Happy Anniversary



In this photo, our marriage was moments new, our life together just beginning. We had plans and dreams, family and friends to celebrate with us.

In three years, the plans and dreams have changed somewhat. You’ve stood by me through promotions, chargeback Mondays, and new beginnings. You became a stay at home dad. We bought a house, learned to deal with quirks. But one dream didn’t change, growing old together.

In three years, we’ve grown into a bigger family. You’ve stuck it out with the roller coasters we’ve rode, and introduced me to more of your side of the family. ‘lil Man arrived, adding screams of joy to our life with sassy Miss A. But one thing didn’t change, you were my constant strength.

In three years, we’ve learned about friendship. Ours grew stronger. Others were tested, and some even ended. We learned about trust, pride, dedication, give and take. But one thing didn’t change, you are still ny best friend.

Looking back, our marriage is still young, but I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives with you. You make me laugh, and sometimes cry, but that’s what lovers do.
Thank you for loving me like crazy, and for letting me feel unbelievable in your arms. I’ll love you forever, and like you for always.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Falling Apart…Together

This morning on one of my drives, I heard one of my favorite Lee Brice songs, Falling Apart Together, and I have to admit, it reminded me of the last few days around here. We can’t let it get to us, though, because it will be a snowball effect.

Things started to go downhill Monday night, then Mr. Burgher started to feel under the weather. Luckily, I’ve been able to drive, so it’s relieved him a little bit. Today, however, he wasn’t feeling well enough to drop A at preschool and then pick her up, so my work day was off kilter. All of the work I did at the office disappeared when I undocked my laptop to bring her home, so my first task coming home was to do re-work.

They really went downhill when, for some reason, Mr. Burgher took a trip downstairs and discovered water on the basement floor. Yup, our water heater is rusting out and leaking. Luckily, we have ONE day left on our home warranty for this year (and a renewal that begins on Thursday). A call to our home warranty center didn’t help much, they couldn’t help us find a plumber–as if we are in some plumber dead zone. The tough thing is we have people and skills to get it swapped out, but the warranty will not cover the purchase of just any ol’ water heater and install. Nope, has to be done by a licensed/certified plumber. And of course, it has to be paid for up front then reimbursed (which makes sense).

This made me wonder when our tax refund would be in. Guess what? We’re impacted by the delay and won’t have our money (also due tomorrow) until 2 weeks from today.

It’s like Lee sings, we might be falling apart, but we’re falling apart together! Thank goodness.

Remembering Each Other

You may have noticed we slacked yesterday. No blog post, shame shame. This was intentional through most of the day and then critical at the wee moments before bed. My eyes were blurred, my mind was shut off, our day was simply done. What a good decision to step away for a moment and just *be*!


Sometimes, stepping away is crucial to any relationship. In this case, it meant Mr. Burgher and I stepping away from our “addictions” and just enjoying time together. You can’t lose sight of the couple when married–you are a person, a couple, and then a parent.

So yesterday, we did that. I let go of work to-do lists and he let go of coupon organization. We did go shopping as a family, but as a reward enjoyed salmon burgers for dinner. Mr. Burgher and I (in between kiddo interruptions) even got to watch two movies (thank you, Valentines present from moi) before the day was done.

It sounds so silly to think that you can live with someone but feel so unconnected, but you can. There are days you feel like you’re just going through a routine of lunch packing, work/school drop offs, fundraising, working out, diaper changing, housecleaning, story reading, and dish washing. That’s why couples need and deserve moments, days, weekends, and even weeks to just focus on each other and remember why they are a “we”.

Mr. Burgher, I applaud you. You never let me lose sight of us amidst all the crazy that is our life. You keep me connected to you, even if it is through a random “I Love You” text in the middle of the day or a kiss when you return from a late night couponing trip. I hope we can teach our children the importance of continuing to date their spouse and not lose sight in the mundane day to day of life. Your focus on us will be a powerful model for them, and I thank you.

Our Heart Day


Since I am still not driving (thank you, vertigo), our Valentine’s Day started with Mr. Burgher and the kids driving me to work. A few hours later, they picked me up for lunch. When I stepped out into the oddly warm yet snowy day, I was greeted by Mr. Burgher waiting to open my door AND hand me three roses, one from each of my hearts (or…perhaps they were one for each year we’ve been paired up as a couple?).

Our secret lunch adventure was simple and quick, perfect for what we needed for a lunch with the kids. At Qdoba, we got a free entree by kissing (aw, cheesy) and enjoyed just being able to be together in the middle of the day.

