Mother’s Day Virtual Tea Party with LLS

Today I’m sharing information about a way you can help make a difference through a Mother’s Day Virtual Tea Party with LLS (the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). My friend Nicole shared the details below with me, but doing good for those with cancer is near and dear to my heart. Many of you may not know this, but my cousin Tracy lost her battle with cancer in February. This year, my cup of tea will be in her memory.

Mother's Day Virtual Tea Party

Mother’s Day Virtual Tea Party

As springtime is approaching, so is Mother’s Day. Traditionally, mothers look forward to spending this day with their children. For those impacted by cancer, Mother’s Day takes on a very special meaning. It is a time to be thankful and share the day with family and loved ones. It is also a time to be hopeful that many more Mother’s Days will be spent together.

Moms like Helen Berry. Helen was diagnosed with Stage III Lymphoma in 2012 and was in the fight for her life when, on Christmas Day 2013, she got the devastating news that her daughter Sarah had leukemia. With a renewed fighting spirit, mom and daughter took on the challenge of beating cancer together. Today, they are both finished with treatments and Sarah is an average 10-year old in dance and gymnastics classes.


We’re asking for your help this Mother’s Day so we can continue to gives moms like Helen many more years to celebrate with her beautiful daughter. Mother’s Day Tea is an opportunity for you to invite your loved ones to take part in a “tea party.” We are asking friends to have “a cup of tea at the hour of three” on Mother’s Day to honor those with cancer.

Here is how you can become a Hostess of our Mother’s Day Tea Party? Being a hostess for Mother’s Day Tea is easy – it doesn’t require you to attend an event, or even leave the comfort of your couch!

  • Register at this link:
  • Share your story about a mom who has made a difference in your life, or what Mother’s Day means to you now that you’re a mom yourself.
  • Invite and share with friends and family members who can make a donation to your Tea Party. Each person has the chance to contribute to help raise money for LLS.
  • On Mother’s Day, upload photos on your social media pages sharing your special tea parties with the hashtag #mothersdaytea2017

So easy, and such a wonderful moment spent with your friends and family all over the country, all while raising money!

New this year, we’re partnering with LulaRoe, which is donating fabulous prizes for all hostesses who raise $250 or more!

Each person who raises:

  • $250 by May 14th, 2017 – will receive a pair of leggings in their size
  • $350 by May 14th, 2017 – will receive a pair of leggings and $25 Gift Card to LuLaRoe Nicole Saville
  • $500 by May 14th 2017- will receive a pair of leggings and a $50 Gift Card to LuLaRoe Nicole Saville

So- the more you raise- the more you get!

LuLaRoe Nicole Saville will be hosting an Online Pop Up to support our fundraising efforts this year! LuLaRoe will match our proceeds that are raised that day to go towards our Mother’s Day Tea.  To find out more, how to donate, and where to shop, please go to the event page on Facebook.


Thanks for all the details, Nicole! Hopefully you will all join me in the Mother’s Day Virtual Tea Party on May 14. Let’s help beat cancer!


Naot Gives Back

Enter disclaimer text Today’s post is brought to you by Naot Gives Back.

What’s not to love about shoes? Even better when those shoes bring good things to this crazy world, right? Next weekend, you have a chance to do just that with the Naot Gives Back event happening at Littles Shoes in Squirrel Hill.

On behalf of Naot Footwear, we would like to invite you to the Naot Gives Back Donation Event at Littles Shoes!

This event allows us to combine two things that we love, fashion and helping those in need. Everyone invited to attend the event will be able to contribute to the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry just by simply trying on shoes. Try on a pair of Naots, we will donate a pair to those in need. If you buy a pair, we will donate two pairs. It’s fashion for a cause!

Easy peasy, right? I’m hoping that I will see some of you there. The event runs from Friday, April 22 at 9:30 AM until Sunday, April 24 at 5:00 PM. Try on a pair of shoes and a pair is donated to someone in need. How can you go wrong?

Photo Feb 16, 2 20 00 PM (1)

Naot Gives Back Event Details

Where: Littles Shoes, 5850 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

When: April 21 and 22 from 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM and April 23 from noon – 5:00 PM


Social: #NaotGivesBack /


Personally, I am hoping to try on and bring home that purple/teal sandal below. Arianna was checking out the women’s shoes on the Naot website and proclaimed that SHE needed them. Sure, the shoes are beautiful and handpainted and will go great with so many of my summer outifts, but need is a strong word, friends.

We talked about how I’ll be trying on the shoes, maybe buying a pair, and then in turn someone who really needs a pair will get a pair. Pittsburgh’s not immune to people in need, and I always get good feels when my family and I can help out, just by doing things we’d do anyways.

Naot Gives Back
Photo Courtesy of Naot Footwear

Hope to see you there.


The PR Firm that invited me to next weekend’s event shared this information: The mission of the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry is to end food poverty in their community by addressing the immediate food needs of those who are struggling with hunger and giving Food Pantry clients the help and support they need to address the underlying cause of their food insecurity.

