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Hen in a Hurry: Dinner Game-Changer!

Disclaimer: I was provided services/products from Hen in a Hurry as a partnership through US Family Guide. All opinions are 100% my own.

Yinz guys. I have been holding out on you. Two days before I ran my 10-Miler, the most amazing smelling box was delivered to my front door. It was a complete game changer for my dinner game – Hen in a Hurry. This meal subscription service was my first ever experience and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities when it comes to putting good, clean food on the dinner table in a hurry. I am so sorry I haven’t been around to share this with you sooner!!! keep reading

Get Grillin’ With Johnsonville Brats

I’m about to disclose something horrible. We bought an incredible grill last summer, and we’ve yet to use it this year (thank you, rain). Painful, right? The average American is grilling 3 times a week during the summer (according to the Johnsonville Sausage Report). That means we’ve missed out on approximately 18 days of awesome grilled meals. (Do you hear that, Greg? Just saying.) keep reading

Sunday Night Supper: Help From Tuttorosso

I can’t help but take a moment and share with you part of tonight’s supper (I promise to share more later). It was a basic meal for after a long day, yet one that was delicious and tasty. The Italian in me (which there is none, but some of my favorite dishes are) was quite excited to give Tuttorosso Tomatoes a chance to star in tonight’s supper. keep reading

Slow Cooker Sunday: Slow Cooker Cookbook #Review

It’s a chilly Sunday here in Pittsburgh. The kind of day that makes me want to put food in the slow cooker and stay wrapped up on the couch in my jammies. This is a perfect day to share with you the newest recipe book in my collection, “Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook, containing 200 recipes that are convenient for all the busy people out there. keep reading