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Today is day three of vacation for me. I know. Vacation this soon after going back to work following 11 weeks of maternity leave (3 weeks after I was supposed to). It’s not that I am already tired of work. It’s that it’s time to build me up and freshen up my personal brand.

What’s that mean?

Well, this here blog is starting to take me places that I’ve wanted to go as a writer. It’s time to make those connections. I’ll be off at three different blogging events and am wait listed on a fourth, all in New York City. Crazy, I know. But these kinds of things are what I as a writer, mom, social media addict, human need.

After I get back from this trip, there’s another, too. It’s about time to return to Columbus for the Thirty-One conference (remember how much it gave me last year?).

These times to build me up are exactly what I need. And in six months, I know another personal event is coming to keep me going, too. My Resting Place ladies, I’m counting the days to our time together!

Things likely won’t be quiet around here, and definitely not over on my social media…but if they are, know that I am soaking it all in and enjoying the time I’ve bought myself to come back to my family better, stronger, and ready to face each day with passion. It’s not something that’s going to be easy while I am still fighting my postpartum anxiety, but it’s definitely something worth it and needed.

Headed to NYC, too? Make sure we’re hooked up on social media. I am an introvert to start out, but open up pretty quickly. Let’s connect!

postpartum anxiety
I’ll likely be wearing this shirt – it’s one of my favorite nursing tops!

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