Sixteen Months

Sixteen Months. No way, right? There is no way that the twins are sixteen months old today.


I mean, weren’t we just celebrating Sisters Day with them when they turned four months?

Oh. Well. I guess a year really has passed. That’s what happens when you are busy watching two ‘lil girls grow up.

Sixteen Months.

Ava, oh, Ava. The “middle sister” is full of spirit and energy, boasting a scream or “stank face” when she doesn’t get her way. She’s still biting Isla here and there, but less than she had been. Her favorite things to eat are fruits, peanut butter & jelly, and chicken. She’s walking with support (like our hand or the couch or a table), but still would much rather crawl her way around. She loves to say hi, bye, hey, thank you, Mom, Dad, Isla, Shadow, ooo, and weee; however, she is the most verbal in her babble. Don’t get in the way of her and her show, Sesame Street, either! Ava is the kiss stealer versus the kiss giver, pulling blown kisses into her sweet, pouty lips.

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Isla, Miss “JJ”…The baby and she knows it. She knows just how to look at us to get exactly what she wants. And she’s not afraid to walk or talk her way into whatever that may be (I think this was a mom-brain thing, not sharing that she’s been walking for over a month and a half…). She LOVES books because they are tasty (?) and carrying her fabric fish tank as a purse (like mommy). Unlike Ava, she prefers eating her carbs more than anything else. She’s talkative, too, but more defined words in addition like no, night night, uh oh, doggy, and VaVa (Ava). Isla is our dancer – just give her a beat and she’s off her seat and moving. Oh, and she loves to give kisses! Climbing….oh my. This girl is a climber with very few fears…

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At their last appointment, the girls finally made it on the charts for their age, measuring around the 8th percentile. They’re both over 18 pounds and wearing 12-month clothes (though Isla doesn’t fill out pants all that great unless she’s wearing her cloth diaper).

While it’s hard to believe, happy sixteen month birthday, baby girls! xoxo

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Transformation Tuesday: The Zoo

When we realized that there was a photo of Greg and Arianna from July 2, 2010 that looked exactly like what a photo of Greg and Isla would look like, we decided to go to the zoo and grab another photo.


One, hasn’t Arianna grown up so (way too) much?

Two, I think that Isla and Arianna are the twins, just six and a half years apart, right?

Three, don’t we all wish we could age like Greg?


How Isla Eats

So, this is how Isla eats these days.


Whoa. Speaking of ‘lil Becky – that face. That hair. Those eyes. That skin. But also so much Greg, too. Anyways. 

Isla prefers to have her morning pancakes, bacon, and bananas on the floor with her high chair tray. Because you know. Sitting up at the hour of 09:00 is just too much. So much that when we’ve tried she says “Night Night” (her second favorite phrase of current, first being “Uh oh” as she drops food to the dogs).

To each her own, right?

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Sunday (aside from being Mother’s Day) included church, as our Sundays do. As usual, I found myself with tears streaming down my face following worship, not wanting it to end, needing it not to end. The message was an explanation of the kinds of baptism.

I won’t go into all the details – but there are three kinds of baptism, two of them being spiritual and the other the physical baptism. The church we attend dedicates babies and baptizes, in a tank, the teens and adults when they are ready to “take the plunge” and symbolize the old life turning to the new. 

These types of messages always get me thinking, comparing the differences between the church I was raised in and the church we are attending these days. Honestly, I don’t have a strong opinion on what is right or wrong about either – both make sense to me. (And coincidentally, my dad posted a photo on Facebook the night before, comparing baptisms with donuts – my UMC roots are “sprinkles”!)

What I do know is that I’ve always understood my baptism, probably because I grew up in a church and was literally raised by it. I thought my baptism anniversary date was today (May 9), however, I must have things wrong because the Sundays in that year were the 8th and 15th. Time to find that baby book (because I’ve been living as though that’s been the date for YEARS). But anyways.

For me, my baptism was a sign of a dedication from my parents to bring me up in the church (little did they know that my dad would become a pastor a few years later), a deal I sealed when I was 13 and became a Christian. And since then, I’ve remembered it, renewing my faith during each baptism I’ve attended; remembering in services like the time my dad did a “bubble” service at a youth retreat (really cool moment – right after Wendy passed). And I’m not going to lie…I’ve even been mulling over a new baptism, one to symbolize the new me as an adult.

So it got me thinking…and confirmed…I’ve not shared the kids’ baptism photos here on the blog! Now, they might not remember these dates like I do, but I’ll be sure to remember. Maybe they’ll see this as their dedication and then in a few years decide to “get pickled” (if you go to NLC you know what I am talking about!) and let go of the old life for the new. Regardless, these were important days for me, symbols of our faith commitment, so worth sharing (especially as the girls’ one year is today).

Arianna – December 21, 2008 – Ford Memorial UMC


What a ‘lil sweetie. She was dressed in a beautiful gown the my mom made out of her wedding dress, but in typical Pappy-baptism style, sweetie got soaked and changed into her Steelers onesie (like we Burghers do).

I was so glad that my best friend (Missy) and my brother (Jack) could stand with me. This was a tough time in my life, but you’d have no idea when you look at that smile. I was smiling so big because my family is so amazing to me and had me so supported that day. I knew that I’d made the right choices to raise my baby girl and that God had a plan. And woo-boy does He have one for me and that ‘lil lady. Things were (and DID) going to work out.

