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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Vacationing for our family might not be exactly what Greg expects. You see, I thrive on being busy, busy, busy.

When we went on vacation, we “slept in” until 9:30 or so. Swimming, resort activities, or visiting the park followed. Some days, there was shopping or seeing friends. We kept a fairly busy schedule, but nothing crazy. I think all days but one the kids got good naps, so we stayed on a good schedule. keep reading

Goin’ Crabbin’

One of the things about living in Myrtle Beach, I stayed away from tourist attractions. The one thing I really wanted to do in the three years I lived there was go crabbing at Myrtle Beach State Park, but as it was a tourist attraction, I stayed away from the opportunity. During our vacation, we took the opportunity on a semi-rainy morning and hit the beach. keep reading