Guest Blog Post–Eliz

Today is a guest post from my friend Eliz (of SC and Yup, we’re having twins). Enjoy!

Since Bex and Greg are off on a mini Vegas vacay, i thought i’d share my thoughts on the Willis(north) 4.
I’ve known becky through 5 years and we’ve both changed immensely. We’ve had our share of ups and downs, but we’ve both made it through, and are better people for it. I’ve seen Becky change the most since Greg entered her life. They are truly a perfect pair. Arianna and Evan have just made their circle of love bigger, better, and stronger. Here’s what I’ve learned from them:

1. No matter the situation, there is ALWAYS some sort of resolution.

2. Where there is family, there is <3.

3. You choose your own family.

4. Becky and I CAN keep each other sane, through the trials and error of mommyhood, even from 10+ hours away.

5. We both love a good deal and will search it out. (though Bex is definitely the couponing queen!)

6. Children make great couples even better!

7. You don't need lots of $$ to have fun!

8. Moms cannot survive without our smart phones! hehe

9. Our husbands are the GREATEST!


Hope Becky and Greg are enjoying their vacay and the kids are having a blast with the grandparents!

Me and Eliz before we were mommies and when I was a southern gal she was still a newlywed. Wow how time flies!


Today was is my best friend Wendy’s 28th birthday. While there is not a single day that I wish she was still here, today is one of the hardest. Every year the pain is a little different,  but this year, I have vowed to celebrate.

Wendy would want us to celebrate.

While cancer may have taken my friend’s body away, it did not take her spirit.  Today, I will not let the c word win. I will celebrate.

There are years worth of stories for me to tell you, so for this year, I want to tell you our first.  I tell you this story because it is appropriate for my current concerns–a lesson.

God always has a plan and a reason.

When I was 15, my dad (a umc pastor) was told we were moving. I was devastated. They went away for the interview and it took what felt like forever. Finally, my parents came home, the happiest I had seen them in a long time. We were moving back to Brookville, where my dad began the ministry and I had gone to k-2nd grade.

There was more that made them happy. I already had a friend.

Being a pk, I had little trust and made a handful of friends, few close, every move. Why get close when 4 years later I would be gone? I hated moves because I had to start over. There I was, about to start Sr High with no friends.

But, I was wrong. Remember the lesson, God has a reason? I FIRMLY believe the reason we moved back was that Wendy needed us, and we needed Wendy.

See, Wendy’s grandma went to the church he was being placed at. When Wendy heard my last name, she remembered we had been friends way back in first grade at Pine Creek. What? How could someone I knew for a year remember ME? She did.

This first memory is my favorite. I didn’t really remember this angel, but she remembered me. She saved me from pain of a move, and gave me hope. We hadn’t even met again face to face, but I knew I had found a forever friend.

Today, my angel is still with me. She watches from above and gives me hope that God always does things for a reason. We must all remember that.

Wendy, she has always been faithful and true. The best a girl could ask for. Today, on her 28th birthday, I continue to pray for a cure, but I always pray we can all spread a little Wendy around our world.

Happy Birthday, Wendy!