Dear Pittsburgh, Where is the Sun?

After a cold, snowy winter, we sure are more than ready for some sun. It is May already, and days with weather as of late haven’t been so spectacular on our moods.

Mrs. Burgher: “I would like to get a semblance of a tan this year, ok?”

Mr. Burgher: “I want it to be so hot we spend our days in the pool, our evenings grilling, and the grass burns so I don’t have to cut it.”

Girlie Burgher: “I want to swim this year. I am going to be a big girl and jump in without crying. I want to spend time out on the porch people watching.”

Lil Man Burgher: “I hear there’s this cool sandbox outside, and when I start to sit up, I want to play with my gifts from the Easter Bunny, k?”

Come on sun, we know you’re just as ready as we are to liven up life around here.

A Day in the Park

Tote, pump, and keys in hand, I was ready to get out of the office for the first time before 6:00 all week (ok, how much does 5:45 really count?). I hit the stairs and realized quickly that I needed my sunglasses, so I dug in my tote to find them. Each step got me closer to temporary freedom. The second I popped the front door open, I remembered that my three inner layers plus my jacket were completely unnecessary, so off came the jacket. The warm sun felt so amazing.

I turned on the truck and kicked the sunroof back as far as it would go. Forget the radio, I needed me some good southern memories mixed with a tiny Irish feel–a little bit of Eric Church and my favorite song, Sinners Like Me. Up the volume went and out of the lot I turned. Mama was on a mission!

It was less than 3 miles, but that drive felt like forever. I turned into the far lot, jumped out of the truck, and ran to my waiting 2 year old. She was in her “house”, cooking something up with mulch. I snuck up behind her, and hearing her yell “Mama!” beat out every other moment in my day.

Kisses for the husband and a nose to nose rub for baby boy, then it was back to playing with A. Up and down the stairs she went, “You are so brave little girl!”. Back up the stairs, through the tunnel, and then waiting her turn for the slide (who taught her that?). “I will meet you at the bottom, baby!” That hair child, that hair. It is amazing how it sticks to the slide tube.

As we ran under the stairs, it was time for another kiss for E, but only a brief one before she started yelling, “I want the triangles!”. Little did I know she was ready to hang on the “zip line”, with my help of course. I was even more unprepared when she asked for the “bigger triangles”, the chain-style monkey bars.

There was time enough to stop and smell the freshness of the outside, but not before A decided to start chasing a little boy around. (“We are in so much trouble”, I thought.) It was back to the “house” to cook some more, then up on the shark to

Trying to live healthy, I knew I needed a walk but there was no convincing A. She pushed Daddy and E in the stroller for a little bit before becoming distracted by the pond and big kid slides. E and I made three more laps without them, and it felt so good to feel that wind on my face. We went back to watch her lose her mind over the swings (she loves to ask to swing, but hates to actually swing) and then get dizzy on the merry-go-round while yelling, “hey boyssssss!”. (Seriously, we are in trouble.)

While I didn’t want the day to end, the sun was quickly going down and we still needed dinner. It was time to say goodbye to the park, but not for long. We will be back.

Babywearing, Part 2

(This post is a continuation of the story I started yesterday about Babywearing.)

Fast forward to my pregnancy with E. I started to take a more laid-back approach to motherhood (ok, it’s probably the whole 2nd baby thing), and realized I could try to rock the baby wearing look. When I ordered my free (pay shipping) Udder Cover, I soon got an offer for a free Seven Sling. It involved sizing (which I measure all the time and according to their site have correct). Sizing scared me. What if I gained more weight than I expected? What if I suddenly lost weight post-baby? What if my ladies ballooned in cup size? So many ifs, so I bought size insurance. Evan arrived, and after he was a few weeks old, I decided to put him in the sling and walk around the house with him. I was comfortable, but he wasn’t exactly “close enough to kiss”. After about 5 minutes, he would get really upset. Now I see realize that the sling was pretty uncomfortable for him–I compare it to low thread count sheets. Basically, he didn’t like being held in a sling position by a carrier that I wouldn’t think twice about wearing as a piece of clothing.

