Star Wars Crafts for Kids

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Tomorrow is May the 4th, better known to most of us as Star Wars Day! If you’re looking for fun crafts to do with the kids (or let’s be honest, yourself after they’ve tired out), we’ve rounded up some awesome Star Wars crafts for kids that you’re going to want to get working on! Follow the tutorials in the links below, then come back and tell me what your favorite(s) were. Oh, and May the Fourth be with you!

star wars crafts

Star Wars Crafts for Kids

1. Lightsaber Christmas lights from Desert Chica
2. Darth Vader Craft from Kidz Activities
3. Yoda paper bag from The Joy of boys
4. R2D2 luminaries from Diy candy
5. Yoda puppet from Coffee cups and Crayons
6. Star Wars R2-D2 Craft for Kids from Mom Inspired Life
7. Paper Plate Darth Vader Puppet from The Chirping Moms
8. Light Saber Sensory Bottles: Star Wars Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands
9. Star Wars Craft: Chewbacca Puppet from JDaniel4’s Mom
10. Star Wars Lego Mosaic from Childhood 101
11. Princess Leia Bookmark from The Start Button
12. Star Wars Inspired Paper Plate BB8 Droid Robot from Fun Learning Life
13. Light Saber Pencils from Keeping it Simple Crafts
14. Star Wars Party: Jedi Training Badges from Daze and Knights
15. How to Make a Star Wars Inspired Light Saber from Pool Noodles from Disney Family
16. Star Wars Craft: R2D2 Pencil Holder from Crafts by Amanda
17. DIY Lightsaber that REALLY works from Lemon Lime Adventures
18. Easy DIY Star Wars Fleece Blankets from Mom Endeavors
19. DIY Star Wars Fabric Converse from Something Monumental
20. Star Wars Craft: Crayon Resist Death Star from Fun-A-Day
21. Star Wars Paper Lanterns from Adventure in a Box
22. No Sew: Star Wars Costumes from Sophie’s World
23. Star Wars Princess Leia Cupcakes from Paint Brushes and Popsicles
24. Chewbacca Paper Portrait from Geek Dad
25. Star Wars Count & Clip Cards from Raising Little Superheroes

star wars crafts for kids


These crafts and activities would be great not just on May the 4th but for any Star Wars themed event. Tell me which of these Star Wars crafts for kids you liked best…or if you have your own ideas to share! Bonus points if you recognized I’d be super excited by the toilet paper roll ideas (if you’re new around here, I’ve been collecting toilet paper rolls for years with every intention to make some of these crafts).

Coffee Cookies and Coloring

Tonight we were supposed to go to The Lantern Fest, but hopefully everyone who snagged tickets (THANK YOU!) realized it was postponed until June 4. Instead, the kids and I spent the evening inside with some coffee, cookies, and coloring.

coffee cookies coloring

Okay. They didn’t have coffee. They had cookies. And…they didn’t color. They watched me. And they asked a lot of questions.


What kind of crayons are you using? I wasn’t using crayons. I was using Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils. They are like my favorite leggings, buttery smooth.

Can we have a cookie? Sure, but just the Thin Mints. Mommy only has a very tiny stash of four lonely Samoas left and they’re all mine (two remain).

Why are you coloring in your Bible? Is that really allowed? I’m sure your Pappy would have a good reason why it “wouldn’t be allowed”, but Mommy is doodling when a Bible verse speaks to her (like she did with chalk yesterday). This is a special journaling Bible and I draw in it.

journaling bible

What does that verse mean? I John  5:14-15 are about fervent prayer, asking for things to be done in God’s will. I’ve been doing this lately. There are big things I want for my family. Big things that would likely mean a few changes but a happier Mama. When we pray that God does for us what is in His will, those big things happen. Sometimes they are scary, but when we realize they are exactly what we asked for, they are right and good.

Can you use the teal to color soulOddly, yes. The teal is calling to me, so I am going to color with it.

adult coloring book

Why aren’t our coloring books that neat? Actually, kids, they are. They are so neat that adults have now starting using adult coloring books to make them feel better, more like a kid. I’m jealous. And yes, I’ll color in your coloring books with you tomorrow.


