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Sunday Fundae

It was a beautiful (read, HOT AS ALL GET OUT) day in Pittsburgh. Perfect for a trip to the Zoo to enjoy the Pressley Ridge Ice Cream Fundae. And ever since, the big kids have been recalling the fun they had at what they are calling Sunday Fundae.

We arrived right as the gates were opening and took our time showing Grammie around our favorite exhibits. So much time that we only got to three of the six ice cream stations before they either ran out or closed early. keep reading

For the Love of Diapers

Used with Permission from
Used with Permission from

Disclosure: I’ve teamed up with Diary of a First Time Mom and this information and images are used with her permission. Questions regarding this project can be directed via email to Heather Hopson at 

Originally, when I told Heather of I’d team up with her efforts to gather support for drive to get diapers for families in need, I told her I’d just toss up a guest post and some tweets. I’m busy creating two babies that need diapers, you know. Selfish me was also too busy searching for diaper fluff (the cloth that’s on the right up there) because I could. But if you remember one of the reasons why I am choosing to cloth diaper…it’s because diapers are EXPENSIVE. It’s time to shut up the selfish “I don’t have time to really help” voice and give you some info. keep reading

Fun Fore All to End Childhood Hunger

Think of five children you know. Mine can be two of them, why not.

Of those five children, it’s likely that one of the five is affected by Childhood Hunger (based on a stat that I was given for this post).

Now think about you as an adult. How does it feel when you are hungry? Not so good, right? Likely, you’re able to get yourself something to satisfy that hunger (and if you’re not, head on over to to get some assistance – it’s a judge free zone). But that feeling of hunger is not so fun. When I am hungry, I am mean and unstable. I can’t think. I can’t do anything but crave food NOW. keep reading

Project Prom

Allegheny County High School students and parents – this post is for you!  I was sent information about Project Prom and Project Prom for Gentlemen, and knew it was worth sharing with my readers.

You see, when I was in High School, I put my parents through having to buy two prom dresses. If memory serves me correctly, we were able to get them both from a bridal shop at a decent price, but I know it wasn’t the easiest spend for them to justify. That’s why hearing about this program from the Allegheny County Department of Human Services hit home. keep reading

Stuff a Bus and Christmas Crazy

I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who helped us make our donation to Kiss FM’s Stuff a Bus and Burgh Baby’s Christmas Crazy 2013 possible. Stuff-a-Bus brought in 42 buses worth of toys in total. Christmas Crazy hit over $5,000 worth of toys given to The Center for Victims and Alle-Kiski HOPE Center. Much love to the amazing people of Pittsburgh (I am in tears writing this!). keep reading

Education Tree

Just yesterday I complained on my personal Twitter account that I wished I could do more at Christmastime. We give a lot here in the ‘lil Burghers family; however, I never feel like it is enough. And truth be told, it never will be. That’s because there is always going to be someone out there who has less than they need to make the holidays bright. 
keep reading