I didn’t want to give up. So, I became a Twitter lurker on some chats and learned about the Moby Wrap. After many reviews, this seemed like the one for me. This carrier was made of higher quality material that felt like a t-shirt. Unlike other similar carriers, there wasn’t a size to be chosen. This was great, because as a plus-size mama and tall and lanky daddy pair, we needed a carrier that would work for both of us. So, I bought the wrap, washed it, and started to wear it that night. I hadn’t felt closer to E than when I was pregnant! It was love at first wear.

(Here’s a shot of me wearing Evan.)

My husband was a bit unsure of it at first, but after he realized all I could do while wearing the baby, he wanted to join in, too. We were both hooked.

(Greg and Evan)

So when the opportunity was presented to join Mrs. ‘Ski at a Baby Wearing Class, I was all about it. It took a few days, but Greg was interested too. Off to Robinson’s Happy Baby Company for a free class presented by Pittsburgh Babywearers. Let me warn you, the store is adorable, especially if you are into cloth diapers, I already have a wish list. But, my Navigation (on my phone) did NOT take us far enough down the road and we got lost. Thankfully, the class waited on us, and we hung out for over 2 hours learning about the right carriers for us and what we could move into.

It was nice to have our choice of the Moby Wrap affirmed because unlike other similar carriers, it keeps baby from sagging (until they get too heavy) and their chin off their chest. Evan is extremely comfortable in the wrap, which helps a lot. You really have to find what is right for you; however, the wraps or carriers that require sizing are not necessarily the best. We also have a lot to look forward to–other ways to wrap the Moby Wrap, carriers like the Beco and Ring Slings (that if we really wanted, we could carry Ari in. There is also a lending library from Pittsburgh Babywearers and meetings you can attend to learn more about baby wearing. Exciting!

Spring is coming, and you are guaranteed to see us rocking our lil man wrapped while we are out and about! (Greg even whipped out the Moby later in the afternoon at a cousin’s birthday party.) Thank you, Pittsburgh Babywearers & Happy Baby Company, for helping us with our journey as Baby Wearers!

Steeler Sunday


Happy Birthday, Myron Cope!

Happy Birthday, Terrible Towel!

Today we take the final push to the Super Bowl. It is Ben’s 7th season. It is our 77th year as a franchise. It is in the cards, climbing the Stairway to Seven!

We are headed to church, decked in gear, pumping Black and Yellow. How many others from Steeler Nation will be wearing the colors? Sadly, my dad (the pastor) won’t be donning the jersey ’til sb, but will have a tie. That’s ok, our littles have plenty for us all. <3 GO STEELERS!!!

Tweet Up

Last Thursday we joined our friends for dinner at Buffalo Blues (highly, highly recommend–even family friendly!) followed by a  Tweet Up at Oh Yeah! for ice cream.  The trip got wins from all of us, but mostly from Arianna who is lactose intolerant.  She’s had ice cream off and on, but it always makes her have awful diapers and even swell around the mouth.  NOT FUN.  HOWEVER, Oh Yeah! has a great selection of soy ice cream and she was in Heaven.  Her cup was absolutely devoured, she mostly used a spoon, I promise.  We also got to meet some of the great Burgh tweeters like @SecretAgentL and @Wormy920.  Greg and I both agree we’d like to go to another tweetup, and preferrably get to head out to one when I am not pregnant/sick and without the kiddos in tow.  Either way, we’ll definitely do it again.  A GREAT way to meet other awesome ‘burghers!

Baby Day at the Zoo

Last weekend we braved a very packed Zoo for “Baby Day”; however, it wasn’t everything we expected. There were some sponsor booths geared toward baby/toddlers; however, nowhere near the amount I expected.  And it was seriously PACKED. People were rude–anyone with a stroller was basically pushed out of the way by 10-12 year olds rushing to see exhibits that weren’t going anywhere. It’s really sad to see parents letting kids get away with that. Sigh.  I was a lot angrier over the situation on the day of, but it was just before another fun round of not eating anything but Jello for 2 1/2 days (so maybe it was the sick coming on).  Greg said I needed to start to write my own B%&$# Blog, but I will leave that up to the Burgh experts! 🙂 I did tell him that you know, we have this blog and he could vent on his own…maybe one day I’ll convince him to get on and get involved. Either way, we’re heading back to the zoo tomorrow for Members Night so hopefully that will be a better experience.