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Instead of Wishing

Instead of wishing, ask; seek; knock. Your future is your’s. Not someone else’s to determine who you should be and what you should do. Be willing to accept the path God’s planned for you. Ask to accept that plan. When … Continue reading

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Coffee Cookies and Coloring

Tonight we were supposed to go to The Lantern Fest, but hopefully everyone who snagged tickets (THANK YOU!) realized it was postponed until June 4. Instead, the kids and I spent the evening inside with some coffee, cookies, and coloring. Okay. They … Continue reading

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Is there anything greater than being a kid and getting chosen anywhere but last in the kickball line? There is, actually.  We are all chosen. All of us. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so … Continue reading

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Sunday (aside from being Mother’s Day) included church, as our Sundays do. As usual, I found myself with tears streaming down my face following worship, not wanting it to end, needing it not to end. The message was an explanation of the kinds … Continue reading

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Oh, It’s On

Over the past few weeks, we’ve started tackling a few projects around the house. Things are starting to get real up in here. Let me tell you, oh, it’s on. I’m not going to lie to you and say that … Continue reading

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Raise ’em Up

On Mother’s Day (May 10), Ava and Isla were baptized by their Pappy at East Brady UMC. What a special day and way to dedicate our babies to live a life in faith steps.   Raise em’ up Trophy high Raise … Continue reading

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Girls Week 2014

Last week, I got the chance to bring my best friend to the Resting Place to join me for Girls Week 2014. Our time was all too short, so now I am going to whine a bit. You know how … Continue reading

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Wordy Wednesday: Got to Have Faith

Days 13-15 of 2014 have been a test. Someone definitely knows my word of the year and he is bringing craziness our way. But thought the crazy, blessings. I needed brakes on my car and not 20 minutes after I … Continue reading

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Faithful Beginnings

While on vacation, we attended our friend Dustin’s church. I’ve been before, but really felt the presence of God this time. A young man shared his story of coming to a life enriched by faith and the Pastor spoke about … Continue reading

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