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Highly Recommended: Bistro To Go

Greg and I volunteer with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, an opportunity that has taken us to various new places in town. This weekend, we had a chance to help organize bags and then got dinner with two others who were sorting. Sure, we could have decided to just grab a sandwich from anywhere, but we were easily convinced to go local after Greg and Ledcat went to pick up totes at Bistro To Go and ogling the turtle cheesecake. keep reading

Thank Goodness for Leftovers

This week, I am thankful for leftovers. My extra food from lunch and dinner on Sunday became lunches on Monday and Tuesday. ‘lil Miss A and ‘lil Man really enjoyed their leftover Olive Garden on Monday night (and I didn’t have to think about anything to make for them). It’s great to have an easy day or two thanks to the fact that America loves to give us lots of extra yummies when we go out to eat. keep reading



Yum! A little overpriced but so delish! We started with a great french onion soup. This is Greg’s turkey chipolte wrap. I had a spicy chicken wrap. A is enjoying really crispy chicken tenders. The ranch tastes homemade, is a lil spicy but nice. Still here, so maybe fondue smores for dessert? 😉 keep reading

Shake it up!


Some days just call for a dinner out. Today was one of them. Mama B has had a long week (and it is only Wednesday, folks). Off to the mall we went for a nice walk, then it was time for some Steak ‘N Shake. Ari loves her chicken and fries, but she MUST have bbq sauce to dippy. Gotta love this kid! keep reading