Happy Anniversary



In this photo, our marriage was moments new, our life together just beginning. We had plans and dreams, family and friends to celebrate with us.

In three years, the plans and dreams have changed somewhat. You’ve stood by me through promotions, chargeback Mondays, and new beginnings. You became a stay at home dad. We bought a house, learned to deal with quirks. But one dream didn’t change, growing old together.

In three years, we’ve grown into a bigger family. You’ve stuck it out with the roller coasters we’ve rode, and introduced me to more of your side of the family. ‘lil Man arrived, adding screams of joy to our life with sassy Miss A. But one thing didn’t change, you were my constant strength.

In three years, we’ve learned about friendship. Ours grew stronger. Others were tested, and some even ended. We learned about trust, pride, dedication, give and take. But one thing didn’t change, you are still ny best friend.

Looking back, our marriage is still young, but I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives with you. You make me laugh, and sometimes cry, but that’s what lovers do.
Thank you for loving me like crazy, and for letting me feel unbelievable in your arms. I’ll love you forever, and like you for always.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Jumping in Muddy Puddles

Sunday made for the perfect day to go enjoy some time down by the creek.

‘lil Miss A got to do one of her favorite things, jumping in “muddy puddles”. Sadly, she couldn’t do her other favorite thing, fish, but she got in plenty of practice with a stick.

‘lil Man popped himself a squat on the creek bed and played with muddy rocks, no jumping for him!

We took several photos, and you can head over to Flickr to see the rest of them!

Our Elephant Memories

When we visit the zoo, our kids, by far, enjoy the elephants the most. ‘lil Miss A’s first real word (at 2 months old, and I can’t make this stuff up) was “Ellie”. (Granted, she didn’t speak a peep again for a LONG time.) ‘lil Man was captivated on this last trip, staring for minutes on end and waving (as if the elephants could see him). One of the best things that the Zoo offers is an opportunity for a photo with one of the elephants. We’ve taken the chance twice now, and will probably continue to share a “progression” as the kids get older.

Here we are in 2010, the summer I was pregnant with ‘lil Man:

And here we are last Friday:

’tis True, “Unless…”

This afternoon, my parents took us out to a movie, and the only one that was really appropriate for the kids was The Lorax. Admittedly, I wasn’t 100% excited to see this movie, and I know that sounds weird from an ex-teacher/mom, but I was more a “Boxcar Children” kid than a Dr. Suess kid. But then, I remembered something about trees and thought it was probably going to be decent.

And, it was. For ‘lil Man’s first movie, it wasn’t so great (he and Mr. Burgher had to step out twice, and eventually gave up and went outside), but ‘lil Miss A loved it. I loved it. The message was something we all need to hear, and it was a feel good movie. If one person doesn’t show they care, the world may never know to care. What a great thought to share with the kids!

image courtesy of http://www.jessegiglio.com/

Why She Will Always Live On

A long time ago, I was a first grader and I met the person who would be my best friend forever. No, this isn’t some story of silly elementary school friendship, this is a real life, forever and ever story. Wendy and I met at Pinecreek Elementary school, playing on the playground in muddy puddles. We had that one lone year together as children, then renewed our friendship when I moved back in tenth grade. Our time together was again short, but Wendy was a woman who will always live on through me, through my children, and hopefully through their children.

Today, after twelve long years without her physically here with me, my Wendy memories are burned into my brain. While there are days that I still feel the pain, there are days like today that I am proud of the person knowing her helped me become. Today, twelve years after she took her last breath, I know one big reason why God put my Wendy in my life. Even when she had so many reasons to take and not give, she gave. She gave and she loved. She gave with her whole heart. And she was such an amazing person for that.

It was December 1999. Our youth group had picked an angel to buy clothes and toys for at Christmas. We girls were in charge of getting the gift–boys know nothing about buying clothes for little girls. Wendy was in remission, but she led the charge of us getting our gifts. We packed into my dad’s conversion van and hit the road for DuBois. Warm clothes for the baby girl were a must, and then a fun toy. Wendy made sure we used our budget to the fullest to give our angel child the best gifts we could. Then we shared laughs over dinner, just a bunch of teenage girls making memories. We quickly lost track of time and got home late, but that was ok because our families trusted us girls together.

It didn’t matter what she had been through, she was always giving, always loving. Being the example of what we all should be. That December night was just one of many that I got to witness and learn all about giving with a joyful heart. Everyone needs someone like Wendy in their lives. The lessons she taught me will always live on and I am so thankful.

+ + +

Speaking of people who are great examples of giving wholeheartedly, take a look at what some of the peers from my first 2nd Grade class were up to this week. Green Sea Middle School Walk for Glaucoma (from SCNow.com). What great examples of love and lifelong friendship!