Bonding With Lil Man

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Today’s post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop, hosted by Life With Levi. Today’s topic is Breastfeeding and Bonding.

When I first started breastfeeding Lil Man, I didn’t realize how much it would end up meaning to the both of us. I might be crazy, but I think that there is a special bond there that no one will ever have with me or with him. His smiles for me are different. His eyes look deeply into mine, and we talk through our souls. There is definitely something special about the bond between this mama and her nursling.

There are many great things about our bond. When he is hungry, I can tell. It doesn’t matter if I am at home, the office, or traveling without him—I KNOW when Lil Man is ‘ungry. When he wakes up in the morning, he doesn’t give his daddy a hard time during the diaper change—he knows breakfast is on demand and ready for him. When I come home, he almost jumps off the floor and into my arms—so maybe he’s missed me a little, but I know it’s because he’s “my boy”. When he eats, we could stare into each other’s blue eyes for hours and speak millions of words—only he knows what mama is saying, but the closeness that nursing gives opens up worlds of communication for us.

But, as with everything, there are two sides to the story. First, is that I should say that I bond differently with our daughter than I do our son, and that is ok. While she didn’t breastfeed for long, she and I also have a bond that is built from months of being a single mom—we are ok, and would be whether or not I breastfed. Next, Mr. Burgher has a great bond with Lil Man, even though he is not nursing (obviously). Daddy provides so much for Lil Man, that the fact that he is not physically connected to him means nothing. It’s just a different bond. And finally, I sure don’t think that breastfeeding is the one and only way to bond with your baby. For moms out there who bottle fed, you have bonds that are unspoken with your kids, too! The sheer nearness of holding a baby close to you and feeding them creates a bond that lasts a lifetime.

No matter how you bond with your baby, I hope that it feels just as special as I what I have with my kids.


I have to share with you a little “break” in our bond! After 6 and a half months, Mama had to finally give in to Lil Man taking some formula. For the last (almost) two weeks, he has been having formula added to his morning rice (2 ounces) and an occasional afternoon rice bottle. Due to some supply issues and lack of “stock” prior to work travel, Mama got worried. Luckily, Lil Man still prefers the Mama and he is nursing as strong as ever. Some of the supply issues are gone, but I can’t always pump on schedule. We are working through this together and continuing our bond building. Such a fun, surprising journey that parenthood can be!


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