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Sweet Tea Sugar Scrub

Enter disclaimer text I’d love for you to be able to make your own Sweet Tea Sugar Scrub and Lemon Whipped Body Butter, so I’ve included some links to help you find exactly what you need!

When I was away in Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago, I had a chance to get the most divine pedicure I’ve ever had. It involved almost 90 minutes of scrubbing my piggy toes and a sweet tea sugar scrub. I couldn’t help but think that those of you who’ve come here for the “Mama’s Moment Detox Bath” tips would also thoroughly enjoy this treat for tired feet. As a bonus, I’m throwing in the recipe for a follow-up lotion, Lemon Whipped Body Butter!

sweet tea sugar scrub

Both of these recipes are adapted from ones I’ve found on the internet, but I made them my own with trial and error. I may have burnt a tea bag in the process! *wink*

Sweet Tea Sugar Scrub

You’ll need:

  • 3/4 cup coconut oil, in liquid form
  • 2 tea bags
  • 2 cups sugar
  • Lemon Essential Oil (optional)
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil (optional)

I heated the liquid coconut oil (I’ve found Fractionated Coconut Oil works best) and added in the tea bags. This was the part that was most tricky. You want to steep the tea, but you don’t want  to burn it. Do this on your stove over low heat. Have patience, and don’t let the bags burn. I suppose you could just dump the tea from the tea bags in the oil as it warms, but I’m not sure it will have the same effect of “brewing” in the bag.

sweet tea sugar scrub

Once this mixture is warm and brown-ish, remove from heat (and remove the tea bags) and add in the sugar slowly. You don’t want this to be like sand, but you also don’t want it to be oily. You may not need all the sugar, you might need more! It’s an eyeball test.

Once you have a nice consistency (test it on your hands – do you feel the benefits of the oil?), add the tea leaves from the tea bags to the sugar mixture. If you like your tea with a little bit of lemon (Arny-Palmers, anyone?), add in about 5 drops of lemon essential oils. I added 3 drops of tea tree oil to mine, too.

Scoop the mixture into a pint size glass jar with a lid.

Use the sweet tea sugar scrub in the tub or as your own at home pedicure fix. If the sugar dries out, stir in a little bit of liquid coconut oil until back to original consistency.

I highly recommend you follow up with…

Lemon Whipped Body Butter

You’ll need:

  • 1 cup coconut oil, in liquid form
  • 1 cup shea butter
  • Lemon essential oil

This is a favorite of mine, a recipe I got last winter when I was down in the dumps. My friend Suzie made it for the Resting Place ladies, and I missed out. But I was able to find my own shea butter online and whip up my own at home with her recipe.

lemon whipped body butter

You simply warm the coconut oil and Shea Butter over low heat until all the lumps are out. Put in the refrigerator for an hour (or more) until it is solid. Add in 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil and whip with your stand mixer.

Put this in a pint size glass jar with a lid and store in a cool place (the oil will return to liquid form if you don’t…but you can put it back in the fridge and whip again if it does this).


Once you’ve done your sweet tea sugar scrub and lemon whipped body butter, you’ll want to slip on a nice pair of soft socks and read a good book. You can come back later and thank me.


10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making)

Let me be honest with you. Pinterest has me hooked and addicted, but as a mom of four, there really isn’t time to do everything I’ve been pinning. But every time I sit down squat quickly over the toilet [before one of the four starts to cry] to take a pee, I can’t help but wish I could turn my collection of empty toilet paper rolls into something more. Today I bring to you the list of 10Toilet Paper Roll Crafts (You Won’t See Me Making) except for in my dreams.


(I know a lot of you are visual learners, but give some love to the original posters and visit their links or my Pinterest Board to see what I’ve gathered. Stealing ideas is not my game.)


