and Isla are both sitting … Continue reading

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38 Weeks: The Outside Version

The twins have now been on the outside for longer than they were inside. It’s incredible to think about how quickly they have grown and become two amazing blessings. Time’s flown so much that I’m not sure I’ve shared with … Continue reading

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Bundle Organics

+ I was recently traveling for work and like many other moms before me, the line “put on your own mask before you help others” struck a chord with me. We moms all too often give and give and give … Continue reading

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Twins On the Move with Huggies Little Movers

Thank you to Huggies for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Huggies Little Movers Diapers. You’d think I would have been way more prepared for this, but the twins are on the move and it’s time to start … Continue reading

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