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BPI Sports for Ketosis

After doing Whole30 in January and over the summer, I decided to embark on a journey to ketosis in September. Over the last few months, I’ve found it to be a good place for me to lose weight, add to my muscles, and feel better about my health.

Completely cutting sugar hasn’t been easy – especially not when I relied on my BPI Sports Aminos following long runs and CrossFit WODS. I researched to see what there was over at BPI Sports for Ketosis and found some amazing products that I’ve added to my routine:

  • Keto Bomb – a creamer for my morning coffee. While I like my coffee black, I’ve found this is a great way to get my day started on the right track. | Pictured above, Available HERE
  • Pre-Workout – Gives me the energy to get through the WOD and bonus – it tastes amazing (I recommend the Tropical Freeze) | Available HERE
  • Keto Aminos – perfect for after my WOD to help restore muscles and keep me from hitting a fatigue wall. | Pictured above, available HERE

Also shown above is the Keto Weight Loss and Creatine that I got during their Cyber Sales. I haven’t tried either yet, so I can’t speak to them; however, they’re going to be added to my routine as soon as I’m over my sinus infection. (I want to know exactly how they impact me without the effects of my anti-biotic.)

What supplements do you use to aid with your wellness journey? BPI Sports has more than just Keto products. I’ve opted to highlight them because I’m so glad they fit with my lifestyle. 

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