Wild Republic

This summer, I got to meet some of the team from Wild Republic, makers of nature-related toys and gifts. They’ve asked me to share the information below as a way you can give back during your holiday shopping. 


Wild Republic is teaming up with Project Night Night, a charitable organization that provides blankets, books and toys to children in homeless shelters across the United States. From November 16 – December 16, all purchases of $35 or more on their site will get:

  1. Free shipping
  2. A free stuffed animal, and
  3. WildRepublic will also donate a stuffed animal to Project Night Night. These stuffed animals will go in special care packages that are provided to children in homeless shelters across the United States.

You can shop for your ‘lil ones’ newest nature friend and help out this cause by checking out the stuffed animals and gifts Wild Republic has to offer.

#SIMPLEGiving Starts Young

Disclosure: Below is information that was provided to me about the SIMPLEGiving  program. I chose to participate on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that 16 million American children live in poverty? Many of these kids don’t have reliable access to the nutritious snacks that help them thrive and succeed both academically and socially.

This fact glared me in the face as I read the email from TheMotherhood asking my family to participate in a Champions for Kids / Dole Game Day Great #SIMPLEGiving Blog Tour and Twitter Party. Let me be for real, hunger is real and I didn’t need an email to tell me that but I did need to take a moment and remember this.

You see, there are kids on our street that run off the 3:12 school bus to empty homes. There’s no one home to ask them if they’ve had a good day. No one home to celebrate the challenges they overcame. No one home to help them power through 5 pages of homework. No one home to provide a healthy snack to fuel them to be thrivers. This breaks my heart, but there is something we can do to help out. 

Here’s what The Motherhood had to share with me:

Throughout the month of August, Champions for Kids is partnering with Dole to encourage community projects across the country benefiting children in need. Called SIMPLE Service Projects, the idea is to host or organize an event to collect snack foods that you would then donate to a local organization that serves children in need, such as a food pantry, after-school program or daycare center.

As our SIMPLE Service Project, my family and I will be collecting snack foods (single servings of non-perishable items – the healthier, the better) to donate to our local food bank so that the kids on our street don’t have to go hungry. We’re a family of snackers, and I am 100% certain it’s why we have the health we do. Always fueling our bodies to be thrivers. I can’t imagine how the ‘lil ones who come home hungry after a long day of school must feel having to wait until dad or mom gets home at 6 or 7 to get dinner started. And I don’t want to miss an opportunity to help out. We’ll be having a “Fire Pit Friday” this week, inviting our family and friends (hey, that’s you!) to join us and get some fresh air – all we ask in exchange is that you bring a snack food donation. We have a goal to fill up 10 of these totes – and I’d love to see the look on the kids’ eyes if we can make it happen.

We’ve always believed that giving starts young – and this drive is no different. The kids don’t really get it when I tell them there are hungry kids all around us, kids without snacks to give them the energy the need to run and play or the brain power to count to 10. Yet, they have giving hearts and know that it’s our duty to help others out when we have a ‘lil extra. (How awesome is it that Champions for Kids agrees, “Helping others does not have to come in large doses. Champions for Kids seeks to ignite generational change by fostering a ‘habit of giving’ among youth and parents in America.”?!?! Love, love, love this.

Hopefully we’ll see you  on Friday with some snacks. I promise chocolate and hugs in return.

Want to help out? Comment below and I’ll be in touch with more details. 

Can’t make it but want to have your own SIMPLE Service Project? Visit Champions for Kids for more information and to share the project you take on for the cause in your life. Share with us, too! 

Coming to the event and not sure what to bring? Here are some suggestions from Dole: 

  • Dole offers a number of terrific, portable and nutritious snacks perfect for game day, including Dole Fruit Bowls and Dole Fruit Squish’ems.
  • Dole Fruit Squish’ems squeezable fruit pouches are a delicious and nutritious snack that is just a fun squeeze away. Fruit Squish’ems gives parents an easy way to get more fruit/healthy snacks into their kids’ diets. Each pouch contains 1 Full Serving of All Natural Fruit that has 60 calories and contains 20% daily value of vitamin C. Dole Fruit Squish’ems is made with Fresh Apples only from the USA and have no High Fructose Corn Syrup or any artificial flavors.
  • Dole Fruit Bowls come in many varieties, including fruit in 100% juice, fruit packed in gel, or fruit with no sugar added. Dole offers lots of choices, such as pineapple, tropical fruit, pears, peaches, apples and more, so there is something for every taste.

Fun Fore All to End Childhood Hunger

Think of five children you know. Mine can be two of them, why not.

Of those five children, it’s likely that one of the five is affected by Childhood Hunger (based on a stat that I was given for this post).

Now think about you as an adult. How does it feel when you are hungry? Not so good, right? Likely, you’re able to get yourself something to satisfy that hunger (and if you’re not, head on over to to get some assistance – it’s a judge free zone). But that feeling of hunger is not so fun. When I am hungry, I am mean and unstable. I can’t think. I can’t do anything but crave food NOW.

