Building Blocks: a Story by ‘lil Miss A

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Kansas Trip 2012

It was our first day of vacation, and we jumped in a car and made our way to a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri to visit some of Greg’s cousins. The kids played hard, and A really loved chasing her (teen) boy cousins around. We are lucky they were nice enough to let her tag-along!

Both kids refused to nap, and at one point, blocks were brought up. A played with cousins K and R and has this story to tell about it….

“Cousin K and I were in the living room and I was trying to build a tower. It got knocked down, and I knocked it down. And then, cousin R helped me, too. She doesn’t live in Pittsburgh. She lives in Kansas City. And, um, um, me and K got the blocks and um I built a tower then (‘lil Man) kept knocking it down. Everybody laughed.”

There is definitely more to share…I have a feeling her blog debut has only just begun.

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