Camping Must: Campfire Biscuits

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(Enter disclaimer text) When I was a kid, one of the parishioners at my dad’s church made AMAZING biscuit rolls over the campfire. These were canned biscuits wrapped around a dowel rod, held over the fire, and then filled with squeeze butter, cinnamon, and sugar. I was in love with them, and really wanted to make them when we went camping. Ah, campfire biscuits.

campfire biscuits

Problem? I didn’t take dowel rods. Not that it mattered anyways. I tried to make them the right way last weekend and ended up with a gooey, burnt mess. Sorry that I cannot remember the right way to do it, but glad that I found an amazing work around that I will now share with you. Your MOUNTAIN PIE IRON works wonders for this. If you’re going camping and don’t have one, why not!??! Head over to Amazon now and get yourself a mountain pie iron so you’re ready for camping // fire season.

Campfire Biscuits


Canned biscuits
Squeeze Butter (Healthy Option: I grabbed one that’s 5 calories a serving!)
Sugar (Healthy Option: Splenda)
Mountain Pie Iron
Olive Oil Cooking Spray
optional…cream cheese icing


1. Heat your mountain pie iron (pudgie pie works best!) in hot coals.
2. Once heated, spray the inside of both iron sides generously with cooking spray.
3. Spread two canned biscuits into the iron, one on each side.
4. Sprinkle a mix of cinnamon and sugar on your biscuits (one side).
5. Close up the iron, return to coals for about 3 minutes per side. Check, remove from fire when golden brown.
6. Plate, squeeze some butter (or cream cheese icing) over the top. Enjoy!

IMG_0621 (Copy)

IMG_0620 (Copy)


Delicious campfire breakfast or snack option. Think of it as a cinnamon roll! Yum.

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