This morning, I had a gut check with Greg about us. He has no idea that is what it was, but it confirmed his unconditional love and acceptance of me.

We’ve been hearing about Me to We, ways to strengthen our marriages as to honor God, at church. Every week, a new focus and lesson finds us pulling closer together. Maybe that’s why this moment this morning worked like it did.

I needed to talk right that moment because something was bothering me in between pangs of pain from a toothache. This something could turn quickly into big thing that really could have an impact on our family (in a way I do not want) and if I didn’t talk to someone it was going to end in an anxiety attack. Thank goodness I was working from home. The problem for most people is that my husband was not really available in a place many would dare venture, but I barged in and sat on the side of the tub and let my tears and fears flow.

He put down the phone and listened, unconditionally. Easing my fears, making me feel worthy of his attention, his eyes connected with mine. He didn’t offer his tips for resolution any further than giving me a sense of sanity in my situation.

In that moment, Greg filled my cup and made me remember why I fell in love with and married him, why I’ll be staying with him forever. His love for me and my imperfections is unconditional.

While we may not always see eye to eye // don’t fit society’s typical marriage dynamic // cheered against in each other in a basketball game this afternoon // are not built the same // aren’t wired the same … we are just right for each other.

In a world where women are making a real difference and vying to be equal, I want to encourage you that finding a oneness with your life partner is also important to this balance, too. My mother-in-law shared how a bird’s wings (man and woman) must be equal to soar – and it’s so true, thus why I work to be the best part of our pair of wings that I can be.

Me & Greg – soaring as one at the Aviary’s Condor Court

Interested in a study on relationships? We highly recommend “Relatable” (affiliate links help us and our nest!).

My Half Marathon Journey: Part 1

Have you ever been disappointed in yourself? Sickened by what you saw in the mirror? That was me just about six years ago. I was at my heaviest weight and scared for the person I’d become. That’s why I started running, and why I refuse to be stopped. Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey

If you’ve been following along with my Instagram, you probably know that I started training for the 2017 Pittsburgh Half Marathon in December. Even though I did some running in 2015 (including finishing last but placing first for my age group in a local 5k), I really wasn’t committed to it and it really wasn’t doing anything to help me lose the weight I’d gained after having the twins. It truly was a “started from the bottom now we here” moment, pulling my running shoes out and hitting the dreadmill.

Combined with YFit, I’ve been faithful at working out since December and it is paying off. I shared my successes with my Whole30 journey earlier this week, but I know it is also due to my dedication to running, resting, and lifting.

Why the Half?

I decided to sign up for the half again this year for several reasons:

  • I know I can do it. I know if I did anything less (a relay leg or two), I’d be sad like I was at the 2014 race.
  • I need to do it. If I don’t set a high goal for myself, it will be very easy to quit. Quitter I am not.
  • There’s totally a chance to PR. My first half was quite an accomplishment, and even though I’m currently about 20 pounds heavier than I was back then, I’m fitter and improving with every day of training.

Training Plan

The goal was to train for a 5k using the Couch to 5k program (9 weeks to a 5k) then transition right into the 10k plan. After that, I was going to follow the plan I followed in 2013 to train (with 8 weeks before the half). Cross-training would come from Tuesday/Thursday YFit classes.

How’s that going? I’ve accomplished the C25K and have one week two weeks left in the 10K plan. Other than some regression from getting sick the past two weeks, I am lifting more and more at YFit (but I have some big work to do there). As for the next steps, I really can’t follow the plan I followed in 2013.

Why? It’s 8 weeks to a half which is perfect for what remains between next Sunday and May 5, but that’s not the problem. The “problem” is that it starts with long runs of 2 and 3 miles in the first two weeks. Sorry, but I am beyond that. Oh. And there’s the fact that I miscalculated something in my plan and still have two weeks left in the 10k training (see the cross out above? Yeah…I realized it while writing this post).  Some combination of the two plans below are what I’ll be doing, with a few adjustments to the days because of my YFit, church, and work schedules as well as determining if I’ll start with the 6 mile week as my week 1 of 8 or drop back to a 5 and do I run 11 or 12 miles the week before (I did 11 in 2013 – comment with any tips!!!):

…definitely not ending with 10 miles from this one…

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles (so far): 4.8
March Average Pace (so far): 13:43
Current Projected Finish Time: 3:59 (+6 minutes from 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

I’ve been training at work, really getting to know the Liberty Mile to Penn Avenue to 16th Street Bridge. These will be some of my toughest because of the crowds and other runners (like Greg who will be doing Relay Leg 1) – basically I’ll likely gas myself in these miles because I’ll be pushing hard to keep up with everyone. I want my body to know this part of the course and just take it loosely. It’s great to work right in the middle of this part of the course, and having days that have been gorgeous enough to run along the river have definitely been a perk, too.

