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Paint Monkeys

Back in June, my cousin J celebrated her birthday and I wanted to find something unique to get her. Thanks to a Living Social deal, I found out that Pittsburgh has a paint studio where even beginning painters can make masterpieces. Our friend and her mom did one of these classes and it looked like a lot of fun, so I decided we’d give it a try. keep reading

WRRYFree Skin Care Fighting #Hunger #Giveaway

Last week, summer decided to make a return to Pittsburgh, and my skin was ill prepared. Thank goodness WRRYFree Skin Care decided to team up with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, Coupon Billie, and myself to help fight hunger this month.

What does that mean? It means I was able to test out the Bast Sensitive Face Wash, my choice for three reasons. One, it is orange-ish, the color of Hunger Action Month. Two, we have sensitive skin around here, if you didn’t know. Three, my skin has always been a pain to keep clear, but last week it was like I stepped back to 1999 and my 16th birthday party, ouch! keep reading

Highly Recommended: Bistro To Go

Greg and I volunteer with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, an opportunity that has taken us to various new places in town. This weekend, we had a chance to help organize bags and then got dinner with two others who were sorting. Sure, we could have decided to just grab a sandwich from anywhere, but we were easily convinced to go local after Greg and Ledcat went to pick up totes at Bistro To Go and ogling the turtle cheesecake. keep reading

A Beautiful Day for a Venture Outdoors

On Saturday, Greg and I ran a 5k then headed into downtown for the Venture Outdoors Festival and a chance to see our friends at WRRYFree Skin Care (by the way, have you entered our giveaway that ends tonight???). After a nice walk around the Point and learning about some of the great ways to enjoy the outdoors in Pittsburgh, we took our own ‘lil adventure through Gateway Center and discovered a bunch of cool statues. keep reading

Felt Play Food #giveaway (I Made It! Market Jr.)

Update! drew comment #17 as the winner.

Congratulations, Tom!


Next Saturday, all of you should head down to Bakery Square and check out I Made It! Market Jr.! There are many reasons. It’s a great way to enjoy Earth Day. It’s Family Fun in the Square (and parking is free). Thirty artists will be selling handmade goodies–this time around, it is geared toward goodies for kids. AND, more importantly, because you really need to check out the handmade felt creations by Leslie of chikin feathers! keep reading

First Haircut

Today was the day. A day 3 years and almost 5 months in the making. ‘lil Miss A got her first haircut. Nothing major in style, just a nice trim up to help tame the hot mess that her hair becomes most days.

(The cape is perfect for our ‘lil miss, isn’t it?) We went to our local MasterCuts in the mall just to see prices. One of my friends in Myrtle Beach worked at a MasterCuts, so I knew that if there was only 2 people on the list ahead of us, it was going to be a short wait. They’re just that kind of good. I signed us up and in the time it took Mr. Burgher to get A to the bathroom and back, they were ready for us. keep reading

Celebrating a Birth

It is hard to believe, but ‘lil Man is already a week into his second year of life! The past week has been full of celebrations, ending with last night’s birthday pizza party. He really had a good time opening the gifts and cards (with some help from his sister, of course). In true fashion, all of his presents make noise or are adorable outfits. Every single thing he got really was perfect for him (thank you all!). More on that later, though. keep reading