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All In

Disclaimer: I won a fellow blogger’s giveaway and got to meet Robert Armstrong for a photo shoot. The images below were presented to us as our winnings. Although his services were free of charge, I wanted to share his talents and recommend you check him out. We loved how Robert connected with our kiddos. He is a wedding photographer, but also captures special moments. Feel free to check him out at Thank you, Robert, for the beautiful photos! keep reading

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Mixed-Up Love

Disclosure: I received the book discussed below in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Mixed-Up Love, written by a Jewish rabbi, Michal Woll, and her husband, Jon Sweeney, a prolific Catholic writer, explores their experience as an interfaith couple. Between deciding if and how to get married, how to practice religion, and how to raise their family, there were a lot of decisions to make. keep reading

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One of Forty

Surely the whole metric about  “40% of US homes tout women as the primary breadwinner” is old news for all of you. But I apologize, friends, because you see, I am one of forty. And no, I won’t be the first to blog about it, nor will I be the last. But gosh golly gee? I am going to blog about it. keep reading

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Something Right


I may not be able to jump back in the saddle and run a nice distance yet, but I must be doing something right.

I may not be able to reply to mail, pay bills a week ahead, or realize my library books had a one week (not three) return date, but I must be doing something right. keep reading

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