Some Things Grow


…where they are not natural.

…where they technically shouldn’t thrive.

…where they weren’t raised.

…where they eventually blossom, thrive, and call home.

Two years ago, Mr. Burgher became a Burgher. While we all still miss South Carolina here and there, I think he’s found his next home (and he bleeds black and gold through and through). Hey Mr. Burgher, guess what that means? Something special is coming up in a few weeks. . . 😉

Mr. Mom

Remember yesterday when I was telling you about how I can’t do hair ? Even though he will get to have “his” day in about a month, today I want to celebrate not only myself, my mom, or my mother-in-law, but I also want to celebrate my husband. What a great guy. He’s dealt with breakdowns, potty training, weird food allergies, doctor appointments, daredevil stunts, and paying bills. I am so lucky to have an awesome man like him in my life, my Stay at Home Dad, Superman Husband, my own personal (and proud to say) Mr. Mom.

Las Vegas: Day 3

Our third day in Las Vegas was an extremely relaxing day. We woke up and caught a taxi that took us west to the Red Rock Spa for a spa day. Although I have only been to two other spas, this spa was incredible. I felt so welcomed, so relaxed. My masseuse’s husband just so happened to be a Pittsburgher (awesome). The weather was a bit on the cool side, but after our treatments we hung out by the private pool. I couldn’t convince my friends and Greg to join me, but I took a few laps in the cool water.

Our relaxing morning and early afternoon was topped off by a tasty, stuffing dinner of Chicken Parmigiana at Terra Rosa, a restaurant that claims it is “the best Italian in food in Las Vegas” and I have to agree. The bread, salad, and chicken were simply melt in your mouth. Yes, a salad can melt in your mouth.

We were told misleading info on the shuttle, so while we waited, the Spa let me back in to pump in private (and they even called me “Mrs. Burgher”, remembering me from a few hours before). We even got to play the slots for a little bit and Greg cashed in a few bucks. The shuttle ride back to the strip was quite memorable. First, I was on the phone with Southwest (failing) to extend Greg’s stay in Vegas because I got a call about work that needed attention. Then, while we were at a red light, a truck apparently cut the shuttle driver off and our driver decided to take all our lives in his hands and speed race the pickup down Flamingo Road. NOT a fun time.

After packing up for check out in the morning, Greg and I hit the town again. We wanted to go up the Eiffel Tower and watch the Bellagio Fountains. Since Greg and I love Red Velvet cake, his birthday “cake” was appropriately a Red Velvet Cupcake (which he took home) and a Red Velvet Milkshake from The Sugar Factory. We hit up the Casino Royale for some “slumming” slots and cheap margaritas. It was a nice, relaxing end to our Vegas weekend.

Sadly, Greg had to get back on a plane early the next morning, so we had another Wetzel’s Pretzel and called it a night. I escorted him to the airport, where he smoothly carried on about 20 feedings for Evan, then headed back to my room for a nap before checking out for my conference (more on that to come).

Mr. Burgher, I hope you loved your birthday weekend as much as I did!