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When Sue Kerr, a fellow Pittsburgh blogger, posted about “Blogging for LGBT Families Day” on her blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, I knew I had to participate. You see, this event (hosted by Mombian) isn’t reserved just for those whose nuclear family is LGBT. It’s about our differences and supporting each other. It’s about making connections, and I hope this blog helps do that.



Being a “different” family, we get it and believe that everyone, regardless of their choice of who they love, should be able to be a family. We’ve made it clear to our kids that a family doesn’t always look like the cookie cutter family most people envision.

Come to think of it, that’s pretty much the family I had growing up. There was my mom, my dad, me, ┬ámy brother, a dog, and a menagerie of other pets. Although we were pretty cohesive, our parents did not make it feel like this was “right”. We had friends who came from divorced families. Friends who had a little. Friends who had a lot. Friends with parents who were in their 60s or 20s. It was a good mix, but not anything as diverse as we (the ‘lil Burghers) have going on.

If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know I come from a Christian background (Pastor’s Kid) and had a daughter in a previous relationship. Greg is biracial, a Stay at Home Dad, a Baha’i, and from South Carolina. Evan just gets everything mixed in and is an adorable ‘lil bundle of difference. We don’t look like we belong in a department store ad (but that’s something that should change). We look like a family that’s built on love.

If you extend beyond our four walls, you’ll see an incredible extended family. On both sides, there are many beautiful differences. You’ll see the beautiful picture when you look at our family photos:



As you can see, we are very different. If I can have this amazing family to share with my ‘lil ones, I can only hope others can have that as well. I hope one day my sister Nurin can have pretty ‘lil babies to add to these photo opportunities. She (and everyone) has the right to have a family that is different but perfect all at the same time. That’s why I am here blogging for LGBT Families Day. It’s time for us to embrace our differences and allow love to be love.

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