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Buffalo Chicken Couscous and Cheese

In my pursuit to lose weight, there have been a few things I’ve had to put aside in exchange for deliciously natural foods. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t crave delicious foods (like while writing this blog about a recipe, I really want some ice cream, a bad previous-life nighttime habit). One of my favorite homemade recipes was my buffalo mac n’ cheese. Even with using whole wheat pasta, I couldn’t bring myself to sacrifice those precious calories. So, enter my brilliant idea … Buffalo Chicken Couscous and Cheese keep reading

BBQ Chicken Crescent Pizza


One of my favorite late night haunts in college was half price at Fuel n’ Fuddle. There was this pizza, the hen?, and it had BBQ, chicken, and corn. The other night, I decided to give my own version a try.

Leftover chicken isn’t a term in our house. We have been in the habit of buying a rotisserie chicken each week or so JUST to use it as “leftovers”. So, Mr. Burgher pulled the chicken and I added BBQ sauce. I peeled a can of crescent rolls and laid them in a rectangle on a cookie sheet. I covered that in 2 tbsp of BBQ sauce then spread out the cheddar. This was topped with BBQ Chicken, onions, and corn, then in the oven for 10-12 minutes. keep reading

What to Do With Leftovers (Christmas Style)

If you are like us, you open the fridge and are staring at a big ‘ol hunk of ham and wondering, what in the world am I going to do with that? There are only so many ham sandwiches one can down before it gets boring. Tonight, I want to share with you what we did with some of our leftover ham (and I hope in return, you will tell me what to do with the rest of it!) keep reading

A New Dining Experience

Disclaimer–this post is a personal experience review of a restaurant and is not a paid or prompted advertisement…just my personal thoughts and recommendations!

One of the things I like most about going away on vacation is trying new things. We were tandem driving to Virginia with my parents on a Sunday afternoon and left the dinner choice up to them as to where we would eat dinner. They told us to get off in Woodbridge, Virginia and meet them at a place called Zoes Kitchen. We stepped inside the “fast casual” restaurant and took a peak at the menu board while my parents used the restroom. I wasn’t really sure it was a place they’d love–the dishes didn’t offer our typical “meat and potatoes” options–but we decided to stick around and give it a shot. keep reading

Perfect Pesto

Sunday was a perfect day and we spent most of it out by the pool. When it came to dinner, I wanted something quick and easy. I had a huge bag of spinach in the fridge and for some reason, I wanted to eat most of it for dinner. The problem I have with spinach (in a salad, for instance) is that it has a “fuzzy” feel to it. I am a huge texture person, so that’s major for me. If I taste even the littlest bit, I throw the bag out (awful!). So before I got that far, I got an idea to try to make pesto with it. keep reading

Chicken Stir Fry

I promised you Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts, but on Friday I was too exhausted to blog. On Wednesday night, I decided to try to make healthy stir “fry”. Using brown rice was my goal, but it takes way too long to cook and I was already late. Instead, I chose to use white rice, just used less of it on my plate. While the rice steamed in our handy dandy rice cooker, I threw some very delicious chicken egg rolls (4 for under 200 calories, win!) into the oven and got to “frying”. keep reading


It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of all things spicy (have you read about my experience with the Ghost Pepper Marshmallow?). So, I am pretty excited to share with you a Mexican dish I made without a recipe the other night–Enchiladas. I will try to tell you step by step what went into making it, but I really just started grabbing things and throwing them together. I really feel that’s the best way to cook (shh….don’t tell my nutrionist!). keep reading