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Back to School 2016

back to school 2016

No idea how this happened, but the Bigs have made it through eight days of school already. Before things become like Ari’s last day of first grade, we present the official back to school 2016 photos!

Okay, who stole our babies and told them it was okay to grow up and into a Kindergartner and Second Grader? I mean seriously. Thank goodness they think this is funny. keep reading

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Arianna’s Last Day of First Grade

Confession Time. While all of you with it parents were posting photos of the first day of school, I’ve been carrying the weight that I never posted Arianna’s last day of First Grade photo. Because who has time to get photos of their nice camera anyways? keep reading

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Once I Was Seven Years


It’s hard to believe that eight years ago this gorgeous being was tucked away nicely in my belly. Or that I’m *old enough* to have a seven-year-old. Isn’t that me in the dress?

Ever my mini-me, Arianna. She’s growing so fast, isn’t she? keep reading

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Transformation Tuesday: The Zoo


When we realized that there was a photo of Greg and Arianna from July 2, 2010 that looked exactly like what a photo of Greg and Isla would look like, we decided to go to the zoo and grab another photo.

One, hasn’t Arianna grown up so (way too) much? keep reading

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2016 Fourth of July

Hope you’ve had a very happy Fourth of July!

The Bigs enjoyed running around an obstacle race with their cousins…in the rain…and the Littles refused to nap. Very independent, indeed.

May you stay safe while continuing to enjoy your freedoms tonight. keep reading

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My Choice

Today, the kids and I spent our second to last “just us” Sunday (SQUEE!) walking in the Walk Strong (Walk for Life) for our local ministry dedicated to offering support and education for women (and men) in difficult pregnancy situations. It was a very special day for me because a little over 7 years ago, I made my choice to have a very special ‘lil lady come into my life. keep reading

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She Walked

You thought this post, she walked, was going to be about one of the twins, huh? Well, that post is coming some day here soon (like when I put the video up), but not today. This is about our oldest, and something big she did today.

Nope, it’s not that it was her last day of First Grade (that post will come another day, too, a day when my tears have dried and I can look at the big girl camera photos). That was big, but not this. keep reading

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Super Seller


It’s her first year of Girl Scouts and our big girl is loving it. She rocked at selling cookies and got to go on a Gateway Clipper cruise on Sunday for being a super seller.

Arianna, we are so proud of you. You are growing into an independent young lady. We can’t believe that soon you’ll be on to second grade (Mama’s FAVORITE grade!) and bridging to Brownies. keep reading

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Sunday (aside from being Mother’s Day) included church, as our Sundays do. As usual, I found myself with tears streaming down my face following worship, not wanting it to end, needing it not to end. The message was an explanation of the kinds of baptism. keep reading

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First Friday

First Friday

Tonight started a new summertime tradition for the kids and me – First Friday. It’s an event local to us up here in Armstrong County, a food truck roundup on the first Friday of every month in the summer.

We’re pretty lucky to have some really motivated business people in our area. The event was brought together by some of our favorite food truck owners in hopes to bring the community out and supporting local small businesses. keep reading

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