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This morning, I had a gut check with Greg about us. He has no idea that is what it was, but it confirmed his unconditional love and acceptance of me.

We’ve been hearing about Me to We, ways to strengthen our marriages as to honor God, at church. Every week, a new focus and lesson finds us pulling closer together. Maybe that’s why this moment this morning worked like it did. keep reading

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I Didn’t Marry You

Any married couple will tell you, it’s not easy. When Greg and I got married, my dad included something along those lines in his sermon. He also talked about finding the love you have for each other to get you through those uneasy times. Watching he and my mom throughout 33 years of marriage, I know he knows what he’s talking about. keep reading

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Five Years Us


Today, we celebrate 5 years of…

Sharing a last name.

Parenting a precious ‘lil girl together.

Fighting over Duke and Clemson.

Being extremely silly with our kiddos.

Falling asleep while the other one is getting some screen time. keep reading

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All In

Disclaimer: I won a fellow blogger’s giveaway and got to meet Robert Armstrong for a photo shoot. The images below were presented to us as our winnings. Although his services were free of charge, I wanted to share his talents and recommend you check him out. We loved how Robert connected with our kiddos. He is a wedding photographer, but also captures special moments. Feel free to check him out at Thank you, Robert, for the beautiful photos! keep reading

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My Sweet

Photographer: Dawn Biery

Photographer: Dawn Biery

There is nothing better than chilling with this guy.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Greg!

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Five years ago tonight, Greg let me know how he felt about me. I was (quite literally) floored.

I am so glad he took a chance on me. Within 6 months, we were married and embarking on a life in PA. These big changes were good things for both of us, and most of all, our ‘lil girl (who was already madly in love with him way before I knew he had feelings for her Mama). keep reading

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Wanna Grow Old With You

We just got home from an entertaining night with my parents and Aunt and Uncle at Grandma’s. Most of the evening was spent as such: Dad, Uncle, and the kids enjoyed the “playground” until their ears were too cold to stand it anymore (hello, fall!). Mom, Aunt, Greg, Grandma, and I shared stories about my family’s growing up. keep reading

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Seneca Point

IMG_0739 (Copy)

There is just something about sharing a beautiful moment with people you love. During our camping trip to Cook Forest State Park, we enjoyed a stop at Seneca Point. Here are some of our photo memories.

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Tubing (Our Camping Experience)

There are several places you can go tubing when camping at Cook Forest State Park. We didn’t really plan ahead, and ended up checking out three places before we actually hit the river.

Take our word for it, make yourself a reservation if you’re skeptical. Or, figure out a way to take your own tubes and get dropped off and picked up. Our first choice would probably be the best place, but we opted out due to long lines and our own impatience. 😉 keep reading

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The Day I Almost Stopped Blogging

Yesterday was the day I almost stopped blogging. I hate to admit that it’s happened, but it did. And maybe now it’s time to talk about it.

Last night was a bad night. Admittedly, I’ve been exhausted the past few weeks and have been hiding a few health issues that I think have attributed to the combination of month end reports and BlogHer “hangover”. It lead to me stacking up my mail for about two weeks and forgetting that it’s August. (Which means our AAA and car registrations expired, as well as several coupons I had for free items.) keep reading

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