Sister’s Day 2015

This year Sister’s Day also happens to be Ava and Isla’s 4 month birthday.


Not too much has changed since they turned three months, except maybe more smiles and laughs, some more rolling over, and the knowledge of each other.

Yup, in time for Sister’s Day, the twins realized the other baby isn’t a mirror or a playdate. She’s her sister. Ava, especially, has a thing for wanting to love on Isla and “talk” to her. I hope this never changes.

I wasn’t blessed with a blood sister, but am pretty glad my kids have their sisters. The sisters given to me by marriage and choice are pretty awesome, but there has to be something nice about growing up with a sister. While not all siblings I know get along as adults, it still won’t change that bond.

Girls, happy 4 months and Sister’s Day!

16 Weeks

As much as I want to say our ‘lil girls need to stay little, watching them grow this past week has been incredible. Can you believe they turned 16 weeks old yesterday?


Our biggest noticeable changes were themed around longer this week…
Longer bodies (Isla got a tiny bit chunkier in her cheeks and arms).
Longer sleeps at night (one was 10 PM to 9 AM).
Longer stretches of being awake during the daytime.
Longer laughs.
Longer tummy time without tears.

And watch out for Ava. While both are rolling over, Ava will roll until she gets exactly where she wants.

Meanwhile, Isla wants her own phone so she can start a Pinterest board of her future life as a big city, NYC, girl. She would not stop looking and taking it all in during our trip to New York.

16 weeks. Every day has been a new and beautiful blessing.

Stop! Bottle Time!

Last evening, Greg was running errands with the ‘lil girls in tow.

There was a point when both needed to eat right then and without another set of hands or our feeding pillow, he just parked the car and figured it out.


Some may think, “oh wow, what an awesome dad for doing mom a favor and giving her a break” or “oh my gosh, a dad actually feeding his kids”. But I am here to tell you that this Dad finds all this normal and he’s actually just doing what he does best, being an awesome Daddy.

Even though Greg cares for the babies on the regular, I fell deeper in love with him when I saw this selfie. Right?

The Twins: 13 Weeks or 3 Months


Our girls are growing way too fast. Yesterday was 13 weeks. It was also 3 months.

Both are smiling and laughing. They recognize their names and know Mama from Daddy and how to get exactly what they want from each of us.

Ava rolled over for the first time on Tuesday, and Grandma said Isla did the same on Wednesday.


They eat every 2 or 3 hours, still mama’s milk. Weight is around 9 pounds, slow gainers but happy girls.

They wear 0-3 month clothes, cloth diapers during the day, and disposables at night. We soon will be able to put them in 3-6 months!

Pacifiers are slowly being replaced by the middle fingers, Ava also likes her thumb.

Ava is trying to stand when held, she can support all her weight with no problem and has stood against the side of her crib with Daddy’s help and watchful eye. Isla likes sitting, she’s ready for the Bumbo for watching shows with the big kids. (Don’t get in her way, you’re a better door than a window.)


Ava calls her paci LaLa, so we named Isla’s Key Key. They know what this means, too.

Both ninja out of sleep sacks and swaddles, but stay sleeping. Yeah, we have those babies who sleep through the night. Isla does best when listening to “Tiny Dancer” just before bed, but Ava could care less.

Girls, you are growing way too fast. Can’t we pause time?

Breastfeeding: It’s What We Do

It’s no secret that I am committed to breastfeeding my daughters. It’s what we do.

It happens pretty much wherever we are, because when a baby is hungry, it’s what we do.

Like waiting for the T in downtown Pittsburgh.


Or at the park.


Or at a rest stop.


Or at a wedding.


Or at our favorite restaurant.


Or at the store.


Or (shocker?) in private, at home.


It’s what we do.

But just because it’s what we do, doesn’t mean it’s what works for all other moms. I get that. And I support that. This is what my family, all six of us, have signed up for during this phase of the twins’ life. This is what works for us right now.

It’s what we do.

Our Thinker


Isla. You have me convinced that you know all the things already. I mean, clearly, you are our thinker.

You know how to win us over…just the right cry to get us to pick you up and snuggle.

You laughed first, with Daddy at the theater. And your smiles when you see all three of your siblings? Beautiful.

Our thinker. You are always wanting to know what’s going on. Watching Arianna and Evan. Checking out the tv.

Always thinking.

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Two Month Check-Up

The twins had their two month check-up this week. It’d be marvelous to say that things went well and all the weight stress is behind us, but it’s not.

9 weeks (late post) #twins Who told them to grow up?!?!

One of these girls weighs less than the other. Can you guess who?

If you guessed Ava, you are wrong. She’s 8 pounds 3.4 oz while Isla is slightly behind at 8 pounds 2.2 oz. She’s also half an inch shorter than Ava, but has a 1 cm larger head.

Sure, it’s great that they have gained weight since their last appointment, but they are still gaining slowly and sitting under the 5th percentile (someone’s gotta do it). The doctor believes that they are eating enough and are happy enough (smiling, cooing, meeting milestones). The thing is, they are tiny. I was never this small. But their Daddy was. 

Oh, girls.

So, it’s back again in a month to prove out that genetics are at play. We’ll be busy getting as much milk in them as we can until then.

Oh, and the shots? They were given after we’d spent over an hour in a very hot room. Needless to say, this got the girls mad. Ok, not mad. Pissed. There’s no pretty way to put it. But as soon as they were back in my arms, the world was right.

At least for Isla. She went right to bed and slept from 10 PM to 5:30 AM.

Ava was more stubborn, crying until almost midnight then waking Isla up at 5:30 AM. She was absolutely pitiful. Shaky lip and all. It was not a fun evening with our girl.

But the next day, personalities seemed back to normal and things calmed down. Just like they should. We survived.