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Welcoming Evan to Lil Burghers’ World!


As scheduled, our (not so) little boy was born on Friday afternoon, weighing in at 9 lbs 1 oz and 21.25 inches long. Big sister Ari is very proud of him and learning to be very helpful with “m’evan”. It has been a blessing to get to spend time falling in love with him and having him meet his family the past few days. Like any new baby, he is working on getting adjusted to a schedule….he just needs to decide if that schedule will be aligned with mama or daddy! ūüôā keep reading

Tomorrow is Delivery Day!

Well, everything is officially set up and ready to go, both here at the house and at the hospital. We are set to arrive at 10:00 tomorrow morning in order to get prepped for the c-section, and I couldn’t be happier. My only concern is the scariest part for me, getting the anethesia, will not be in Greg’s presence. When I delivered Ari, my mom was not in the room either. During this ordeal, the orderly almost pushed me off the surgery table and I could feel the needle going into my back and “squishing” around. NOT fun, so you can see why I am scared of this part. When the nurse told me I would be alone, tears started running down my face, but it is what it is. keep reading

Still waiting!

You are all well aware, but Baby 2 has not made his entrance. Trust me, we’ve been trying to make it happen. I thought yesterday was it–felt like cramps and hunger pains were having a fight in my stomach and not letting up–but nope. Luckily, my body is making some progress and I am not alone. The doctor said all the babies born in the last month have been causing crazy things to happen to pregnant women who are seen at their office. Guess this is what we get! Of course, I’ve been nesting lots, but it is not helping. I am still in a good deal of pain, but luckily I have a little girl who loves to just chill on the couch with her mama and a husband who is ok handling all the lifting and potty training. Speaking of–Ari wore Dora underpants today for a few hours while we worked on Christmas treats! She is growing so fast. Unfortunately, we took them off her when we started experimenting with some foods, but who wants to deal with an allergic reaction in big girl pants anyhow? Fate has the baby set to arrive tomorrow…my parents will be traveling back from my cousin’s wedding during a major snowstorm. I can just feel it. If not, I am strapping myself in and dealing with the pain until Friday when we’ve scheduled the c-section. One way or the other, we have less than a week to go which feels great! keep reading

Latent Labor, Adoption, and Making it to December

Stressful cannot even begin to describe the T’s and D’s we’ve overcome as a family this past week. After Thanksgiving, sure enough, the turkey gave me contractions. Two trips to Magee in one weekend showed I am not progressing, so it is contraction city until my water breaks. On top of that, all three of us caught a nasty cold. Thank goodness Ari bounced back pretty quick. Tomorrow is the first hearing in the adoption process (to make Greg legally her father even though we all know he has been since day one). Just a tad stressful when you are 37 weeks along, contracting, and can barely breathe (thank you to no medicines but tussin). Regardless, our love for each other, family support, and faith (prayer is powerful my friends) have got us through and we are just under three hours from holding off for a December baby. Continued thoughts are appreciated, and we will continue to give thanks for our blessings. Cannot wait to post the “this time it’s real!!!!!” post and status updates! keep reading

Four weeks Five days….

Tomorrow I will be thirty four weeks. So glad to make it this far, but everyday I feel more and more tired and more and more ready to have baby boy! This past week, we scheduled the c section for December 17 at noon. That means just over four weeks to go for sure! Hopefully if I am to last that long it will not be so rough on my body. The good news is that he hasn’t been moving nearly as much so room is running out! We have got to be close! There just might be a Thanksgiving baby on the way!!! keep reading

Another trip to the hospital!

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare and ended up on an overnight stay at the hospital. My heart was pounding and rising irregularly. Turned out to be a case of sinus tachycardia. Thanking God that the baby is fine, that I have a great force of prayer warriors behind me, that my dad and mom watched Ari for us, and that my husband is simply an amazing caregiver. Also, Ari got to go to sibling class while I was in. She diapered and “fed”her baby…just an amazing sight. Definitely the best little student and proof she is excited to be a big sister. Even the sight of me with an iv cath, icu linked heart monitor, and dressed in a robe didn’t scare her. Even tho it was scary and a busy day/night of tests, I am so glad we have the care of Magee! keep reading

October is here!

It is so hard for me to believe that just about six months ago we found out baby #2 was on the way…and now here it is three days into October and we are getting so much closer to his arrival! ¬†October and November both promise to be very busy months for our household, but they truly are two of my favorite months to have. ¬†First and foremost, October is Arianna’s birth month! ¬†It also helps that with October comes cooler weather, falling leaves, and the awesome feel of fall. ¬†Unlike South Carolina, Pittsburgh experiences some of the most drastic season changes anywhere and it is absolutely beautiful. ¬†I have to admit, I loved life in SC but fall makes living in Pittsburgh VERY worthwhile. ¬†(Oh…and DQ’s pumpkin blizzards help ALOT too!) keep reading

Uncooperative Baby #2

Getting a fresh start plus being a working pregnant mom is nearly impossible! Not to mention the fact that I got a wonderful infection from swimming in the lake last week. The husband and I are not exactly enjoying our week “without the kid” like we expected; however, we have been able to get the relaxation we probably need. keep reading