Book Review: “To Honor and Trust”

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Add this book to your “to read” list if you love period romances set in the south. Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller’s “To Honor and Trust” was an easy, enjoyable read with interesting characters and a plot that you expect…and then one that you can’t see coming from a mile away.

Source: Bethany House

Governess Callie Deboyer accompanies the Bridgeport family to their winter home on Bridal Veil Island in 1913. Her family came from money, but now her parents are missionaries in Africa. Her winter is spent trying to figure out where her heart will lead her next…and I am sure she never expected a man like Wesley Townsend to step into her life. She believes he is the golf instructor, but there are a few secrets he has kept from her. The title is so fitting…is Callie really able to trust him?

While on Bridal Veil, Callie also meets Maude, the family’s newly hired nanny. She’s lived in Pittsburgh, but her stories of being a nanny for other families just never adds up right. In the end, there’s an interesting twist with Maude. Although I expected something fishy was up with her, Peterson and Miller wrote the story so well that I had no idea what Maude was really up to during her time on the island.

I could tell from the cover of the book that there would be a wedding and just had a hunch that Callie would make the life-changing decision regarding Africa that she does, but other than that, this book wasn’t as predictable as I thought. How two authors can put together a descriptive, flowing work amazes me…but Peterson and Miller did a great job with this one.

If I have you intrigued, you can go out to Bethany House to pick up your own copy (retails from $14.99, including an e-book version).

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Bethany House to read and review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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