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‘lil Old Man

The 100th day of school feels like it was 100 days ago, but I just can’t get enough of the cuteness that was my ‘lil old man. Evan came home begging to look just right for his kindergarten celebration.

Don’t you think he did a good job? keep reading

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A Thankful Birthday


Today we celebrated The Bigs, a thankful birthday party filled with food, fun, and family. Just the way we like it.

With an October birthday for Arianna and a December birthday for Evan, we try to go with the middle road and celebrate both in November. While it’s confusing for Evan in December, it’s a nice way to separate his day from the holiday hustle and bustle. keep reading

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Super Wings

(We received Super Wings in exchange for this post.)

Raise your hand if you can rattle off the name of all the shows your kids watch. Mine is not raised. You see, I didn’t know that Evan was into Super Wings until I brought him home some figurines and asked him if he wanted to check out the app. He looked at me like I was on something, like why don’t you know I like them?!?! keep reading

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Back to School 2016

back to school 2016

No idea how this happened, but the Bigs have made it through eight days of school already. Before things become like Ari’s last day of first grade, we present the official back to school 2016 photos!

Okay, who stole our babies and told them it was okay to grow up and into a Kindergartner and Second Grader? I mean seriously. Thank goodness they think this is funny. keep reading

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2016 Fourth of July

Hope you’ve had a very happy Fourth of July!

The Bigs enjoyed running around an obstacle race with their cousins…in the rain…and the Littles refused to nap. Very independent, indeed.

May you stay safe while continuing to enjoy your freedoms tonight. keep reading

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Evan and His Shoes

Oh, Evan and his shoes. Somehow, the boy has grown out of shoes overnight. Like from a size 11 to needing a size 13 all of the sudden.

And of course, none of the shoes we have in the house were his size except for his soccer cleats.

And of course, none of the shoes at the store were going to be just right, either. keep reading

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Evan’s Pre-K Counts Graduation


There was no formal celebration, just some sweet hugs and goodbyes for Evan’s Pre-K Counts Graduation today. And that was just perfect for my sweet, shy guy.

It’s hard to believe that he is now a rising kindergartener, that soon he’ll go off on the bus and be gone all day (YAY for full day K!) with his big sister. keep reading

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Sunday (aside from being Mother’s Day) included church, as our Sundays do. As usual, I found myself with tears streaming down my face following worship, not wanting it to end, needing it not to end. The message was an explanation of the kinds of baptism. keep reading

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First Friday

First Friday

Tonight started a new summertime tradition for the kids and me – First Friday. It’s an event local to us up here in Armstrong County, a food truck roundup on the first Friday of every month in the summer.

We’re pretty lucky to have some really motivated business people in our area. The event was brought together by some of our favorite food truck owners in hopes to bring the community out and supporting local small businesses. keep reading

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Life is full of obstacles, am I right? There’s always going to be someone or something in our way. A greater force that gets in our head and we have to figure out how to overcome that force.

For instance, Evan and his soccer. He’s a pretty decent player, but not the best (which is perfectly fine – it’s two weeks into the season). But, he already knows about obstacles like the kid who is clearly the better player having the upper hand on control of the ball. But tonight at practice? Evan cleared some of those hurdles. He blocked a few of the player’s goals and then scored some against him. It’s hard not to get too excited, but there might have been a few ‘lil tears in my eye while I watched it. keep reading

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