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Going Manual

I am trying to trust the camera a little more. Here is a photo I snapped of ‘lil Man over a month ago, and I really wanted to share it with you!

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Capturing Nature

Long gone are the days that Mr. Burgher has brought home creatures, but let’s be honest, it’s just because the weather is turning, right? While Mr. Burgher was exploring a stream in Colonial Williamsburg, he did capture nature in a pretty cool moment. I am happy to keep nature at this reach. 🙂 keep reading

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They’re Pretty But…

…I am glad I don’t have to rake them!

Looking at that photo, I realize there is all kinds of wrong about it photographically; however, I was walking + holding stuff + a kid + a brain that is forgetful. How could I dare miss the chance to click a pic of this gorgeous tree in my parents’ backyard? The colors are stunning, and it was a beautiful day. keep reading

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It’s Funny What You Capture

…when you’re trying to photograph something else.

Ever since we got Mr. Canon (our DSLR), Mr. Burgher and I have been messing with the settings, trying to learn how it takes pics in different settings. We get a lot of great tips here on the interwebs, but we’ve found that experience usually is the best way to learn. keep reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Serenity

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Wordless Wednesday: Fudgie Wudgie (Yum)

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Dear Pittsburgh, Where is the Sun?

After a cold, snowy winter, we sure are more than ready for some sun. It is May already, and days with weather as of late haven’t been so spectacular on our moods.

Mrs. Burgher: “I would like to get a semblance of a tan this year, ok?” keep reading

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Nature (Bonus Post)


Tonight after work I went on a secret mission (25 days to the reveal…) and happened to find this beautiful area off the beaten path!  Sadly,  I only had my phone with me and daylight was fading, but it us definitely a place I want to take the Mr. come real spring for some photos! keep reading

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