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Sixteen Months


Sixteen Months. No way, right? There is no way that the twins are sixteen months old today.

I mean, weren’t we just celebrating Sisters Day with them when they turned four months?

Oh. Well. I guess a year really has passed. That’s what happens when you are busy watching two ‘lil girls grow up. keep reading

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Transformation Tuesday: The Zoo


When we realized that there was a photo of Greg and Arianna from July 2, 2010 that looked exactly like what a photo of Greg and Isla would look like, we decided to go to the zoo and grab another photo.

One, hasn’t Arianna grown up so (way too) much? keep reading

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2016 Fourth of July

Hope you’ve had a very happy Fourth of July!

The Bigs enjoyed running around an obstacle race with their cousins…in the rain…and the Littles refused to nap. Very independent, indeed.

May you stay safe while continuing to enjoy your freedoms tonight. keep reading

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How Isla Eats


So, this is how Isla eats these days.

Whoa. Speaking of ‘lil Becky – that face. That hair. Those eyes. That skin. But also so much Greg, too. Anyways. 

Isla prefers to have her morning pancakes, bacon, and bananas on the floor with her high chair tray. Because you know. Sitting up at the hour of 09:00 is just too much. So much that when we’ve tried she says “Night Night” (her second favorite phrase of current, first being “Uh oh” as she drops food to the dogs). keep reading

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Sunday (aside from being Mother’s Day) included church, as our Sundays do. As usual, I found myself with tears streaming down my face following worship, not wanting it to end, needing it not to end. The message was an explanation of the kinds of baptism. keep reading

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Happy Birthday, Twins!



Yup. That’s pretty much how I feel.

Today is the twins’ birthday. It’s been the fastest year ever. Wasn’t I just pregnant with them? I thought so.

Both of the girls continue to amaze me every day. We celebrate them today, and look forward to many more milestones. keep reading

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Twins: 11 Months


Nope. There is NO WAY the twins are 11 months old. Right?

Oh, Ava and Isla. You are both so beautiful, so full of life and love. You turning 11 months is bittersweet. Mama and Daddy are going to miss the baby stage.

Baby B, let’s start with some fun facts about you. Isla. IJ. Joy Joy. You know your name. And even more, you know NO and how to giggle just right when you’re about to get in trouble. keep reading

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10 Months


The twins are 10 months old. This is impossible, right?


Or no. They seriously are 10 months old.

Since we last checked in, both are actively crawling and climbing. Isla’s favorite thing to crawl on is Ava. While wrestling. Her bully instinct hasn’t changed. keep reading

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9 Months

It can’t get any more real than this, can it? My babies are 9 months old. (Hint, it can. And it does. Just wait for tomorrow…)

While this picture it’s pinterestperfect, it’s pretty darn spectacular. Ava and Isla are both sitting up, crawling, babbling (primarily in their twin code), and eating anything they can get their hands on. I can tell all of that just from the photo (see Isla’s red knee?) Just ignore the baby food on the carpet and Ava’s socks. 😉  keep reading

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38 Weeks: The Outside Version

The twins have now been on the outside for longer than they were inside.

It’s incredible to think about how quickly they have grown and become two amazing blessings. Time’s flown so much that I’m not sure I’ve shared with you that… keep reading

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