After work, it was off to coupon, grab some “Eat Fresh” (I wasn’t cooking and needed a lunch for today, too, silly), and get home. (Did I mention while couponing I bought Mr. Burgher’s gifts? Slack. At least tomorrow he is getting HD DVR…and another surprise on Friday) We exchanged gifts, wrapped in none other than Tote Bags. This lucky Mama got a brownie pop pan and some other sweet gifts.

Simple and together, just the way we like to spend heart day!

A Family Wedding Day

Today, my little cousin (SAS) will be marrying her best friend (The Corndaddy). It is been evident from the day I met The Corndaddy back on Labor Day 2009 that he was a good match for SAS. He made her smile, he was a true gentleman, and he fit in well with our family.

SAS wasn’t the only person to fall in love with The Corndaddy. ‘lil Miss A did, too. Today, she thinks that she is the one marrying him, not just being the Flower Girl.

This won’t be her first stint at being a Flower Girl. She was a charmer at our wedding when she was 9 months old, but I have a feeling today she is going to be 1000 times more beautiful. Our amazing aunt made her a dress out of the extra from the other girls’ dresses. It is extremely beautiful, and makes ‘lil Miss A really look like a princess (or “booty princess” as she says).

We are all looking forward to today. For all of us, it is a blessing to see them become The CornPeople and enjoy married life. For some, it is the anticipation of eating dozens and dozens of amazing homemade cookies at the wedding (a Pittsburgh tradition). For some, getting to show off dance moves. For some, getting to be with family that we haven’t seen in a long time.

For me, it is all of that and more. I will shed tears of happiness for the bride and groom. I will hope that they can forever be each other’s best friend. That they will always be there for each other. That they will cherish the sanctity of marriage and realize it is a truly amazing thing, not something to take lightly. That they will fight over silly things and enjoy the bliss of making up. That they will never stop praying for each other. That they continue to “Love Like Crazy”.

Mr. Burgher and I are lucky because we found all of that and more. Today, as SAS and The Corndaddy say their vows, we will remember the words we said to each other.

For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams, and being my best friend…For filling my life with music and loving me without end, I do.

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living my” Wife “you will be”.

We’ll probably squeeze hands and give each other “the look”. We’ll be happy for them, but also be happy for us. We’ll get to dance in the married couples’ dance and stick around for a few moments (but be jealous of the winners who will have some 50-60 years on us). We’ll cherish every second of today for us, and for them.

Dear SAS and The Corndaddy, we ‘lil Burghers wish you every single happiness in the world. Marriage is an amazing, beautiful thing. It is not always easy, but look to God and each other when it is not. The world needs more couples like you, and we are proud to be among the ranks with you as family, friends, and fellow lovebirds. May today be the first day of the rest of a life filled with Faith, Family, Friends..and lots of Living, Laughing, and Loving.

A New Status


(Sort of.)

This morning, Mr. Burgher decided after 2 1/2 years, 2 kids, and a house, it was time to put a ring on it. He delivered the sweetest proposal then slipped a ring on my finger. 😉

We got a good laugh about how a water bottle ring brought tears to my eyes, but we also realize that sometimes a ‘lil spark is just what a marriage needs. After two kids, a dog, a house, two busy jobs, and completely doing a 360 from where we were when we started out, you sometimes get lost in the stuff.

Yesterday, we talked about how parenting is hard, and I won’t lie and say marriage is easy…but it is more than worth it. I’ve been blessed with an amazing man who loves me through the T’s and D’s, the sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn farts (which DO glitter). Everyday I wake and realize how lucky we got.

Mr. Burgher, I am looking forward to all the laughs that our future together will bring. Thank you for always pushing me to see that everything really will be alright, every little thing.

Date Night Downtown

After a few failed attempts at a stellar date night, Mr. Burgher and I needed a really good evening out together. Saturday was my cousin’s Bridal Shower, so my parents were taking advantage of some extra time with their grandkids. We had a free evening to enjoy ourselves, and enjoy we did.

First, my work’s Young Professional Organization hosted a volunteer opportunity at our beautiful, new Children’s Hospital for a game night hosted by Family Centered Care. We loved the concept of the center–they believe healing is family based and brings opportunities for patients and families to engage in activities that are as close to being at home as possible (like movie nights, coffee bars, and game nights like we did).

While we were setting up the tables and games, I noticed to UPMC police officers standing in the middle of the (beautiful) atrium, but didn’t really think of it. After a few minutes, I heard a soft, gentle voice speaking to one of the children. She introduced herself as Annie, and I went back to my work. As I glanced at Mr. Burgher through some windows, I noticed a reflection of Anne Hathaway. I turned around and couldn’t believe it, the soft voice of “Annie” belonged to Anne Hathaway! She is in town filming Magnus Rex (the new Batman movie), and took a few hours out of her day to visit with the children. A new family had walked into the atrium, and I went over to greet the little girl. After a minute of us speaking back and forth, Anne came over to say hello to her as well. The little girl was amazed by her beauty and Anne told her that “[this] was only temporary, and true beauty was forever”. There is no way I would EVER have been able to use such amazing words off the top of my head. I was blown away, and went to tell Mr. Burgher about it. We were simply in awe of her beauty, grace, and poise.

