Welcoming Evan to Lil Burghers’ World!





As scheduled, our (not so) little boy was born on Friday afternoon, weighing in at 9 lbs 1 oz and 21.25 inches long. Big sister Ari is very proud of him and learning to be very helpful with “m’evan”. It has been a blessing to get to spend time falling in love with him and having him meet his family the past few days. Like any new baby, he is working on getting adjusted to a schedule….he just needs to decide if that schedule will be aligned with mama or daddy! ūüôā

Still waiting!

You are all well aware, but Baby 2 has not made his entrance. Trust me, we’ve been trying to make it happen. I thought yesterday was it–felt like cramps and hunger pains were having a fight in my stomach and not letting up–but nope. Luckily, my body is making some progress and I am not alone. The doctor said all the babies born in the last month have been causing crazy things to happen to pregnant women who are seen at their office. Guess this is what we get! Of course, I’ve been nesting lots, but it is not helping. I am still in a good deal of pain, but luckily I have a little girl who loves to just chill on the couch with her mama and a husband who is ok handling all the lifting and potty training. Speaking of–Ari wore Dora underpants today for a few hours while we worked on Christmas treats! She is growing so fast. Unfortunately, we took them off her when we started experimenting with some foods, but who wants to deal with an allergic reaction in big girl pants anyhow? Fate has the baby set to arrive tomorrow…my parents will be traveling back from my cousin’s wedding during a major snowstorm. I can just feel it. If not, I am strapping myself in and dealing with the pain until Friday when we’ve scheduled the c-section. One way or the other, we have less than a week to go which feels great!

Latent Labor, Adoption, and Making it to December

Stressful cannot even begin to describe the T’s and D’s we’ve overcome as a family this past week. After Thanksgiving, sure enough, the turkey gave me contractions. Two trips to Magee in one weekend showed I am not progressing, so it is contraction city until my water breaks. On top of that, all three of us caught a nasty cold. Thank goodness Ari bounced back pretty quick. Tomorrow is the first hearing in the adoption process (to make Greg legally her father even though we all know he has been since day one). Just a tad stressful when you are 37 weeks along, contracting, and can barely breathe (thank you to no medicines but tussin). Regardless, our love for each other, family support, and faith (prayer is powerful my friends) have got us through and we are just under three hours from holding off for a December baby. Continued thoughts are appreciated, and we will continue to give thanks for our blessings. Cannot wait to post the “this time it’s real!!!!!” post and status updates!

Our little girl turns two…

Entering the “Terrible Twos” had been slowly but surely creeping up on us…but we were not prepared for the morning of her birthday when she woke up saying, “I’m two!”.¬† And she MEANT it. Every single letter of that sentence, she meant. And she knew it meant that she had grown up and hit a new milestone.¬† We now must brace ourselves for the next few years of attitudes.¬† And the night of her birthday, we sure felt the start of it! Our tradition with her is to take photos then head to dinner.¬† Well, she had other ideas.¬† All she wanted to do was get presents and eat cake. The photographer had lots of balloons and cake and gifts for her to pose with, but she just wouldn’t look at the camera.¬† Regardless, we got some gems, and then turned the session into a maternity shoot, too. In the end, worth every second of our time!

Cherished Moments

Tonight I cuddled our so soon to be two lil miss independent on a recliner at my grandma’s. She had been running between the fish pond, sand box, and grassy field all day without the desire to nap, and it was clearly THAT time.¬† My clues were her begging for a beekt (blanket) and book, so the husband gets right on finding her brand new Ellie book while I find pull the blanket around her. Not ten seconds after the book closes, she slides to put her head up against my belly, kisses the mass that is her little brother, and is OUT. I am thrilled to have this chance because the kid is rarely a cuddlebug.¬† Even through her daddy and my uncle cheering on Clemson, she stayed out for one hour minus her adjustment when the baby kicked her in the head.¬†

This little special moment topped off my day and affirmed my blessing of being a super balancer. It had been a long day at my family reunion and one of my older relatives had been taken to the hospital. While we waited for the ambulance, Ari wanted to stay outside and make sure all was ok (but yes, I took her away). She looked at me and said, “Mama, this is serious”. I had no clue why I gave up podcamp afternoon, but this was why. Even though the emergency wasn’t an immediate family member, it could have been. Our time together is serious, and we have to make every moment great.¬† Such a blessing to witness the love of a little girl and know that her daddy and I are teaching her that love.¬† What a great way she has of showing it!

Week 22 and Potty Training

The past week was a nice one at work-not crazy busy and I had a Friday vacation day I used for mental health and kidney ultrasounds (more on that below). But the best part of the week was that Baby Girl made huge potty training strides! Not yet 23 months and she knows when it is pee and number two time! She went in the potty so many times Thursday and Friday. I am a very proud mama if you can’t tell. Two kids in diapers is to much for me and Greg. Hopefully she told her grands when she needed to go the past day!

Friday I took a day just to take a day. I accomplished a lot, fixed old scrapbooks so that I can actually look at them without hating myself for my choices and got the room organized some more. The best part was pulling ari’s pics for her 2009 and 2010 album and making sure I had enough pages for her and the baby. When my dad asked to take her for the weekend (their neighbor is at end stage cancer and wanted to see her baby girl), I was glad to get another full day doing my passion.¬† Friday also was kidney ultrasound day but I won’t know more til my appt Tuesday with the specialist. We met up with parents and Grandma for Never Ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden too. All in all a good, relaxing week.

I also got my Droid 2 which means on days like today I can blog in the car! Very exciting. Secretly I am certain greg is jealous but most of the time he’s home with the net so hopefully he won’t get too cranky. ūüėČ in to getgo for coffee bah it’s a kiosk! (I hate allergies!) Then continuing to saegertown for my cousin’s bridal shower.

Cute Things The Little One Does

Our kid is legally ridiculous. At 22 months, she has an incredible language base (atleast 100 words and speaking in sentences when SHE feels like it…) and is incredibly smart. Her favorite toys are her kitchen, baby, and phone. Here are just some of the cute things she has done lately…

*  Ate some fries and then put the fries in her play oven to heat them back up.

*  Fell in love with beans and blueberries.  We seriously cannot keep enough in the house.

* ¬†Walks around in her Mama or Daddy’s flip flops–toes where they belong and doesn’t trip.

* ¬†Tells our dog Rowdy to “Get Back, Get Back!” when Mama gets to the door after work.

*  Feeds her baby leftover oranges.

*  Begs for cookies regardless of how tired she is.

* ¬†Chooses to wash her hands in the tub instead of the sink after using the potty because she doesn’t have to be held or rely on a stool.

*  Would prefer to take a shower instead of a bath. (How old is she?)

* ¬†Practices her swimming moves when it’s raining.

* ¬†“Waves a Terrible Towel” anytime anyone says “Steelers”.

* ¬†Likes to feed chickens on Frontierville–and ONLY chickens.

We are pretty lucky to have such a silly, cute kid!  She makes our life full of blessings and we are very thankful.