Pocket Your Dollars

One of the hardest lessons in life I learned was managing money (every young adult does that, no?). A few weeks back, I was sent Pocket Your Dollars (by Carrie Rocha). This book covers “5 Attitude Changes That Will Help You Pay Down Debt, Avoid Financial Stress, & Keep More of What You Make” and is something I wish I had read before I started charging every cent I was spending.

source: Bethany House

Carrie’s lessons are simple to read and understand, it’s the actual execution (changing your attitudes and habits with money) that are tough lessons. And if you’re not in debt and wondering if this book could be for you? The answer is yes. Carrie reminded me of lessons that I needed to learn to change and to build that savings. (For instance, the past few weeks we eliminated dinners out in exchange for building our patio, a lesson learned from Pocket Your Dollars, a challenge of do we want this now or that in the future.)

The book is based off Carrie’s personal experiences with money upon marrying her husband, and how they both had to change to make it work. This was something I totally understood. Greg came into my life with no debt, but on the flip side no savings, living with cash day in and day out. We both had habits to change, and are still working to make sure 1) the family has what we need and 2) our dreams can come true.

What a great book this would be to put with a card for a recent college or high school graduate or newly married couple. It’s an easy read, and worth the time.

Beyond Carrie’s book, she has a website (www.pocketyourdollars.com/ where you can find deals, shopping lists, and freebies to expand your practice of saving. Definitely worth a visit once or twice a week.

You can find Pocket Your Dollars on Amazon or through Baker Publishing. The price is fair, considering the money you’ll save from lessons within.