Looking forward to logging some longer runs next week and sharing more with you. If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

Pro Tip: If you are running in the early morning or evening, I highly suggest a LED slap armband. They can be a solid or blinking light to alert others of your presence on the trail. Enjoy your weekend runs in the nicer daylight weather, but put one of these in your Amazon Prime cart for Monday’s run!


It’s official, 2017 is here and I am ready to take it on. This year, my word of the year will be faithful. My goals will be around ways I can be faithful in all areas of my life, starting yesterday!


It’s a brand  new slate, time to get focused and work on the things that matter (and let go of the things that don’t). This year, I will be focusing on being faithful in the following areas (psss – they’re now all categories in the blog menu, too!):

  1. Faith. Our church (family) makes this one easy, it’s the things that get thrown at us (see the end of 2016) that make it a struggle. I plan to spend more time praying, worshipping (learning guitar, too), reading the Bible, and journaling.
  2. Family. We’ve carved out nights that are dedicated to our family and I plan to keep family a priority. Putting the phones down, snuggling more, reading together, enjoying time with our extended family whenever possible.
  3. Food. For years, I’ve had a crazy relationship with food. I love food, hands down. The thing is, it doesn’t exactly love me the same way it did 10 years ago and it definitely loves me less than it did 3-4 years ago when I had been on my weight loss journey. Today, I started to partake in the 3-Day Refresh (a Beachbody program) in preparation for the Whole30. If you’re interested, I’m reading the Whole30 book, cooking out of the cookbook, and reading “Made to Crave” while doing the devotional, too. It’s time to break the habits and get back to my good eats!
  4. Fitness. You might have missed it – I am in training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon again. Yup. I’ll also be doing YFit two nights a week. There will be stories and struggles to share, I’m sure.
  5. Fun. Even with things being tight, it’s important that we still have fun. There are lots of memories to be had – I need to be faithful to saying YES to the good opportunities for our family. We’ll continue to share reviews of things and places we discover along the way.

So, what’s your word for 2017?

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Three Years Thirty-one

Today marks three years of me being a Thirty-one Independent Consultant. This sisterhood has meant a lot to me over the years. 

The ladies I’ve met “just selling bags” have become friends. 

The friends who have opened their homes for me to hold parties have brought me much needed girl time. 

The team I formed and team I am part of keep me challenged and on a path to meet my goals. 

The bags I’ve sold have given Arianna gymnastics, Evan soccer, and Greg our Aruba trip. My why changes through the years bur always goes back to helping our family do something  we love.

The lives touched by those who rounded up for Gives! and donated bags for missions have surely felt your love, too. 

It has been quite a blessing being on this journey. I thank each of you that has been part of it. (And if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my shopping link.)

A Pink Box Changed My Life!


I’m ending November  (a month of gratitude) with one of the things I am most grateful for, loving. And Loving, too.

Without the courage, patience, and love between Richard and Mildred Loving, what Greg and I have would be illegal. We would be hiding our family, or might not even be us at all.

Not familiar? This couple won a Supreme Court case against Virginia (1967). It was a landmark civil rights case that made interracial marriages legal. More so, it protects children of marriages like ours (and Greg’s parents), from being illegitimate and having no rights as heirs. Basically, it gives us the ability to be us. 

On Friday, we got a chance to see a limited release showing of the movie of their story, Loving. We don’t treat ourselves to movies, but this one was worth it. And even though I was tired and coming down with a cold, I was grateful to hold my man’s hand and that we could wipe each other’s tears openly in public.

It meant everything.

Making Music

Making music. It’s been in my soul for as long as I can remember from singing at church in children’s Christmas programs, jamming to the Oldies and Disney songs with the family in the van (you can guess if that’s a now or then statement), playing flute in the band, or being part of the high school musicals.

Recently I’ve started to think about making music more often, perhaps by picking up a guitar again and actually trying to learn it. The kids love singing and dancing, especially to Christian praise and worship music. Why not make our own music here at the house?

I’m putting this out here because I’d love to hear from those of you who do make music – especially those that play guitar. There are few great places to get one (like our local music stores or online at musicians friend), right? Is there an easy way to learn? Most important, how do I fit making music into everything I already am doing?

making music

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8 Takeaways from Top Women in Grocery’s Leadership Development Program

Less than 48 hours after hearing our country had not elected our first female POTUS, I had the honor of attending an event with my former colleague, friend, and cousin that celebrated women leaders. We were encouraged to keep our heads up and that the battle didn’t end with the election results. Even though I’m no longer in the grocery industry, I’m still a female leader. I’m on a cloud of happiness from the event and would like to share 8 quick takeaways from Top Women in Grocery’s Leadership Development Program to inspire others like I was.

