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2017 Christmas Letter

Our Christmas Letter is going digital! And in true Willis style, it’s a few days late but better late than never, right?

Merry Christmas!

2017 has almost come to a close, meaning it is time for our annual Christmas letter. Admittedly, as parents of four kids, the year flew by. All of the kids have grown so much since last Christmas and it’s amazing to watch. keep reading

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Advent Gift Scavenger Hunt

Our dear family friend Ash has been given the Love Language of gifting. This Advent season, she has prepared an adorable Advent gift scavenger hunt for her nephew. We couldn’t help but swoon over it and thought you would, too.

Advent Gift Scavenger Hunt

Over the next twenty-four days (starting December 1), use these clues around your house to give your kids small gifts with this Advent gift scavenger hunt. You might opt to do books for all the days or go for treats, movies, or socks. The value of the gift is completely up to you. The point is to get your child reading the clues, using their imagination, and to enjoy a small gift from you! keep reading

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From Our Hearts to Yours…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Made Easy

Being a social media junkie mom means I spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram. I also surround myself with a village of super crafty ladies. And that means that I see a lot of super sweet holiday ideas, especially at Valentine’s Day.

With the move, a busier than I would like to admit workload, and being pregnant, I let Valentine’s slip this year. In the past, we’ve pulled off some cute ones with the help of my Cricut and stamps. But this year? I bought 99 cent boxes of Valentines and felt like a total mom failure. keep reading

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This Christmas Means to Me…


Something had been eating at me as we lived out of boxes and suitcases and from house to house in the 6 weeks between the sale of our home and purchase of our new one.

I really wanted to get Christmas started, but I didn’t know why.

You’d think that it would be next year, with getting to watch on wonder as four ‘lil Burghers gather by the tree and squeal in delight.  But that wasn’t it. keep reading

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Gingerbread House

Tonight as Greg was leaving for work, I decided a fun pre-bedtime activity would be to build a gingerbread house. It’s been on the counter for a week, torturing ‘lil souls who just wanted to eat the candy and frosting.

Or torturing their Mama who wants all the sweets. keep reading

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Elf Pets: A New Tradition

() This Christmas, for the first time in our kids’ lives, we’ve introduced an Elf on the Shelf to our family. But there’s also a new friend, too! Her Elf Pets Reindeer Friend has joined us. It’s a new tradition that our kids are eating up. keep reading

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Christmas Morning

Our Christmas Morning was full of love and laughs.

The day started with keeping Evan as occupied as possible until my parents, Jack, and Arianna arrived. (She spent the night at their house to ensure Santa came there and here after church.) When they got here, the amount of presents under the tree was insanely overwhelming. The adults settled in with coffee and prepared for a repeat of Christmas 2009 (which took four hours to complete, thanks to an OCD one-year old). keep reading

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Merry Christmas!


We wish you and your family a blessed and memorable Christmas. May the love and joy you feel today last through the entire year.

Merry Christmas!


Greg, Becky, Arianna, and Evan

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Remember the Reason


Trees are trimmed. Cookies are baked. Presents are wrapped.

As we enter the last few hours before Christmas morning, let’s stop and remember the reason.

Silent Night. Holy Night.

May all be calm and bright as you enjoy your Christmas Eve celebrations.  keep reading

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