Evan – December 24, 2010 – Manorville UMC


I’m not sure why we look so ’90s in this photo (hellllllooooo flash?!?!), but another amazing memory for us. Arianna and I had found our forever, Greg, and welcomed a baby brother a few years later. My cousins Jess and Dan, also with us through it all, stood with us on Christmas Eve. Evan was a week old.

That ‘lil snoozing baby boy has grown into my ‘lil prayer warrior, ensuring we pray before road trips and when we’re not feeling well.

Ava and Isla – May 10, 2015 – East Brady UMC


Pappy may have got their names a wee-bit mixed up that day, but he got the main points right – asking Greg and I to raise these two ‘lil ladies up in faith and love. It may have taken us a few more months to find our current faith home, but they have always been covered in prayer since we saw those two pink lines (just like with their sister and brother).


Each ones’ faith journey, like mine and Greg’s too, will be their own; however, these kids are definitely aware of God’s hand in their lives. And that? That’s worth remembering year after year.



Happy Birthday, Twins!


Yup. That’s pretty much how I feel.

Today is the twins’ birthday. It’s been the fastest year ever. Wasn’t I just pregnant with them? I thought so.


Both of the girls continue to amaze me every day. We celebrate them today, and look forward to many more milestones.


Girls, Mama loves you. xoxo xoxo


Twins: 11 Months

Nope. There is NO WAY the twins are 11 months old. Right?


Oh, Ava and Isla. You are both so beautiful, so full of life and love. You turning 11 months is bittersweet. Mama and Daddy are going to miss the baby stage.

Baby B, let’s start with some fun facts about you. Isla. IJ. Joy Joy. You know your name. And even more, you know NO and how to giggle just right when you’re about to get in trouble.

You’re standing without assistance. This is a bug out because you are the smallest in weight (about 15 pounds). You use your teeth to actually eat. Less milk (boo!) and more things like fruit and crackers. (By the way, you’re getting two more top teeth and haven’t bit Mama in awhile. Thank you!)

As for words…you’ve got your own way of telling us what you want (or don’t like bye Boob!). You think the dogs are kittens but you do know “dow” and “dee” are your buddies. And smart?!?!? For the love!!! You took a stuffed elephant and pointed to your wall ellie and said that. How awesome.

And you love all of us so very much even though you appear to be the most independent of all four kiddos. (You’ve gotten very used to “solitary confinement” for wrestling your sissy!)

And Baby A….our Ava. Gracie. So loving. You are our smiler. A tiny dimple that shows pretty much 24/7. Somehow, we worked together to bring you up to almost 16 pounds! No more 1%ile. You love eating (and always have)…now it’s catching up. I could kiss your tiny baby rolls all day long.

You prefer army crawling and pilates to most other movement, but you aren’t far behind Isla. Speaking of movement, when you get super happy about things, you thrust and giggle. It’s clear you are content!

As for words, you’ve honed in on some favorites (Daddy, Mom, eat) and have a few baby signs that you taught yourself (mostly milk and pouch). You’re a fan of all foods, but get outta your way if there is mama milk or yogurt puffs to be had. “Ing!”, you scream.

Girls. In the last 11 months, you’ve changed and grown so much. What felt like forever waiting for you has turned into a long nap and boom it’s time to plan your 1st birthday party. How?

10 Months

The twins are 10 months old. This is impossible, right?



Or no. They seriously are 10 months old.

Since we last checked in, both are actively crawling and climbing. Isla’s favorite thing to crawl on is Ava. While wrestling. Her bully instinct hasn’t changed.

Isla got three (more) teeth that have popped through her top gums and Ava is getting two if not four.

Both have their own vocabulary, and Ava likes to sign. She’s got milk down pat and a few other signs that we aren’t really sure what they are for, but they are definitely intentional.

10 months. Crazy and amazing!

9 Months

It can’t get any more real than this, can it? My babies are 9 months old. (Hint, it can. And it does. Just wait for tomorrow…)

While this picture it’s pinterestperfect, it’s pretty darn spectacular. Ava and Isla are both sitting up, crawling, babbling (primarily in their twin code), and eating anything they can get their hands on. I can tell all of that just from the photo (see Isla’s red knee?) Just ignore the baby food on the carpet and Ava’s socks. 😉 

9 months


But…what you might not be able to tell from my angle is that Isla is 1.5 inches taller than Ava and has a larger head. Ava, the dear one who gave us so many worries with her weight, weighs about half a pound more than Isla. Both continue to be small for their age, growing on their own curve, but growing. As twins, and Willis’ kids, tend to do.

Both Greg and I are pretty impressed with our girls. Unfortunately, Arianna beat them all at the walking thing, but they still have four months to go before they are the age Evan walked (13 months). Anyone want to guess who might be first? Or how soon? I’ll just be over here not thinking about the fact that college is basically right around the corner, mmmkay? 

Seriously though, I have to thank all of you for your prayers, love and support as these two grew (both inside and out). I’m constantly amazed at how awesome they are…and am still pinching myself that they’re ours. xoxo