8 Takeaways from Top Women in Grocery’s Leadership Development Program

  1. Author of “Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way”, Robin Gerber spoke to us about how the results of the election aligned with thought that “our [women] leadership is not yet recognized as fully and importantly as it needs to be”. This was clearly evidenced when Gerber started to write her book as she could only find one other book about female leadership – and it was on Elizabeth I.
  2. According to Gerber, leaders need to communicate. This is what Eleanor did, and she did three important things with her communication:
    1. She communicated in a new way (and held the first ever First Lady press conference, three days before her husband’s first press conference as President).
    2. She communicated to the American people that she was listening (by asking them to write to her).
    3. She communicated with presence (and didn’t lead from her office/home).
  3. When we have a purpose and fight for it, we need to be ready to deal with criticism. Roosevelt had numerous quotes on this, including “get skin as thick as a rhinoceros hide”.rooseveltteabag
  4. Leaders empower others to lead (fearlessly). This was key throughout stories that Gerber told of Roosevelt’s life but also in listening to the executive panel tell their stories of leadership. We cannot stop the fight because someone makes us afraid.
  5. Recognize your leadership potential. I was reading “How: Why We Do Anything Means Everything” by Dov Seidman last month and he notes that leadership isn’t something that can be learned in the same way other skills can. You need to find opportunities to let your skills grow, things like leadership seminars, books, and strong mentors help a lot. In turn, support others who want to lead. “It’s up to us to be great leaders,” Gerber said.
  6. The panel talked about mistakes in their lives that turned into blessings in disguise. Judith Spires (CEO of Kings Food Markets) paraphrased a favorite saying that my leader has said, too: if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t moving forward. Mistakes are okay, they’re how we learn and grow!
  7. For women who feel stuck in the pipeline, the panel offered some suggestions to clear that impasse:
    1. “You may not always be ready to take the next step. Do it anyway.” (Susan Morris, Albertsons)
    2. “Make your annual appraisal an opportunity for yourself.” (Judith Spires, Kings Food Markets)
  8. Finally, the most impactful takeaway for me was that we need to network. Let me rephrase that. We need support, and we need to seek common people (an affinity) to help us move forward. Together, we can do great things.

I am grateful for the support of my company, allowing me to take a day and grow myself, to allow me to bring back my learnings to my peers. I am grateful for my cousin who won this award and invited me to join her on this day of learning and celebration. I am grateful for a husband who I am not lucky to have, but a husband who embraces the true unity of marriage and teamwork, stepping up to take care of the kids and house while I am off blossoming. Now off to take these leadership development program gems and apply them!


Grateful for Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, I took a blogging break. Frankly, I took a break from pretty much everything but work. I was grateful for that Wordless Wednesday.

On that Wordless Wednesday, I woke up next to this guy.

beckygregvotWe woke up to half the country rejoicing and half the country saddened. Guess what? If it had gone the other way, it still would be the same thing. Yup. It would have. What might have been different was the reactions. I don’t know, but I do know God has a plan and I’m ready to ride that out.

As I posted on my Facebook wall:

I’m surprisingly calm this morning. God has a plan and I am ready to see what happens. I’m ready to see the true colors of those around me on both sides of the party lines. There will be those who have no interest in unity, but unity is what we need. We need to remember to respect each other and all work to have a better future, together. Dreaming big and bold, praying for my children and husband most of all.  

I know, a weird silence from me is a bit disturbing. I get it. I’ve already been questioned if I voted one way or the other. That’s my business, really, but I’m not out crying in the streets or gloating. I just am. I am an American who is thankful for all of our freedoms and a Christian who was going to wake up on Wednesday praying hard one way or the other. That’s my truth and that’s about all I have to say on this subject.

I’m ready to move on, to rise up with Hillary’s non-verbal cue to go PURPLE – to unite, to listen to what President-Elect (he’s not in yet, folks) Trump has for this country, and to cling to my faith and my family. And that is where I am today.

Taking Chances

It’s November, which for many of us means it is 30 Days of Thankful. Follow along with me this month as I gather the things I am thankful for this year. Today, I’ll be talking about taking chances and the happiness it’s brought my way.

30 days of thankful

Taking Chances.

This one starts with a big sigh tonight. Today was a rough one, but I survived.

It begins at my desk. I was trying to work on an enhancement and couldn’t keep my mind off friends who I used to work with that are home today because of major changes at my previous employer. This makes me sad and yet thankful all at once.

Remember about four months ago I told you about my job change? Yeah. That reinvention of myself, that re-dedication to the tools and processes I love to do for a living, were a big chance that has immensely paid off. My timing was “just right”, just before things got crazy and sad and uncertain. I took a chance on a company that I know feel at home at, part of an Ohana. For this, I am thankful. For not having to worry all last week if I was going to wake up to a job this week, I am thankful.

And regarding another chance I took about 8 years ago…yeah, he worked out pretty well, too. Greg and I might have our differences and not always see eye-to-eye, but I’m glad for us taking a chance on each other. I’m reminded of this as he’s cuddling Isla, woken from a bad dream just now. For the chance we took on love and life together as a family, I’m thankful.

Finally, tonight, I am grateful for taking a chance on myself. With the start of a new month comes re-dedication to goals, remembering those big changes I made and how I can and will do this again in my time. For this commitment to me, I’m thankful.