Been spending the last few days trying to rejuvenate…not always easy when we have an almost 2-year-old and a growing baby inside that keeps Mom nausea 98% of the time.  I’d like to say things are looking up, but being sick is not becoming.  Sigh.  My hope is to spend the next few weeks resting…we have ALOT of fun coming up (the ‘Ski wedding in OBX, work Kennywood picnic, family Reunions, Arianna’s birthday, Hallowboo at Idlewild, Scrap weekend in Columbus) and so resting ahead is key.  We’re just enjoying the last few weeks of summer, swimming as much as we can and eating meals outside.  My great meal plans from last week are mostly still in tact because of opportunities to eat out or with my parents, so we still have a good 7-8 days of meals planned and ready to go.  That makes life SO easy! Looking forward to a short work week this week!

Cute Things The Little One Does

Our kid is legally ridiculous. At 22 months, she has an incredible language base (atleast 100 words and speaking in sentences when SHE feels like it…) and is incredibly smart. Her favorite toys are her kitchen, baby, and phone. Here are just some of the cute things she has done lately…

*  Ate some fries and then put the fries in her play oven to heat them back up.

*  Fell in love with beans and blueberries.  We seriously cannot keep enough in the house.

*  Walks around in her Mama or Daddy’s flip flops–toes where they belong and doesn’t trip.

*  Tells our dog Rowdy to “Get Back, Get Back!” when Mama gets to the door after work.

*  Feeds her baby leftover oranges.

*  Begs for cookies regardless of how tired she is.

*  Chooses to wash her hands in the tub instead of the sink after using the potty because she doesn’t have to be held or rely on a stool.

*  Would prefer to take a shower instead of a bath. (How old is she?)

*  Practices her swimming moves when it’s raining.

*  “Waves a Terrible Towel” anytime anyone says “Steelers”.

*  Likes to feed chickens on Frontierville–and ONLY chickens.

We are pretty lucky to have such a silly, cute kid!  She makes our life full of blessings and we are very thankful.


Last night’s dinner of burritos was amazing and so easy…however; the husband is enjoying leftovers tonight because I got sick through the night and ended up staying home today. After a sick visit to the doctor, I found out I was close to dehydration and am having an adverse reaction to an antibiotic.  *grrs* So tonight, it’s clear liquids for me and leftovers for Greg. Hopefully tomorrow I can stomach the Ham BBQs, been looking forward to this Pittsburgh Yum staple for a few days now. Some prayers for my sanity would be awesome.

Work/Life Balance

NOTE: Again, another Monday post.

It all started a long, long time ago, probably back in high school.  My days at school had to be full as they could (senior year I took 2 study halls because I had taken pretty much every class I could have and it drove me CRAZY) followed by band practice, work, and catching up on TV and ICQ.  College kept me even busier—starting work at 6 am two days a week with 5 am managing hockey practices three days a week (crazy lady, I know), taking 18-21 credits per semester, being a student leader, and spending weekends back and forth from home spending time with family and friends.  At one point for a Leadership Conference, I even presented on Time Management.  My adult life has not slowed down in the least, probably got even busier with being a mom and having a sick elderly grandmother.  Several people have commented on wishing they could have the balance I do, but let me tell you, it’s tiring.  I am so blessed to have a great husband who stays at home with our daughter and takes care of the housework and laundry.

However, there is one area where I struggle as an adult.  In high school and college, I was always able to get food whether from a cafeteria or work. There was no thought process, no planning.  When I taught elementary school, breakfasts and lunches were easy too—dinners got a little shaky but I had friends who were willing to eat dinner out OR I was so sick that it didn’t matter to me if I got an evening meal or not.  Now that I have moved back to PA and have to manage a house and work for a grocery store, it is not as easy to get meals.  Sundays, I will typically buy myself a loaf of bread or bagels to add to my desk peanut butter stash for breakfasts; however, I lack at planning lunches.  We have a café that delivers to our building, but often the options are either not all that healthy or appealing to my pregnant self.  And dinner? Forget that. The kid is guaranteed to eat a hot dog or chicken nuggets with fruit sides (we are still ferociously working on non-potato veggies and other meats, but her nickname before she was born was chicken so it has stuck with her palate apparently), so she’s an easy fix.  But for the husband and I, especially me being pregnant, we rarely can pull together a meal.

So like my good friend Amanda over at The Pantry Challenge, I have a pantry full of food that could be cooked, yet I spend $50-$70 a week on groceries.  Last year, when we blogged as a team, we’d have challenges to make meals at home and post our successes and failures.  I feel like I did pretty good, but between Arianna learning to walk and talk, Greg working at the Pizza shop, holidays, travel, and buying the house, it all fell to the wayside.  I know Greg loved when I’d cook at home, but sometimes eating dinner out is so much easier, right? Well, with a baby on the way and even with all my great couponing skills, I feel like I need something more to push us into the black for 2010 (before baby arrives and I am not working for 6-8 weeks).  For the past few weeks, I’ve been jotting down meal ideas on random pieces of paper then throwing them into a list of potential meals.  So we have our staples—I can’t do chicken right now and never was a big fan of fish or pork—and good old go to meals.  So, I am trying to plan meals based off cravings and what’s in the pantry.  There is no way I could totally pantry cook—Amanda is a hero—however, I can use what I have available to make things we really like that either Greg can have ready when I get home OR I can do up as quick casseroles for him to reheat.  (Plus, I LOVE having 2 crock pots to make anything we want sitting all day!)

This week, I have bought and prepared for five meals and planned them out like so:

Monday: Bean (or chicken for Greg) Burritos with Fiesta Taco Rice (yay rice cooker!)

Tuesday: Ham Barbeque Sandwiches and Fries

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner (Sausage, Biscuits, Gravy, and Potatoes)

Thursday: Baked Ziti Casserole

Friday: Veggie (chicken for Greg) Stir Fry (getting a hand-me-down wok is AWESOME!)

Let’s see how it all goes down, and if we are able to keep up with the house, food, and balancing being a family with a hard working mama!

Uncooperative Baby #2

Getting a fresh start plus being a working pregnant mom is nearly impossible! Not to mention the fact that I got a wonderful infection from swimming in the lake last week. The husband and I are not exactly enjoying our week “without the kid” like we expected; however, we have been able to get the relaxation we probably need.

Today was our first (and we had hoped only) Ultrasound for Baby #2…but our first little one apparently wrote instructions in my womb to be difficult. This child had its arms in its face and was sitting indian style with the cord between the legs…so we still don’t know what we are having. Good thing is that the pictures, although they appeared normal and healthy, weren’t 100% good enough for the doctors so we get to go back and do it all again in a few weeks when the baby is a bit bigger.

Wish us luck!

time to start fresh

Over the past few years, I’ve attempted left and right to blog–whether on my own or as part of a bigger project.  Most weeks, I was too busy to write…but I truly miss writing because I have a lot of material to work with…my almost 2 year old, a stay-at-home husband, life in Pittsburgh, and a pregnancy on top of all of it.  So this blog, ‘lil Burghers, will be dedicated to my life as a working mom trying to balance everything (of course including my Facebook Frontierville!) and go to bed feeling sane.

You’ll see and hear a little bit of everything in this blog–I don’t really have a theme except “Mom”, so that’s what you’re getting, my Scatterbrained thoughts!

…off to keep the little princess from getting into the recyclables again…