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What We’re Reading: December 4 Edition

What We're Reading

We have been sent books below in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are our own.

What We’re Reading: December 4

Choosing Light by Viral Dalal

In this season of light, I pray that you, like Viral Dalal (author of this book) choose light over darkness. Dalal recalls his five days trapped beneath a high-rise building following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Throughout the pages of this memoir, he recalls childhood lessons to help him shake the darkness in those moments. keep reading

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What We’re Reading: October 2

Recently, the kids’ school had a book fair. We didn’t send in money for them to buy books, so I had to deal with the tears of the Bigs when they said they weren’t included in the shopping fun. But not to despair – the school had a pile of free books (well-loved) that they could pick from. keep reading

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What We’re Reading: September 25

With back to school, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to do all the things that you want to, isn’t it? But keeping up with what we’re reading as both kids and adults is super important. Here’s a look at some books that have crossed our paths recently. keep reading

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What We’re Reading: July 10

In the midst of a busy summer, we’re still getting in some time to read. The Bigs have been participating in our local library’s Summer Reading program, the girls love when a book is read to them, and I’m trying to keep up on some professional and personal reading, too! Here’s a glimpse at what we’re reading right now: keep reading

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What We’re Reading: May 22

Every so often, we get a chance to receive books in exchange for a review here on the blog. All opinions on these books are 100% our own. These What We’re Reading posts also contain affiliate links – thanks for supporting the ‘lil Burghers with your clicks! keep reading

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Countdown to Christmas


It’s hard to imagine that we are already over halfway through November. This Friday, the town we live in will hold its annual light-up night celebration. A few days later, it will be Thanksgiving, then shopping day on Friday. After that? The season of Advent will begin, our tree will be out, our house will smell of spruce and apples and cookies, then then it will be Christmas. Yes, the countdown to Christmas is officially on. keep reading

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Reading Roundup: September


We’ve been sent several books to add to our reading collection. If you are looking for some great kids books, these all got a thumbs up from Arianna and Evan this past month. (All information in this reading roundup is from Sterling Publishing’s Kids’ Division. Their website is currently under construction; however, you can find them as a listed publisher here.) Happy Reading! keep reading

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Tantrums and Outbursts


Even the best kid is known to have tantrums and outbursts. Mine are not immune to them, that’s for sure. C’mon. They are my kids. It’s not uncommon for one of them to be screaming about something at least once during the day. And because as parents we can’t just deal with these things the way Isla did when Ava was having this tantrum… keep reading

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They Serve Bagels in Heaven

I received a free review copy of “They Serve Bagels in Heaven” through the Intro NYC Blogger Network for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Irene Weinberg writes the love story of her lifetimes (yes, that “s” is intentional) with husband Saul following his death in a car accident that she survived. The narrative is told through both her voice and his, a collection of the sessions she has with mediums and healers. It is the process of how she comes to live beyond Saul’s death and live out her life purpose…one she determined following a violent death in another lifetime. keep reading

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Three Ways to Prepare Kids for New Experiences

For many kids, we are embarking on the end of the school year. It’s a time to say good-bye to friends and teachers. Our kids will be spending time at home and maybe catching some Vacation Bible School throughout the summer, but you might be sending your kid to summer camp or to a new sitter for the summer. With this in mind, I put together a few tips to help kids prepare for new experiences. keep reading

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