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Oakland Farmers Market

One of my favorite things about summer is getting fresh produce. We’re lucky to live in a city full of great places to get fresh veggies, including The Oakland Farmers Market.

On Fridays, you can visit this market in Schenley Plaza from 3-6 PM. While I haven’t been myself, I am intrigued and will try to make it out there one of these days. Not only is there fresh food, there are also some local vendors mixed in: keep reading

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Fish Fry Friday

After 29 (-6) years as a Pittsburgher, I am sort of ashamed to say that Greg, Arianna, and Evan accompanied me to my first fish fry on Friday. We went with my parents and Grandma to the Rural Ridge VFD Fish Fry. The kids and I had shrimp while the others went with the fish (I took a bite, it was indeed good). Evan was not as thrilled as the rest of us, but we all still had a good time. keep reading

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Highly Recommended: Bistro To Go

Greg and I volunteer with The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project, an opportunity that has taken us to various new places in town. This weekend, we had a chance to help organize bags and then got dinner with two others who were sorting. Sure, we could have decided to just grab a sandwich from anywhere, but we were easily convinced to go local after Greg and Ledcat went to pick up totes at Bistro To Go and ogling the turtle cheesecake. keep reading

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Pieces of the Past

Tonight, I stepped inside a place I haven’t been for almost 18 years. Not too much has changed with the exception of the people and the food. And the couch. The couch where Mr. Rogers or Mr. McFeeley and I would sit and swap stories is gone. And the smell of sticky buns no longer fills the air. keep reading

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Cookies Galore!


Preparing for a Pittsburgh wedding means that you need to bake cookies. And lots of cookies. I made 10 dozen of each kind… snickerdoodles, no bake, rum balls, mexican wedding cookies, and white chocolate cherry shortbread. Who’s ready for some eats? keep reading

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How NOT to Cut a Sweet Potato

Ever since I joined the Drop 10 in 10 class, Mr. Burgher has become 100x more on board with healthy eating. One of our favorite go to side dish has been sweet potato fries. Mr. Burgher and I both have had our share of nicking our hands while trying to cut these roots into fries, so it’s a bit frustrating when we decide to make them. But let me tell you, they are worth 100s of sweat beads, let me tell you. But on to the story. keep reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Fudgie Wudgie (Yum)

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Marscapone & Strawberries

Last week, I got Greg and I a Valentine’s Treat from the local GE. It was so delicious, I had to share with you all and make you jealous.

The marscapone filled chooclate covered strawberry deliciousness…Yum.

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Ghost Pepper

While browsing the Pittsburgh Public Market, we sampled various flavors of marshmallows (they really should just be called amazingness) at the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory’s kiosk. As you know, we came home with Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Hearts from this trip. What I failed to mention was that I also picked up a Ghost Pepper marshmallow which was appropriately labeled, “Too Hot for You!”. keep reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

…from ‘Lil Burghers!

I highly enjoyed this Dark Chocolate Marshmallow heart from Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory!

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