Celebrating a Birth

It is hard to believe, but ‘lil Man is already a week into his second year of life! The past week has been full of celebrations, ending with last night’s birthday pizza party. He really had a good time opening the gifts and cards (with some help from his sister, of course). In true fashion, all of his presents make noise or are adorable outfits. Every single thing he got really was perfect for him (thank you all!). More on that later, though.

Mama and Daddy Burgher had a favorite moment of the week (and surprisingly, no, it was not our late night salmon burger candlelight dinner to celebrate the past year). My Twitter friends really are an amazing group of folks. Many of you wished ‘lil Man a Happy Birthday before he even woke up. Two of you played a huge part in his day, and I am extremely honored to have your talents be part of this day. Ok, enough already, time to share!

A fellow local blogger and mom, M of Burgh Baby has always taken amazing photographs of her daughter and has begun to test the waters of photographing other people (and their kids). I was lucky enough to snug a few hours off work to gather up the ‘lil Burghers and head to her house for a photo shoot for ‘lil Man’s big day.

But Mama Burgher wanted this shoot to be special. It needed to involve a smash cake, and I had a vision. I was willing to “sacrifice” and get a cake to from a local bakery or the grocery store and it just be average. What did it matter? It was just a cake, right? I could have made one, but honestly, I wanted the chance to highlight someone else’s work, support local business, and not take up my time making it. Frustrated with my options, I sent out a tweet to a local baker who competed on this season of Buddy (The Cake Boss)’s Next Great Baker, wishing she could make ‘lil Man’s cake. Not long after, she replied, asking for details. And she worked with me. And she delivered my vision. And she blew me away. I was jealous that ‘lil Man was going to destroy this great cake from Megs of La Dee Dah’s.

As M set up for the photo shoot, it was clear she meant business. She had the right lighting and the perfect set up for the shoot. (And M, can I just say again, thank you for letting ‘lil Man do a number on your floor…it probably still smells like icing in there!) The day was a bit dreary, but she worked with ‘lil Man, making him smile, giggle, and show his big blue eyes. We were so happy and so excited when we got the photos. Seriously, M is amazing.

Thank you all for making ‘lil Man’s day so special. The gifts, the memories, the smiles. Thank you, thank you.

Totes and Team Members in Action!

Yesterday, I did something, well, beyond awesome. I mingled with a few of my favorite team‘s players (Starks, Batch, and Essex) while we helped the Food Bank and Max pass out turkey and fixings to a little over 250 families. This was truly a blessing–it feels so good to give back and do good at any time of the year, but especially around holidays.

The thing that excited me most is that when my co-workers emptied the truck, I recognized some of the tote bags from The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project. You know how much that made my day because of my love for helping them out. Well…I wanted to do a nice write up here on the blog, but I think I’d rather send you over to the Tote Bag Project’s blog about the night–feel good stuff! Please take a visit and read!

Thank you Max, Charlie, and Trey for giving back to our community. You seriously made my Thanksgiving.

Mrs Burgher

Where’s the Flag?

Every Sunday in the fall, our family snuggles on the couch and watches the Pittsburgh Steelers game. Today is no exception.

A ‘lil bit ago, Mr. Burgher got upset about the lack of a flag for a hold against Mike Wallace. He was yelling, “Where’s the flag? Awwwww, c’mon! Where’s the flag?”.

‘lil Miss A notices something on the TV and yells, “There’s the flag, Daddy!” I couldn’t help but laugh (as much as I love my husband, Mike Wallace, and the Steelers). You probably will, too.

“There’s the flag!”

(She was right!)

Have a Heart

On October 22, Mr. Burgher, ‘Lil Man, and I walked with my work in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk.

We walked for:
* 2 Pop 4 Sure
* Uncle B
* Pappy Jack P
* Cousins M and D
* First Mate G
* And all the others who’ve been impacted by Heart Disease

Cause we really want to be around for this ‘lil guy and his big sister!

Shh! We’re Resting! (#pcpgh6)

Post PodCamp Pittsburgh and a weekend suffering from some random cold Lil Miss A brought home from pre-school, Mr. Burgher and I are resting up this evening. We had a wonderful time working, playing, and enjoying PodCamp. If you were involved in any way, thank you for all you did to make this event successful. It was an honor to be involved in the organizer/volunteer crew, and although we didn’t get to enjoy many sessions (your full bellies have to be thankful), we hope you gained a lot of knowledge.

More fun from us to come…but for now…we’ll be stuck on our couch, trying to rest up for the week.

Photo Courtesy @PixieDust612