Sometimes We Feel the Same Way

Our kids, all four of them, pretty much have the run of the house, and that means that sometimes (more often than not), this is what happens. We’ve all been stepped on, poked in the eye, and hugged around the legs by two (or four) small hands. The random, sometimes clumsy way ‘lil Man and ‘lil Miss A (and even Rowdy and Shadow) show love is just all too sweet. Even if it means a “love pat” to the face. We think Shadow feels the same way, because frankly, we do too.

Everyone? Meet Shadow!

This is our new “dog”ther, Shadow. She’s a bit shy, so you have to pardon the snaps we’ve been able to take of her. Shadow comes to us from one of my work friends who found her as a stray last year. She is about a year and a half old and part boxer (we’re not sure exactly what her other half is).

Shadow came to us at a good time–Rowdy’s been a bit lonely, and now the two of them wear each other out to the point they spend the nights snoring away. Her sweetness combined with her love of Mama have won us over, and we’re glad to make her part of our family.