Siblings and Patience

Our kiddos were so patient on Christmas morning! We woke them up, got them dressed for church, showed them the present pile and hoped for the best. Our next task was not to let them tear into the gifts, but to travel 50 minutes to surprise my parents at their church then drive back home for snacks and gifts. They were so patient, but weren’t all about holding still for the camera (as you noticed in this post). Although I am partial, I think they are still pretty darn cute.

A New Favorite: Corn Casserole

It’s about time for me to share with you one of my new favorite recipes. For Thanksgiving, I made Skinny Taste’s Make-Over Corn Casserole. It was a hit, and will definitely be part of our Christmas meal. Healthy, yet oh, so good. I can’t help but demand that you give it a try.

‘lil Miss A helping Mama out…the only bad thing about this casserole is that I didn’t make it with dairy free alternatives!


Here is one of my favorite ornaments. It was given to me by one of my second graders the year before I got pregnant with ‘lil Miss A. That was not the best Christmas for me, but this is one of the best memories I had of that year. Thank you, B and family for this gesture. I proudly hang your ornament on our tree every year, and will always remember y’all!

Christmas Decorating Begins


Our first decoration went up this evening, a “bad girl” that we got at Wendy’s grandma’s auction. ‘Lil Miss A likes her lots, good thing because I worried she’d be scared. Before going to bed, she told us, “Her name is Amy. And she has no eyes!”. Giggles galore.

My guesses as to why her name is Amy…that is the name of one of our aunts who has one and also has curly blond hair. Who can read the mind of a three year old?

Our Halloween Pumpkins

So, it’s super late, but it’s time to share with you the pumpkins that the kids had for Halloween. Since we were away on vacation, we took the pumpkins ‘lil Miss A picked out from the pumpkin patch along with us. The kids really are too little to help let alone be around the knives, so Mr. Burgher and I made up a tradition that a scarecrow comes and carves the pumpkins for the kids. ‘lil Miss A bought it, perfect!