Can’t Get Enough

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Tonight, I hugged my kids just a bit tighter before tucking them into bed. You see, one of the many families I have made for myself is hurting tonight. Three members of that family were lost in a tragic house fire early this morning, two of them young children, students at the school where I used to teach. My heart breaks for my GSFE family as well for the family who now has angels where smiles and laughter used to be. For the teachers who can’t be blessed with the “sponge moments” of their students, for the friends who are too young to fully grasp that they are not coming back. Sending you all lots of hugs and love.

Tonight, I can’t get enough of my family. The kids are all that is right with this world, they bring us so much joy, and even our crazy Rowdy warms our hearts (and our feet). If we were to ever lose them, I would be beyond devastated. If you are blessed with someone to love, do us all a favor and hug them harder tonight, or call and tell them that you love them, k?

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