During the evening, we enjoyed doing activities we probably would have done at home and learned some new games. I got my butt kicked by an adorable Justin Bieber fan at Trouble (who cracked us up with her smack talk to her mom when she won). Mr. Burgher and I were embarrassed by our lack of Nickelodeon knowledge while at the same time disappointed in the complexity of a kids’ game. We had fun catching butterflies with two little girls who completely lit up the room (with their shoes, smiles, and laughs), and found a game we need to add to Lil Miss A’s birthday list, Elefun (and while searching for A, I found one for ‘Lil Man, too!). The interaction with families and opportunity to give them some laughs and peace was incredible. Honestly, we can’t wait to go back again!

When we went to leave, our next thought was late dinner. Since we haven’t been to Las Velas since it reopened, there was no question where we were headed. Upstairs we went to enjoy some cool beverages, chips & salsa, enchiladas, and traditional Mexican style “Mango-Chipotle” Chicken. All amazingly delicious. Parking was incredibly interesting–the filming of Magnus Rex has dahntahn all crazy–so we only had an hour at our meter. After 10, Market Square parking is free, so we found a spot and walked down the vacated “set” of Grant Street to see what had changed for the movie. The biggest thing we noticed was the remnants of “snow” on the street, so we had to take advantage of a photo op:

When we’d had too much of the humidity, it was time to head home and catch up on about 3 weeks of DVR (we still have lots to get through). All in all, the best date night ever. Thanks, Mr. Burgher!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Mr. Burgher!

We spent the past weekend going on mini dates, swimming, upping our run time, and eating delicious offerings (Salmon burgers, ice cream from Oh Yeah!, Primanti’s). The only thing missing was our kids’ smiling faces, but we hear they had a great time with their Pappy and Grammie on the river.

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always.

Bucket List #82: Complete!

Mama Burgher’s Bucket List #82: Go to my high school reunion and turn heads with my success…or my fab hubby. CHECK!

Last weekend was my 10 year High School Reunion. Time really flew by when you stop to think about it. But the most important part of seeing old friends and reminscing is that I checked an item off my bucket list.

My friend Eric and I

Nope, not with my success (although I did get a “Smartie” award for having 3 degrees including HS AND the “Mover Award” for most moves, 12, since HS), but with my FAB HUBBY! Mr. Burgher was like the kickball ninja. He was so pumped to play, and he was showing of redic moves on the field. Now I see why he was so excited.

Ok, I was pretty fab, too. We played a game that my dear ‘lil Burghers better not know how to play until they are 30 *ahem* and kicked some butt. Poor Mr. Burgher was out “ponged” by his wife. 🙂

The not so fab moment was late into the night when I decided to make Mr. Burgher his first Mountain Pie.

He looks excited, but they burnt and it wasn’t that great (I guess…I didn’t dare try one).

Thanks to my dear cousin, we also got to have our first campout together.

All in all, a wonderful time. I really hope we do all stay in touch, maybe have that annual “I Juiced Before Kickball” tournament, and camp. Really. 10 years is too long to be apart.

A Happy Anniversary

Tonight I would like to take an extra moment to wish G’s parents a happy 31st anniversary! This photo is from our wedding about 2 years ago, and G and I agree we cannot wait until we can say that we have been married for 31+ years.

Mom shared a great link to an article dedicated to “Fascinating Interracial Couples” which got me thinking. . .It’s only been 43 years since Interracial Marriage was made legal in all states. . . and even less since it has been enforced. Personally, as a woman raised by parents who are raised me to be “down with diversity”, I never realized this was such a big issue, but unfortunately it still is.

Our parents (both sets) are great role models for the institution of marriage. Mine have been married 29 years and G’s 31. I know their faiths have been a major player in their longevity. They are strong and love wholeheartedly, unconditionally. What great love to look up to, right?

I hope that my children can grow up in a world where there aren’t questions or stares. Early in our relationship, I remember specifically a time when G and I got stared at in a Subway in Myrtle Beach. It annoyed me something fierce [that there really were still people who were close-minded] and made me want to hold him tighter [which probably would’ve made them stare more]. Thankfully, that’s never too much of an issue here in the ‘Burgh even though we are still a minority of couples…but sadly, I think married couples are also underfire so much today that married couples can even be a minority.

Together, G and I will be raising our children to love unconditionally and to love those around them, too. What a great world it will be when we truly can all live up to MLK Jr’s dream!