  1. If your kids have a zoo trip planned this summer, follow it up with making their favorite animal (60 are available on this round-up at
  2. In early spring, get your garden started with Burlap and Denim’s Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters.
  3. Thrive 360 Living lists five activities kids can do with empty toilet paper rolls. My favorite of this bunch is the bowling set…because I have enough rolls I could probably make one for each of my four kids and still have leftovers to make all the other ideas listed here.
  4. My big kids like to dress up, so I’m sure they’d love to make Reading Confetti’s Super Hero Cuffs.
  5. There are plenty of fun ideas over at Kids Activities Blog, but I love the Toilet Roll Ninjas. I’d pair it with a reading of Evan’s favorite book of current, Nighttime Ninja.
  6. How about some noise for Hand Made Kids Art’s DIY Kazoo’s? Great to pair with a lesson on sound, yes?
  7. If I had been thinking, I would have used Crafts By Courtney’s idea to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as centerpieces for Evan’s 4th birthday party. (Who am I kidding? I was so pregnant and tired from moving that I barely was able to order the cake and pizza for that day!)
  8. Arianna might not like piñatas (still), but how cute are these from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!? Right?
  9. The teacher in me simply adores Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and would make these trees in a heartbeat if only I had a spare one to give. (Source: Life, Crafting, and Teaching.)
  10. These Confetti Launchers from Piikea Street have to be my favorite. They are patriotic and make a mess. I just might have to bend a little and make some for 4th of July.


I know. How could I not want to make any of these after taking the time to pin them and share them with you? Maybe, just maybe, I can pull it off. And if I do, look for a follow-up post later this summer with the results. If I don’t? I’ll be asking Evan’s HeadStart teachers to please take these rolls off my hands.


What is your favorite from the list…or do you have something even more awesome we could try?

Memory Block

My kids and husband love to collect seashells. When my dear friend Suzie gave us a decal for our cars (and sneakily slipped an extra in my bag), I came up with an awesome way to merge the shells with the decal to create a gorgeous Memory Block to commemorate our time at the Resting Place.

Memory Block

This was really easy to make. I picked up an empty glass block at a craft store and put the decal (which Suzie cut out of vinyl using her Silhouette) on the front. Next, I loaded it up with shells (and that super cool starfish) and put the top on it. Part of me wants to add a light (there’s a plug that would allow it), but I also really like it how it is.

If you could make a Memory Block, what would you put inside it? What would you put on the outside? 

Race Shirt Transformation

While preparing for this year’s Mud on the Mountain, clothing was the last thing on my mind. Until the day we left, because of course that’s the day to pack for a race.

It wasn’t a wise choice, not picking out clothes because the ol’ closet didn’t have much to offer that wasn’t brand new (seeing’s how most of my running clothes are). I pulled out a pair of leggings that had started to loosen and grabbed my loose long sleeve then decided to just wear my shirt from last year’s event. It would all work out, right? Besides, it’s in the Race T-Shirt Etiquette to wear your first year shirt at subsequent races, to prove you aren’t a rookie n’at.

The thing I forgot? The shirt, even 50 pounds ago at last year’s race, was huge. When laying out my clothes, I realized I’d made a mistake…but there really was nothing I could do. Ah, but there was. I had a pair of scissors with me to apply K-T tape, so I got to work googling. There weren’t many t-shirt tutorials that explained what I wanted, so I whipped out the handy camera and will share this no-sew shirt technique with you (as I am sure I am not alone in the whole lose weight then try to wear your veteran shirt in the years after club).

My apologies for not taking a “before” photo, but by the time I realized it, I was in a pajama state (in other words, not safe for the blog). You’ll just have to trust me that it was a men’s XL shirt and way too big.

First, I laid my shirt flat and put my 2013 MOTM (women’s large) shirt on top of it. I grabbed a pen and noted where I should cut the sleeves and bottom. I noted where the sides needed taken in, too.


Next, I cut on the lines then cut up the sides on the hem, but I did not cut to the side trace.


To make the sides fit, I cut several 1/2 to 3/4 inch strips from the edge to the traced line.


Now it was time to get comfy on the bed and tie tons of ‘lil knots up the sides, tying the front to the back of each slit. This is much like making a fleece no-tie blanket and wears on the fingers, but it’s worth it for no-sew.

The knots were pretty, and made the shirt fit quite a bit better. Here’s a close-up of the knots and one of the shirt when it was done:



And the finished product on the morning of race day:

IMG_8588 (Copy)

I have to report, it held up throughout the race and made it through the hose off and two washes that it took to get the mud out. I’d call that a no-sew success!