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Financial Fitness

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Why Worry About Financial Fitness?

If you’ve been following along, the past few months around here have been sort of hectic when it comes to our finances. We’ve been working on our financial fitness and would like to share a ‘lil bit of our story with you so you can either cheer us on or learn from our mistakes and steps to get out. keep reading

Got to Stay on Track

Now that Mr. Burgher and I have worked on paying down our debt, we have got to stay on track. We have dreams, you know? There are things we’d love to do, like eventually buy or build a house that accommodates all of our needs. But we have to keep up with ourselves and not let things fall back to our old ways.

One of the things we are going to do soon is get a free credit score to make sure there is nothing out there reporting incorrectly. This is something you should do yearly anyways (and are entitled to), so why not? Besides, it’s a good way to keep tabs on what could be going on out there in your name while you have no idea.

Another thing we are going to have to do is make a plan for what to do when emergencies come up (read, savings account needs some help). We’ve learned the car needs new tires (and shouldn’t drive in the snow until then) and the truck needs a belt adjusted or replaced, and those things cost money. But we are so used to the paycheck to paycheck life that it’s very “when it happens, it happens”. But, you have to be prepared.

We are going to be working hard over the next few months to keep things going, because we never want our credit report to look like it has. What are some of the things you do to stay fiscally healthy? Tips are welcome!