Go back to those kiddos you thought of. If one of them is lacking proper nutrition because their family does not have the resources to feed them, they are likely going to suffer in school, have short and long term health issues, or have behavioral problems.

Hopefully I am  not the only one whose heart gets heavy when they hear this information. Actually, I know I am not. The Kids Campaign to End Hunger (through Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank) makes sure that kids get enough to eat. They also educate children about how to help, organize fundraisers, and provides volunteer opportunities to raise awareness and support.

That’s where the Fun Fore All comes in. Fun Fore All is a miniature golf event that will be held on Saturday, May 31 at Fun Fore All in Cranberry Township. The cost to participate is $25 per person which includes 18 holes of miniature golf, a swag bag with goodies, lunch, and a Putting an End to Hunger t-shirt. You can enter a foursome, or attend as a single, double, or triple group and be paired up with other awesome ‘Burghers who are there to help with the cause, too.

Greg and I will be there, and we’d love to have you join us, too. Tickets are available for purchase through this link and proceeds from the event will go toward Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s Kids Campaign to End Hunger.

Let’s do one ‘lil thing to help in a big way, Pittsburgh. Hearts.

Fun Fore All


Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank facts from 2012-2013:
  • Distributed 27,014,117 pounds of food and other essential items to low-income individuals and families
  • Completed 186 Produce to People distributions, serving 16 distressed neighborhoods and 198,399 people and distributing nearly 3.7 million pounds of food and non-food products
  • Expanded the Summer Food Service Outreach Program to Somerset and Butler Counties and are continuing outreach in Fayette, Beaver, Lawrence, and Greene Counties, serving nearly 10,000 children
  • Collected 475,040 pounds of food and non-food products, valued at $802,817, through community food drives
  • Harvested 114,903 pounds of produce (that otherwise would have gone to waste) from local farms during 47 gleaning sessions
  • Purchased forklifts, freezers, and other essential equipment to help our member agencies better accommodate the families they serve
  • Engaged 13,333 volunteers (including 4,280 new volunteers) for a total of 70,043 service hours, helping them repackage and distribute food to people in need
  • Increased distribution of healthy produce by more than 900,000 pounds, distributing 5,972,903 pounds
  • Conducted 260 Speaker’s Bureau presentations in the region, reaching 18,694 people


Disclaimer: I was asked to share the above information as part of a campaign with The Motherhood. That means I was compensated to be a Blogger Ambassador, but all opinions are my own.

Pajama Program Fundraiser (April 12)

The Pajama Program is an organization that I just heard about and wanted to share with you.

What is the Pajama Program? According to their website, their mission is:

Pajama Program provides new pajamas and new books to children in need, many of whom are waiting and hoping to be adopted. These children live in various situations including group homes, shelters and temporary housing facilities and are shuffled often from one place to another. Many of them have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Most of these children have never enjoyed the simple comfort of having a mother or father tuck them in at bedtime with warm, clean pajamas and a bedtime story. Some of the children we serve are living with their families below the poverty level, in desperate need of food, clothing and shelter.

Every child deserves the feeling of comfort as they go to sleep, and this organization is making sure that happens.

How can you support the Western PA chapter of the Pajama Program? 

On Saturday, April 12th, the Steel City Roller Derby will be donating a portion of their proceeds to the Western PA chapter of the Pajama Program. Doors open at 6 pm and Kids 10 and under are FREE! Tickets are $10 in advance and can be purchased here:

They’ll also be collecting books and pajamas at the event.

Source: Pajama Program

Pittsburgh Diaper Derby

Six years ago, I had a big decision to make. A choice. Luckily, I knew that while my choice wasn’t going to be accepted by everyone in my life, there were plenty of people who supported me and would help me as I faced being a single mom.

Pittsburghers, we are fortunate to have organizations that help women with their choices. We’re also fortunate to have organizations that support families in need. (This is one of the many reasons I moved back here – I knew that if my family and I couldn’t make it work on our own, others would be there to help.) Today, I’d like to share with you a fundraiser that supports organizations like this:  Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers.

The Pittsburgh Diaper Derby and Toddler Trot will be held next Saturday (April 5) from 10 to noon for babies ages 0-3. Proceeds of the event will support the mission of these organizations: 

Young women in our area who are choosing to give birth to their babies need the community to support this courageous choice for life.   Our organizations provide long-term support that cultivates independence, healthy choices, and spiritual growth. The Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers offer mentoring relationships, practical help and ongoing care.  Because we are here for the long-term and are always available to families, we see lives transformed. Young moms find that preparing for a baby and the joys of parenting brings a new perspective and opens doors for growth, stability, and opportunity.

Source: Pittsburgh Diaper Derby Website

I learned about the event through Max’s mom, so I’d like to pay it forward and ask you to support Max’s fundraiser for the event. Proceeds will go to support Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers.

Pittsburgh Diaper Derby