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Mexican Street Corn Dip

Have you ever had something so good you couldn’t stop thinking about it? That’s how things went about a year ago when we were introduced to Elote Loco, Mexican Street Corn, at our local {favorite} food truck, LA Taco. It is an amazing combination of sweet corn, butter, cheese, and spices served (super hot!) on a stick and wrapped in foil to seal in all the goodness. Who knew this would turn into my latest hit, Mexican Street Corn Dip! keep reading

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Whole30 Mistakes

Whole30 Mistakes

() Well, now that another Whole30 Round is in the books, it is a great time to share with you some of the Whole30 mistakes I’ve made along the way. (Truth be told, this eating right thing is pretty tough, so mistakes are sort of expected.)

Whole30 Mistakes

Mistake 1: Not trying Ghee in Round One. keep reading

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Copycat S’mores Blend

Did you know that I have a horrible addiction to coffee? Coffee itself is not so bad, but I am hopelessly devoted to two brands (including this one that currently has an AH-MAZING S’mores drink that is almost 600 calories but I’ve had two in the past two weeks and oh why can’t I drop this weight woes surround)…yeah it’s like that. I could really do fine on just black coffee and it not be a problem. It wasn’t from 2011 to 2015. But lately I’ve been bad. Hence, I needed a copycat s’mores blend drink to help me kick my habit and start making some healthier choices. keep reading

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Mango Chili Salsa

Thanks to Chili’s and the on-set of summer weather, I sort of have an obsessions with mangoes, avocado, tomatoes, freshness. The restaurant captures it all well in their Mango-Chile Chicken, and I wanted to give a homemade version of the deliciousness in Mango Chili Salsa a try myself. keep reading

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Banana Splits For Dinner?

This post includes mention of a sample provided by Blue Bunny. I was provided with a sample and small gift to participate in a Klout campaign; however, all opinions and decision to have banana splits for dinner are 100% my own. 

There is nothing like aiming to win the Coolest Mom and Wife of the Year award. If you’re trying, you might as well stop ’cause I hands-down have it. Surely Greg thought I was off my rocker when I called home and asked him to set out the ice cream tub before dinner, but too bad. keep reading

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Heart Healthy Huevos Ranchero Biscuits

As I was thinking about a third recipe for the Red Pack contest I am participating in this week, I was leaning toward Huevos Rancheros, since it is on my 30 things by 30 list. I googled and searched Red Gold to see if I could find anything, and I came across this biscuit version. An absolute favorite breakfast item of ours is “Lucky Biscuits”, a discovery from Burgh Baby, so I am sure I can come up with a great adaption that we’ll have this weekend. If you beat me to the punch, please tell me how good it is! keep reading

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Holiday Food From Frieda’s Produce

Anything to make holiday preparations easier is right up my alley, so when Frieda’s asked if they could send me some of their holiday products to try I agreed it was a great idea. They have plenty of options to keep you “cooking up holiday fun in the kitchen without having to spend hours making it happen” like: keep reading

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Fall Foods From Frieda’s

This fall, I introduced my family to a few new foods from Frieda’s Produce. Most of them were brand new to us, so you have to imagine that I had to do some research after opening the box and seeing this beautiful fall bounty of produce.

Frieda’s Produce offers “some really interesting non-traditional fruits and vegetables that can turn one’s holiday table into a conversation piece.” I have to say, that sure was try with the produce we sampled enjoyed. 😉 keep reading

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Harvest Stew (ala @pghfoodbank)


Last week while at BlogMob, I got to taste the delicious Harvest Stew (recipe above) that was being demonstrated to patrons. It smelled AMAZING and tasted even better.

On Monday night, we made this for dinner. Yup, I cooked collards and didn’t do a bad job of it. keep reading

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Eating Hummus


…a snack they love, hummus. Who knew kids could love it this much? This bowl was just opened tonight and is now completely empty.

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