Steeler Sunday


Happy Birthday, Myron Cope!

Happy Birthday, Terrible Towel!

Today we take the final push to the Super Bowl. It is Ben’s 7th season. It is our 77th year as a franchise. It is in the cards, climbing the Stairway to Seven!

We are headed to church, decked in gear, pumping Black and Yellow. How many others from Steeler Nation will be wearing the colors? Sadly, my dad (the pastor) won’t be donning the jersey ’til sb, but will have a tie. That’s ok, our littles have plenty for us all. <3 GO STEELERS!!!

Catching up with old friends…

A good friend once wrote on a letter to my parents that great quote:

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.”

Unfortunately, our friends George and Marina are no longer in our lives here on earth; however, we have been very blessed to continue to stay in touch with their sons. This past summer, Wes and his wife Christine had twin boys 3 months early. The boys were little fighters! We got to see them while they were in the NICU at a month old, and this past weekend, we got to share some time with them as they came for a visit.

The adorable little guys are now 7 months old and have gone from ~3 lbs each to ~14 lbs. They have so much life and spirit in them (gosh, their Grammy and Grampy would’ve been SO proud!!!). It was really enjoyable to see them growing up, and I know our families will continue to be part of each other’s lives. Even though we never would have met had we not cottaged at the same place in Canada, they are family to us now.

Here are the kids, L (7 months), Arianna (27 months), J (7 months), and Evan (4 weeks):

Still waiting!

You are all well aware, but Baby 2 has not made his entrance. Trust me, we’ve been trying to make it happen. I thought yesterday was it–felt like cramps and hunger pains were having a fight in my stomach and not letting up–but nope. Luckily, my body is making some progress and I am not alone. The doctor said all the babies born in the last month have been causing crazy things to happen to pregnant women who are seen at their office. Guess this is what we get! Of course, I’ve been nesting lots, but it is not helping. I am still in a good deal of pain, but luckily I have a little girl who loves to just chill on the couch with her mama and a husband who is ok handling all the lifting and potty training. Speaking of–Ari wore Dora underpants today for a few hours while we worked on Christmas treats! She is growing so fast. Unfortunately, we took them off her when we started experimenting with some foods, but who wants to deal with an allergic reaction in big girl pants anyhow? Fate has the baby set to arrive tomorrow…my parents will be traveling back from my cousin’s wedding during a major snowstorm. I can just feel it. If not, I am strapping myself in and dealing with the pain until Friday when we’ve scheduled the c-section. One way or the other, we have less than a week to go which feels great!

Potentially Nesting?

This morning, I could NOT sleep.  My mind was racing about so many things, I just had to get out of bed and into the kitchen.  Here is what I have been up to this morning:

Tried to clean off the island and kitchen table. It is not working so well because they are my “command centers”.  Hrmph.  Maybe I’ll just put all the random stuff on the spare table that remains from Arianna’s birthday/Thanksgiving and get over it.

Cleaning out the refrigerator.  I threw out a garbage bag full of Thanksgiving leftovers and other food that has gone bad (trust me when I say you do NOT want to know what Soy Milk mashed potatoes look like after sitting for days).  Awful. Sad. 

Made dishes for the husband to wash. 🙂 Hey, it’s part of his job!

Took an inventory of the food that is in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Made a list of potential dinners for this week, now I just need the husband to say what he wants to cook and eat.

Took an inventory of the “fun stuff” we have to snack on so I know what to make for Christmas Treats and Christmas Morning.  This gave birth to a side blog, ‘Lil Burgher Delights where I will try to post our food adventures as much as possible.  Go there now to check out the list of Treats and current Brunch Ideas.

Is this nesting? Not sure…but I am about to enter my restless phase again, so we shall see what else I get myself into today!

Week 22 and Potty Training

The past week was a nice one at work-not crazy busy and I had a Friday vacation day I used for mental health and kidney ultrasounds (more on that below). But the best part of the week was that Baby Girl made huge potty training strides! Not yet 23 months and she knows when it is pee and number two time! She went in the potty so many times Thursday and Friday. I am a very proud mama if you can’t tell. Two kids in diapers is to much for me and Greg. Hopefully she told her grands when she needed to go the past day!

Friday I took a day just to take a day. I accomplished a lot, fixed old scrapbooks so that I can actually look at them without hating myself for my choices and got the room organized some more. The best part was pulling ari’s pics for her 2009 and 2010 album and making sure I had enough pages for her and the baby. When my dad asked to take her for the weekend (their neighbor is at end stage cancer and wanted to see her baby girl), I was glad to get another full day doing my passion.  Friday also was kidney ultrasound day but I won’t know more til my appt Tuesday with the specialist. We met up with parents and Grandma for Never Ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden too. All in all a good, relaxing week.

