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Plant Me a Jelly Bean Tree

Spring is finally here.

When Greg and I arrived home from the hospital, his mom had picked up several beautiful plants for our gorgeous flower beds (we believe they are gorgeous, the remains of past summers tell us they will be). The house smelled glorious (my mom’s non-hospital food helped) and was so bright and colorful. keep reading

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5 Home and Life Organization Tips

Disclaimer: I participated in a promotion with US Family Guide in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Remember when I told you about Debbie Lillard‘s “A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization”? Well, I finally organized my time and get a chance to read it. Here are the top five things I learned as I read. keep reading

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Memory Block

My kids and husband love to collect seashells. When my dear friend Suzie gave us a decal for our cars (and sneakily slipped an extra in my bag), I came up with an awesome way to merge the shells with the decal to create a gorgeous Memory Block to commemorate our time at the Resting Place. keep reading

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Curb Appeal Landscaping: Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

Shedding Light on Curb Appeal

Whether you’re investing in your home because you are trying to sell it or simply trying to improve your space, outdoor lighting upgrades are worth the cost and effort. Great outdoor lighting can boost your home’s curb appeal by accentuating prominent trees, walkways and architecture. Plus, lighting enhances safety and security for you and your visitors. keep reading

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Winter Blue(berrie)s

Last week, Evan was scrolling through photos on the iPad and he came across the ones Greg took of our summer garden. He tried to pick the blueberries off the screen, and got just a ‘lil mad when it didn’t work as he expected.

“Mama, I want my berries! I miss them!” He was NOT happy that his blueberry bush was not delivering fresh fruit in the winter. keep reading

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The Evil Hornworm

For a good 12 minutes, Greg and I stared at the green caterpillar with a slight J to his end. Not really knowing my bugs, I totally trusted Greg that it was a monarch butterfly in the making there on our cherry tomato plant. So much so that I trekked multiple times to get photos of it with my phone before Greg grabbed the big kid camera. keep reading

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Race Shirt Transformation

While preparing for this year’s Mud on the Mountain, clothing was the last thing on my mind. Until the day we left, because of course that’s the day to pack for a race.

It wasn’t a wise choice, not picking out clothes because the ol’ closet didn’t have much to offer that wasn’t brand new (seeing’s how most of my running clothes are). I pulled out a pair of leggings that had started to loosen and grabbed my loose long sleeve then decided to just wear my shirt from last year’s event. It would all work out, right? Besides, it’s in the Race T-Shirt Etiquette to wear your first year shirt at subsequent races, to prove you aren’t a rookie n’at. keep reading

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Praying Mantis

Last weekend, we were blessed with seeing this beauty at my parents’ house. I hear that a praying mantis comes to you when there is a need for peace or calm. As someone who keeps extremely busy, this praying mantis was a sign of the need to just be still and enjoy the small things. She let me take photos of her for many moments (I was kicking myself for only grabbing my kit lens and not the 50mm!), a sign of her patience. keep reading

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Soft Scrub Giveaway

Getting ready for parties in my book typically means designing a cute invitation, ordering and making food, and coordinating to-do lists. Greg, unfortunately for him, gets to take on the brunt of the cleaning. As we prepared for an upcoming party, I gladly stepped in and lent a (small) hand because this time, we were armed with Soft Scrub Total. keep reading

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Getting Luscious and Beautiful (in the yard)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s undeniable, spring has sprung here in Pittsburgh. That means we’ve been trying to spend some more time outside, but when you have yard with dry (crab?) grass, pool runoff, and a dry flower bed, it’s hard to imagine yourself in a relaxing place. As Mr. Burgher and I prepare for our summer yard plans. We want a lush, beautiful “oasis”, but we’re going to need some help. A miracle, perhaps?  keep reading

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