Bubby and the Bump

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This past week has been full of technical difficulties…including this post! It was supposed to publish on Thursday night. Enjoy, albeit late!

It figures…I was thinking we were overdue for a post about Evan (Bubby). Without asking, he goes and gives us blog fodder. Bubby and the Bump happened today.

It was a simple act of being a boy, enjoying his life and playing at school. How he had yet to have a broken bone or stitchew is beyond us…but now he believes us when we say “you’re going to fall and bust your head and go to the hospital”.

After two staples and 1000 questions about the process (“will I get blood on my car seat?”, “I missed lunch, what will I eat?”, “did I get blood on the cabinet?”…), he is mostly back to normal. Well, aside from counting down the days until he gets the staples out and wondering if he will bleed again.

It’s been a long day (mostly for Greg…I was at work), but it’s over now and we can breathe a sigh of relief. Boys will be boys, right?


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