I also got my Droid 2 which means on days like today I can blog in the car! Very exciting. Secretly I am certain greg is jealous but most of the time he’s home with the net so hopefully he won’t get too cranky. 😉 in to getgo for coffee bah it’s a kiosk! (I hate allergies!) Then continuing to saegertown for my cousin’s bridal shower.

Baby Day at the Zoo

Last weekend we braved a very packed Zoo for “Baby Day”; however, it wasn’t everything we expected. There were some sponsor booths geared toward baby/toddlers; however, nowhere near the amount I expected.  And it was seriously PACKED. People were rude–anyone with a stroller was basically pushed out of the way by 10-12 year olds rushing to see exhibits that weren’t going anywhere. It’s really sad to see parents letting kids get away with that. Sigh.  I was a lot angrier over the situation on the day of, but it was just before another fun round of not eating anything but Jello for 2 1/2 days (so maybe it was the sick coming on).  Greg said I needed to start to write my own B%&$# Blog, but I will leave that up to the Burgh experts! 🙂 I did tell him that you know, we have this blog and he could vent on his own…maybe one day I’ll convince him to get on and get involved. Either way, we’re heading back to the zoo tomorrow for Members Night so hopefully that will be a better experience.


Note: I wrote this Monday; however, didn’t have the energy to log in and publish.

This week, for a moment, I felt like a failure. I had planned out a whole weekend of fun for my husband and I before our almost 2-year-old came home from an extra week of vacation with her Grammie and Pappy in Canada.  About half of it came off successful; however, as a person who tries to strive for perfection, it was tough to swallow “failure”.  You be the judge if we did the right thing.

We successfully went to a Pirate game on Friday with some of my family for a cousin’s 6thbirthday. The evening then turned into date night of firsts as planned—the Duquesne Incline (something I, a Burgher by birth have never done—shame!) and the Rivers Casino.  Maybe I am partial to the Mon Incline (since I’ve done it a gazillion times), but I felt a lot safer on it than I did on the Duquesne.  The view, as always, is breathtaking, but next time I’d prefer to drive up or just settle for the Mon.  The husband wanted to re-live “She’s Out of My League”; however, I told him over and over they were on Mon Incline overlooks. Point proven. Ha! Next was the Rivers. A great time, but Friday night at 12:00 is not the time to be getting signed up for a Players Card. Good thing we waited, it made me tired AND we got $20 in free play, so that kept us satisfied for about 30 minutes (plus $6 of our own).  We ended up tired and ready to go $46 of winnings in at 1:15, but there’s always room for breakfast on date nights, so we went to our local Denny’s. (Why no 24 hour Eat N’ Park is near us is beyond me!) Came home and our dog was sick in his crate—NEVER good for a woman who suffers nausea all 9 months of a pregnancy…good thing I have a stellar husband who can handle messes.

Saturday morning we slept in for a good while then I got to catch up on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader (couponing FTW!).  After a bit, I started to feel nauseous and emotional (part of my blames my anti-nausea meds, the other part the pregnancy), so I laid in bed a cried a good cry.  Frankly, my brother sent me a picture of my daughter hamming it up at a Wendy’s and I realized how much I missed her little face.  So I talked to my husband and we decided that there was no doubt, we needed to meet up with my parents and get our little girl.  That meant, unfortunately, missing out on a date night with good friends—a tweetup slash reveal party for @SecretAgentL.  I was torn, but in the end a night of further bonding with our daughter, enjoying Big Bear Pizza (my cousin’s pizza shop in Ford City—you must try if you haven’t), and relaxing in the pool (she’s swimming with wings!) won my heart.  (This is where I felt like a failure because I broke plans, but to see the look on her face and hear her say Dada and Mama when we walked in the door meant a million dollars to me!)

Sunday morning I had a minor shopping list (including replenishing diapers—oops!) that kept me awake all too early, so off I went, barefoot, in a downpour to shop.  Being pregnant, my four stops got me more tired than I’d expect, so the afternoon was spent watching “If You Really Knew Me” and “Extreme Home Makeover [from Loris SC, circa 2007]” (thus making me miss my past life as a teacher of less fortunate kids in South Carolina but so glad for the blessings we now have).  Next it was off to a cookout at a co-worker’s where I pretty much just sat in a daze because I was so exhausted.  We got home and took the sweetie for another swim then she and I crashed early. My husband woke me in the middle of the night (he’s VERY nocturnal) to show me pictures of our friends twins who are in a NICU and OMG they’ve overcome so much and gotten so big since we saw them a few weeks ago—life is a great miracle!

All in all, I think that spending time with my family was worth every second—I just wish weekends wouldn’t go so fast and weekdays go so slow!  The princess is growing by the inches and talking a mile a minute. When I look up at her baby pictures (the desk SERIOUSLY needs updated), I tear up because she’s not the little helpless being she was not so long ago.  Good thing I have a good dose of baby coming in less than 5 months (19 weeks pregnant today)!